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ZCTU Criticises Mthuli Ncube's "Anti-people" Policies

ZCTU Criticises Mthuli Ncube's

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) secretary-general Runesu Dzimiri said that the economic policies which are being pursued by Finance and Economic Development minister Mthuli Ncube have impoverished Zimbabweans.

Speaking in an interview with, Dzimiri said Zimbabwe’s economic situation has continued to deteriorate for workers and ordinary citizens alike since Ncube’s appointment in 2018. Said Dzimiri:

As labour, we contend that workers and ordinary citizens have not enjoyed a decent life since Ncube came on board.

The bulk of his economic policies are high sounding but fail in essence to lift our members from the pit of extreme poverty.

Of note is the price of daily basic commodities like bread, cooking oil, fuel, and transport fares which are out of reach for the generality of the population and within this melee, we are worried as to exactly where the treasury boss thinks we are heading to.

Zimbabwe’s year-on-year inflation rose to 131.7% in May, from 96.4% in April, becoming the second-highest inflation rate on the African continent.

Dzimira said it appears Ncube is sabotaging not only the Government but the ruling ZANU PF party and Zimbabweans in general. He said:

It appears the treasury boss is out to sabotage the government, the ruling ZANU PF party and the people of Zimbabwe at large.

Why does he proceed with opaque and unyielding economic policies?

Dzimiri implored the Government to address inflation and prioritise the general welfare of the citizenry or risk civil unrest.


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