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ZANU PF Youths Want Mnangagwa Term Extension Beyond 10 Years

ZANU PF Youths Want Mnangagwa Term Extension Beyond 10 Years

The ruling ZANU PF party has commenced discussions around extending the presidential term for President Emmerson Mnangagwa beyond 2023.

The constitution allows for two terms in office (10 years) per President and if Mnangagwa is re-elected in the upcoming 2023 polls, he will not be eligible to contest in the 2028 elections.

Mnangagwa came to power in November 2017 on the back of a military coup that ended the late former president, Robert Mugabe’s 37-year reign. He was elected for his first 5-year term in 2018.

Meanwhile, the ZANU PF party youth league led by its acting secretary, Tendai Chirau said it wants to push for constitutional amendments that will allow President Mnangagwa to stay in office longer. Said Chirau:

We agreed that it is important that if the constitution of the country can be amended so that he (Mnangagwa) can have more than two terms.

Chirau also said that the ZANU PF youth league is endorsing President Mnangagwa as their 2023 presidential candidate. He said:

The first thing we discussed and agreed on as the executive national youth league is that His Excellency President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is our sole candidate for the party in the 2023 elections because in less than three years he has shown good leadership so we do believe that he should continue.

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King 6 months ago

So stupid

Adv Nelson Chamisa 6 months ago

Go register to vote musanete.2023 igore reminana!

Beasty boy 6 months ago

Yes yes my President,we will also spread the word to the youths.Go register to vote.

Fman 6 months ago

Stupid illegitimate leadership must end
Lung akapinda akahwina one term then akarobwa Rasta Ava vakapinda vakabirira one term 2023 you are going to mapanzure or Sherwood kunorima wakapeta bhurugwa

Tunderamambo Chiwara 6 months ago

So Zanu youth have admitted that they dont have the intelligence and academic capacity to lead.They're not ambitious and visionary such that they rest all thier hopes on someone who should've been on pension by now resting navazukuru.Its a shame.

Francis Mhike Mutema 6 months ago

Lets not amend the constitution. If i was in power i would like to resign after 2023 and show a different perspective of democracy


Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana 6 months ago

They water their green gradens with the peoples tears..but is faithful..

Chemulah 6 months ago

Uuummm ma dudunu tsvorigorigo mharapatsetse dzevana

Stage-managed 6 months ago

Apfana ka imi aaah STAGE-MANAGED come 2023

Tang ku 6 months ago

Nevertheless mnanangagwa will not have any chance to rule again munyika mungaita an uncontrollable chaos

Elyse 6 months ago

Disappointed to learn than there are still bootlickers like chipanga.I hope Ed doesn't take this seriously.If the people are going to choose him in the forthcoming term,I welcome it but going beyond 2028 will not be good at all especially for our juvenile democrary

ngapinde 6 months ago

Ma youth ezanu pf .akakwana here or mazitofo..kumamira mbu**u semombe damn.haaaaa another mugabe rein in the making...these people thinks zim munda wekumba kwavo..haaaaa. We need new leaders and youth leaders ngapinde hakr mukomana.

AG 7 months ago

It shall come to pass

Tk 7 months ago

Pindula display yenyu haichaoneki bho and its now hard for us to see kuti yandaverenga neyandisina ndeipi plis tidzorerei kwakare kuyan

Noma 6 months ago

True aaa thought ndin ndega but pama comments bhoo!

Sir 7 months ago

Musatisemese nezvisina basa izvo

blaz venyu 7 months ago

ngavasada kutisembura ngavagutsikane nepavadya zvakwana

Tk 7 months ago

Anenge achiri kuitey zvatadza kuita apa nxaaae

Régo 7 months ago

Heartless people ..they are being paid this is what should be called stage-managed

C.chitambira 7 months ago

It took a lot to get to 2 by 5yr terms for the president...and you youngsters are "bootlicking" and suggest constitutional amendment as easy as that????... we stick by the constitution...

P. Matange 7 months ago

Hezvoo kkkkkk

Beasty boy 7 months ago

Impossible especially with indiscipline displayed by card carrying members,the infighting and power grabbing thugs.You will be shocked by the winds of change.

P. Matange 7 months ago

Hezvoo kkkkkk

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