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ZAPU Says It Will Contest In 2023 General Elections

ZAPU Says It Will Contest In 2023 General Elections

The opposition ZAPU party says it is planning to contest the 2023 elections to prove that it is still in existence despite signing the Unity Accord with ZANU in 1987 to end the Gukurahundi killings.

ZAPU president, Sibangilizwe Nkomo, who is the son of the late PF ZAPU founding leader Joshua Nkomo, said having the party’s name on the ballot would be a “victory”. He said:

ZAPU will contest these elections, firstly as an act of defiance against those who, in 1987, thought that they had buried us.

Having our name on the ballot paper is victory enough. We must aim very high but remain realistic in our planning.

Nkomo made the remarks during the party’s inaugural cadre development workshop in Bulawayo early this week.

In 2008, the late Dumiso Dabengwa and some of the former PF ZAPU members quit ZANU PF to revive ZAPU but the party has failed to leave a mark on the country’s political landscape. Said Nkomo:

In 2008, we left the host and started rebuilding our structures. Today marks an important step towards consolidating those structures for battles ahead.

As we face multiple challenges, both internal and external, this workshop should produce a cadre ready to defend the union through superior logic and build a platoon of like-minded cadres.

ZAPU recently experienced what seems to be a huge setback after the party expelled five senior members, including secretary-general Strike Mnkandla for allegedly challenging Nkomo. | Zimbabwe Independent

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zapu spentforce 1 month ago

welcome spentforces!!!! kkkkkk halaaa

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

You and that parasite of a party called ccc do not stand a chance against Zanu of the one and only party that will rule this country until donkeys grow horns

hasha dzako gummidge 1 month ago

well @ Vybz Kartel One Love principle says the attack on one of us is an attack on all
we are the Zanu NATO and we will defend every inch of Zanu of territory whether it's on social media or any other digital platforms
the digital warfare is underway and the ****nal to defend Zanu of territory on the social space has been deployed

CIO 1 month ago

Mahorror kkk zapu imbogarai pasi don't waste yo money
Apa panorwa mikono inobayana kwete makwai nembudzi

Tsvakai vukanzura kumpopoma kana njube kana gwavalanda luveve

Dofo 1 month ago

kkk having the party name on the ballot is victory😂😂wowanikwa uchivhotera zvakadai


Vesto 1 month ago

There must be some guiding principles to democracy. While it is good to have many voices opposing ZANU, the proliferation of opposition parties, most with a snowball's chance in hell is counterproductive. At this point in time the objective should be to dislodge ZANU.

Splintering the opposition vote, such as ZAPU is doing plays into the hands of ZANU.

I wish all opposition parties would coalesce under the most likely effective opposition party for the good of this tortured country

juru 1 month ago

sorry olivia my wife

ikandla 1 month ago

Not even in a thousand years! hayi suka wena mfowethu

Kawuluka Binga 1 month ago

we are tired of ghost party, today, is living tomorrow is swallowed.

Guka 1 month ago

Vote Zanu Pf winning 🥇 Party of all generation may ED rule zvekudaro

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