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ZANU PF Youth League Backs Mnangagwa Amid Reports Of Tensions With Chiwenga

ZANU PF Youth League Backs Mnangagwa Amid Reports Of Tensions With Chiwenga

A senior ZANU PF youth league official has hit out at Jim Kunaka who recently claimed there was mounting tension over a power handover agreement between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

Kunaka, a former ZANU PF member claimed at a press conference last week that Mnangagwa had abandoned an agreement to hand over power to his deputy in terms of a deal reached as part of the 2017 military coup. reports that the ruling party has since dismissed the claim and youth league legal affairs secretary Phineas Makombe Tuesday told a press conference in Gweru that:

Jim Kunaka is politically extinct, he has fossilised himself and is best used as a fuel by errant paymasters.

Chiwenga was the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander when the military ousted Zimbabwe’s long-time leader Robert Mugabe resulting in Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to power.

Kunaka said Mnangagwa should step down, adding that ruling party members wanted self-exiled former Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere to return to takeover.

Similar claims have also been made by another former party activist Godfrey Tsengengamu.

The ruling’s director of communication Tafadzwa Mugwadi scorned Kunaka’s claims with a warning that he was “playing with fire” and therefore “asking for tragic consequences”.

Political analysts have said there was a possibility Chiwenga could challenge Mnangagwa for the party leadership at ZANU PF’s congress later this year.

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dispenser 4 weeks ago

haasviki 2023 ,anenge adzinganiswa kudhara

chihera 4 weeks ago

watch and pray
what will be will be
in our camp we dont sress

Maparamuro 4 weeks ago

Succession in Zim politics is by coup or death. Bob was succeeded through a coup and Morgan after death.
Succession debate is taboo in Zim politics

observer 4 weeks ago

why should there be a succession debate in a democracy? WHAT'S the purpose of elections???

observer 4 weeks ago

ZIMBABWE seems to be a de facto mornach in favour of those who have monopolized patriotism.
everyone else is a commoner, kikikikiki.

🙄 4 weeks ago

Haaa Jenarari kana dai vakanga vakavimbiswa chituru zvakatovharana.
Havachalumi, vakatambwa nyombi and he was also dehorned and detoothed.
Simba chairo ndoravachisina. Kwangosara rekudya nyika pamoyo kkkk because nyika haichina rutivi ruchadyika, kumwa nekufara havo chete.

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

There's a sense of deja vú in that statement.
I recall ZANU Youth Wing and ZANU Women's League shouting themselves ho**** "Pana Amai chete chete..." supporting Dr. (fake) StopIt Gire Goreraza, and all ZUPCO buses carrying flattering portraits of the same.

How did it end?
I smell the same thing happening again. I betting 10:1 that's going to happen, before or after elections. Any bookies running odds against that happening?

》》》 4 weeks ago

Chiwenga isn't refuting this issue with as much vehemence as he would have if it was any other issue. He is trying to avoid biting the hand that will eventually help his ascension to power. Whether he succeeds snatching the position from ED or not, one thing is for sure, he likes the idea of him displacing ED.

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

Place your best @Blue


Gwedu 4 weeks ago

Muchavaziva vaya vakambotaura vachi backer G40 vakati kana hondo vanoida. Vakazounyana sei,,,? ma youth e zanu vakuguta hu money changer mirai makadaro tivaratidze inonzi hugu manugu

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Mygabe was booted out vachiti va Mugabe I cremora ,vaMugabe mu office .🇿🇼🤐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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