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ZCTU Decries Wage Theft Ahead Of Workers' Day

ZCTU Decries Wage Theft Ahead Of Workers' Day

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has bemoaned poor remuneration and deteriorating working conditions for the majority of workers ahead of the 2022 Workers Day commemorations.

ZCTU’s national organiser, Michael Kandukutu said the local commemorations will be held under the theme, “Restoration of Workers Dignity“.

Speaking to, Kandukutu claimed that workers don’t have the right to strike as long the Labour Act Chapter 28:01 has not been realigned to the constitution. He said:

In crafting this year’s theme, with the main even pencilled to take place at Dzivarasekwa stadium, there is the realisation that workers’ standard of living has ghastly gone down, owing to the slave wages that they are earning on the back of the prevailing environment which is not conducive for collective bargaining.

There can be no meaningful collective bargaining when workers do not have the right to strike.

Some may argue that we do have the right to strike in the Constitution, however, a close look will show you that the Labor Act Chapter 28:01 and other enabling pieces of legislation have not been realigned to the constitution and thus opens up workers to the kind of abuse that we are seeing today.

Kandukutu said 2021 had been one of the most difficult years for workers due to COVID-19-induced hardships that drove more workers deeper into poverty.

He said it is unfair to continue paying workers their wages in Zimbabwe dollars in a wholly dollarised economy.

The majority of Zimbabwean workers, including civil servants, are paid salaries way below the Total Consumption Poverty Line.

The world over, the Workers Day is commemorated on 1 May each year.


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Da truth 2 months ago

Zctu was captured by Zanupf vakaisa Mai Vaya sa president kkkk zvakatovjarana hapasisina kkkkk Zanupf Congress of trade Union kkk🙈🐸🤐🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

Practitioner 2 months ago

Can someone assist me in interpreting the NEC Commercial sector under section 19:

(3) An employee shall accumulate vacation leave at the rate of:

(a) two and half working days tor each two-month period of continuous service in the case of an employee who works a five day week

(b) there working days for each two month period of continuous service in the case of an employee who works a six day week

When calculating CILL how do you incorporate this information for employees who works 5 days and 6 days a week?

JP 2 months ago

kutonga kwaro

VaGwede 2 months ago

Kutongwa muchatongwa zvenyu kunonoka hakusi kurega

Dr Hercules 2 months ago

from USD540 in the first Republic to USD 175 in the second Republic, grand theft

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

There is also a very thin line between ZCTU and Political Parties why???
because they workers unions are the ones negotiate wages/salaries in Rtgs$ then tell workers not to accept it. imagine NEC had negotiations and agreed that the employers give Engineering
13% in March
10% in April
3% in May
One will wonder a Union staggering increase in this economy with so much inflation 😂 On May 1 you take a MIC to tell workers that they need to be paid in US$ 🤔

Shame on you Workers Representatives, you are the cause of industrial worker's suffering. Government is highest payer of salaries so far and has a pension scheme that pays all benefits on time always.
Industry has no pensions schemes as you speak, the Directors and CEOs took advantage of our lawless country and put companies under Judicial Management and make pension schemes disappear into thin air, they then came back as investors and some even bought those buildings 😀


Native 2 months ago

Slave wages 42 years after 'independence'

King Ncube 2 months ago

Truly speaking, this country needs overhauling

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