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ZANU PF Youth League Blames Mashaba, 'Lux' For Nyathi Murder

ZANU PF Youth League Blames Mashaba, 'Lux' For Nyathi Murder

The ZANU PF Youth League has urged the ANC Youth League to push the South African government to bring to justice the people who murdered a Zimbabwean national, Elvis Nyathi, in Diepsloot, Johannesburg on Wednesday night.

In an open letter to the ANC Youth League, the ZANU PF Youth League’s Acting National Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, Tendai Chirau criticised opposition politician Herman Mashaba and Operation Dudula for allegedly inciting xenophobia. Said Chirau:

The ZANU PF Youth League registers with utter horror, the unchecked rise of xenophobia, ethnic brutality and Afrophobia being carried out against African non-South African citizens by vigilantes calling themselves “Operation Dudula”, inspired by inflammatory utterances from charlatans like Herman Mashaba, and fronted by Rhodie pawns such as Nhlanhla Lux.

This depravity recently culminated in the brutal and needless lynching of Mr Elvis Nyathi, a Zimbabwean national in Diepsloot, Gauteng province.

As the ZANU PF Youth League, we remain forever alive to the fact that black South Africans, including all fellow Africans, are our brothers and sisters with whom we share a bond of history, identity and culture which predates the artificial boundaries and ethnic divisions forced upon us by the racist colonial powers during the 1884-1886 Berlin Conference, which our ancestors were never a party to.

We are all Bantus who migrated from one point of origin, and our “Ubuntu” ethos has consistently united us against all forms of adversity. Africa is the home for all indigenous “brown” people.

Nyathi (43), was dragged from his shack in the slum area after he failed to produce identity documents and the R300 that was demanded by the vigilantes.

The mob assaulted him and set his body on fire just a few metres from home.

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Chief 1 month ago

Blabber you. Are blabbering for sure. To the other guy hailing obsinities to mnangagwa and auxie I say to you are cursed. Bible says honor your mother and fathers. Let's hate the act and not the person. Are you ok with self when you are insulting someone your mom s age

muzukuru WaNehanda 1 month ago

zanu pf wicked youths are failing to beyond their noses the problem is Zim government

Purse 1 month ago

Ko akaurayiwa nezanu kumbizo makataura kuti chii

Blabber 1 month ago

Haa fuseke!! Ukudaro nekuti haisi hama yako yakapiswa! Haunyari!

ADVOCATE 1 month ago

Let's pass progressive comments,Let us be selective in our words,Let's find lasting solutions to our problems through constructive criticism,Let us be non partisan in our perceptions and lastly Let's remember that Our identity unites us against all forms differences that we have.


kodza 1 month ago

iwe uri kufarisa mubairo wako unouwana very soon

Purse 1 month ago

Kana neni ndiri kubudawo mubairo iwowo huyai mundipewo😀😀😀😀😀kusweroda kuita Gamba papindula

Knokella 1 month ago


**** you mnangagwq 1 month ago

Garwe gadzira first cause ndiwe unokonzera kupondwa... muno macho unoponda ndiwe nhasi zvaitwa neSA wakusimudza kamukhosho kakho p****i kumhatha kwaAuxilia

🦁 1 month ago


kodza 1 month ago

uri kufarisa mubairo wako unouwana soon

bounty Hunter 1 month ago

everything that yu say on pindura uri kuonekwa tichakunzwira ndapedza hangu

. 1 month ago

Utoriwo ne problem. Dai uriwe wakapiswa uri mupenyu. Hauna kana chinovaka mumusoro mako. Full of anger and no solution.

Kupihwa kwamakaita mukana to give comments kwaida kuonekwa kuti munombofunga here.

Vaakukuzivai shame

No Violence 1 month ago

tshiya kunjalo luthuke abantu abadala. bazaludinga belufake emfolweni!! people need to respect this platform coz ungenza engathi ufuna ukucaza abantu nguwe oyabe sugcwele imvimvinya wedwa sebekunabulile

Gwereveshe 1 month ago

Aaaah guys don't drink and drive kkkkk beware of cyber criminal laws

💩💩💩 1 month ago

SA should pay for defending an illegitimate regime in Zimbabwe. When the citizens of Zimbabwe demonstrated against the illegitimate regime SA came to its defense and promised even to equip it with public order equipments in 2018 to deal with "rogue elements". Now we are migrating to SA enmas the SA citizens are complaining to the extent of killing and blaming us Zimbabwean for the problems caused by ANC in defense of Zanu Pf.

shef 1 month ago

they knw kuti if zanu losses and zim economy ikanaka chete south africa inomama bcoz we depend on them for a lot of things from food stuffs mafuta ekuzora chaiwo saka vanotoda kuti zanu irambe iripanyanga

Chokwadu 1 month ago


Sky Lawyer 1 month ago


The Ghetoos 1 month ago

this is all bcz of the poor economy of the country.peopl3 are leaving for greener pastures .Blame Zanu pf for this

Chiurai 1 month ago

Dai kuri green muchirimo here muno. Aways weigh. Make wise decisions. Accidents happen everyday anytime and without notice

Kyiv 1 month ago

"Green Pastures" ekunogara mumukuku?

Concerned 1 month ago

There is no green to talk about in this case. Green in whose eyes?

chimuti 1 month ago


Vote CCC. VOTE ❎ CHAMISA 1 month ago

What Mboneni Ncube, What about Itai Dzamara. You see a stick in someone's eye without poking out on yours. Charity begins at home

factos 1 month ago

blame ED and Zanu pf for that
s2upid youths

RIP 1 month ago


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