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ZBC Bureau Chief Lands Top ZANU PF Post

ZBC Bureau Chief Lands Top ZANU PF Post

Gerald Sasa, a bureau chief at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has been co-opted into ZANU PF provincial executive committee as the provincial Information and Publicity Secretary for Mashonaland East.

The co-option is with immediate effect, according to Chaminuka, Manicaland Weekly publication.

Addressing delegates at a recent party gathering in Marondera, ZANU PF provincial chairman, Daniel Garwe said Sasi’s appointment is to enhance the party’s communication effectiveness. He was quoted as saying:

These days most communication activities are done via social media through information and publicity departments, if we have a weak communications department, it means the whole party is doomed. If we have a communications department which is against positive gossiping, the name of the president is also affected.

We consulted him to find out if his employers allow him to take up the post and he said they have no problems with his political association. We then told him that your initial mandate is to stop social media conflicts bedeviling the party in the province, particularly in Marondera West where he comes from and Marondera Central.

Meanwhile, Goromonzi North Member of Parliament, Ozias Bvute was also co-opted as the provincial secretary for finance, mainly because of his banking and finance background.

In 2020, ZBC chief correspondent Reuben Barwe contested and won in the ZANU PF District Coordinating Committee (DCC) with self-exiled former cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo saying Barwe had lost “his credibility as a ZBC journalist!”

ZBC is a state broadcaster which has also come under fire for alleged biased partisan reporting prompting some to call for in-depth media reforms.

The Zimbabwean constitution prohibits the participation of public officeholders in political affairs as that would jeopardise the impartial execution of their duties and responsibilities.

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1 month ago

Ukajoina CCC urikuZBC ndofunga unobva uchimhanyiswa kubasa Kkkkk

👤 1 month ago

ndivo vaye vanozongomiswa basa nyaya dzavo dzisina nyaysotaurwe kuti vakaita sei

1 month ago

Here is me still thinking that Evil (civil) servants and parastatal employees aren't supposed to wear political hats. I suppose ndakasaririra, this is Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

tonde 1 month ago

u nameless goon sometimes u need to work with gvnmnt orders kuti uwane smthing my sisters in 2008 went to Boarder Gezi training for 6months and went to School of nursing now they are doctors in Aussie vakudya nelivhaàà ,if they say pampering natsvangirai vachitadza kunomhanya Dai varimarombe kumusha ,but kuNursing vaisaku acceptor kana usina

(nameless goon) 1 month ago

Hooo nhai!
Kuziva kwenyu.
Ko isu anatsuro tinozivei hedu?

bookface 1 month ago

dai una sisi varikuAustralia ungadai uri pa pindula izvezve🥴🥴🥴

👤 1 month ago

@bookface haaa hama dzedu dzozviita,dzikangoenda mhiri ikoko havacheuke vanhu.dai wamubvunza kuti husisi hwacho hwakamira sei chaizvo

bookface 1 month ago

ndisisi vaari kuvhaira nazvo

tonde 1 month ago

ndakaita Masters paGZU apo ndaakutsvaga Mari yekunyira ielkts timboona kuti topinda aussie Sema students here t will b working and earning

Doug 1 month ago

It all starts with disregarding of the Constitution.

Hwende4Hire 1 month ago

Hazvichashamisa izvi. Mbudziyadhura calls himself a non-partisan journalist but he has openly said he supports the CCC party.
Gerald Sasa is being patriotic.

ge 1 month ago

dnt compare hopewelklk ma weekly learned journo nemy war vet algorithm nedrivers lkicence as a qualification kuzbc

1 month ago

zimbabwe inotongwaa namambo kkkkkkk hunosiiranwaa hushe haupihwe vamwe kkkkkkkk kusvikaa tati ekeeeee haaaa people vote for Ccc vote for change


gogo 1 month ago

teachers for ED
mawhindi for ED
koo zbc inosara sei
Saka zbc for ED

1 month ago

Bootlickers 4ED
Ars.ewipers 4ED

Maparamuro 1 month ago

We have to practise rationale politics, what we are doing now is mahumbwe

Dofo 1 month ago

Ziface iro rongooneka rakazara huhori ,,type ino stocker tonne rembeu vamwe vasina

Putin 1 month ago

ZBC ne ZANU chinu one

1 month ago

Both Old People's Homes

pm 1 month ago

bhora mberi

pm 1 month ago


Vandem 1 month ago

Hatizviyemuri ndimi munongozofa zvisinga nzwisisiki sana J Makwanya

Tateguru 1 month ago

I don't see anything new. It has been always like that.

1 month ago

ZBC has always been an information and publicity dept of zanu pf's group of companies. Saka hapana chinotishamisa apa.

Mhanduwe 1 month ago

Its fine

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