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ZANU PF Wins Binga Ward 20 By-election

ZANU PF Wins Binga Ward 20 By-election

The ruling ZANU PF won the Ward 20 Binga Rural District Council by-election that was held on Saturday 03 December 2022. 

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced the elections on Sunday (today) morning stating that ZANU PF candidate, Muleya Mulando defeated Citizens Coalition for Change candidate, Munkuli Crispen. Reads the notice seen by Pindula News:


I Mukuli Peter, being the Ward Elections Officer for Ward 20 of Binga Rural District Council/Town Council/ Municipality do hereby declare that I have, in accordance with the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] and the regulations made thereunder, ascertained the results of the poll for the said ward, and that they have been given Muleya Luyando (ZANU PF) – 945 Votes; Munkuli Crispen (CCC) – 546 Votes,

And that I, therefore, declare the said Muleya Luyando this day 03/12/22 to be duly elected Councilor for ward 20 of Binga Rural District Council / Town-Council / Municipality.

There were 29 Spoilt Ballot Papers (Rejected Ballot Papers).

The percentage poll was 55.27.

Speaking ahead of the elections, opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim chairperson for Matebeleland North, Prince Dubeko Sibanda, expressed confidence that his party’s candidate would win.

Sibanda claimed that the ruling “ZANU PF and its surrogate MDC-T” had chickened out from the by-election race.

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robert gabriel mugabe 1 month ago


Nahoreka 1 month ago

The narrative that zanu still has a huge support base in the rurals is a fallacy. The fact is that zanu employs and engages in all uncouth means in the rurals to steal and then goes on to claim poll victories in the rurals. Zanu engages in many illegal means before, during and after elections to claim victory. The thing is zanu has and is never winning elections in this country.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Party candidates answer to party bosses not the voter saka apa zanupf the political party won but the voters lost because they have no representation in Parly

Hello 1 month ago

so what???

Our Zim 1 month ago

CCC yenyu iyi irikuda kuzongohwina 2023 chete here ichimbodyiwa kudai

Tk 1 month ago

Zvakabirirwa izvi ndosaka makaona zanu yakarambidza mamwe acho last minate.Hapana kwatirikuenda nezanu iyi yakatora zvese inoita kuda kwayo by ginya

Dofo 1 month ago

Kkkk Zanu chiwororo ,,Nero pakakuipira ma Ccc maiti Zanu yakatya hezvo

Yoweeeeee 1 month ago

Uninspiring victory. Organized victory. Give us the pictures of CCC supporters who were butchered. Munorovereyi vanhu if u win by such margin


, 1 month ago

very inspiring people Ccc has gained support from the rural areas don't you see

Grandpa Rick 1 month ago

Sorry to say this but eventually a time will come when all those war veterans are gone and the struggle will be dealing with those who benefited or who were brainwashed by ZANU. Until then or until we make a change we're not going anywhere.
Change is inevitable we can't stop it eventually we will be a great country again.
I believe those who lived during Smiths time thought Zim will never fall but here we are almost like nothing

pk 1 month ago

hausi mumiriri wevanhu. iti hakuna kwauri kuenda ini nditori kuinda.

1 month ago

Satan yarikutonga

Crocodile 1 month ago

@**** Iwe uri **** sezita rako taura ka kumwe kwanga kune by election muti udze maresults kuti Zanu pf yacho yakadii

Crocodile 1 month ago

Kwamakadyiwa hamutaure ka iyo Binga chete yamakawinner ko kumwe makadii kudyiwa chete

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