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ZANU PF Unhappy With Bulawayo Vehicle Parking Deal

ZANU PF Unhappy With Bulawayo Vehicle Parking Deal

ZANU PF has expressed disapproval over the awarding of a tender by Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to a South African company to manage vehicle parking in Zimbabwean’s second-largest city.

BCC recently awarded Tendy Three Investment (TTI) a US$2 million tender for vehicle parking management.

Under the deal, which is a build operate and transfer (BOT), BCC will receive 30% of the proceeds, while TTI retains 70%.

ZANU PF Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Archibold Chiponda wrote a letter to town clerk Christopher Dube on 28 March expressing disquiet over the deal. Said Chiponda:

We feel that the partnership is detrimental to the development of Bulawayo both economically and socially.

In addition, we question whether the technology or value addition being offered by the foreign company is so unique that BCC could not identify a capable local company or better still carry out the project itself.

In total, over a period of six years, TTI stands to make a potential net profit of US$4 420 080, in comparison to US$941 760 for BCC.

As ZANU PF, we find this grossly unacceptable. An individual employed within the CBD will part with at least US$100 per month in parking fees, severely eroding their income.

Some businesses have already noticed the trend of falling revenues since the introduction of the parking system.

Furthermore, the added cost of parking adds a US$0.50c premium to any goods or services purchased from companies operating within the CBD as consumers will be forced to pay to park in order to consume those goods and services.

ZAPU recently petitioned BCC to reduce the US$1 per hour parking charge saying it is beyond the reach of most motorists.

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mupurisa 3 months ago

Gvnment is doing a massive transfer of police who served 5years in a station e transferred its one of the strategy used by Zanu pf to reduce votting from Police camps ,ccc had won resulndingly on most urban camps for axample muchikurubi,manyame air base,hre central police camp ,

Harare have 50 000 police officers statistucally 42 000 ppl voted for an opposition inshort police yose ndeye opposition,Right transfering means a police will not be able to vote from the area they have registered,we are saying aBindura policemen is now working in mazoe ,when they are in Mazoe they will be assighned to be a plolling agent or an ellection observer automatically they wont have time to vote to their area they have registered A lot of families are going to be inconvinienced.I smell a rat,The Junta might have been shocked with the by-election outcome.I was fortunate not to have served for the Government under this New Dispensation.

lamar 3 months ago

whay is zanu involved in this. why not the government not zanu😂. zanu is the government. painful

Cable Guy 3 months ago

Well said sir

general 3 months ago

So belifuna iphiwe bani Le tender uTagwirei yin

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

I think its much better for a foreign company to run in Zimbabwe because local companies don't have accounts, the pricing in our country is insane.
Kombis during GNU were R5 now they are R10 not only because of fuel, but also shops selling car parts 😀 they based on demand not cost of doing business...


Figo 3 months ago

They chase you out violenlty from their farms,businesses etc and you come back and give them a tender?? Can't our locals handle it?? Parking?? Really ??What's wrong with our nation

Anonymous 3 months ago

Handiti here ma tender aya they are actioned by the State Procurement Board and also the Minister of Local Government who is also a Zanu pf comrade... so Zanu pf iyi ikutaurwa pano irikurasika papi? Varikuda kuita ma hypocrites?? kuda kutipusisa ka kuita as if havazivi zvavarikuita, ko tender rakadaro anditi vanenge vatodya kare... Zanu pf we're tired of you...takutoda Zanu Ndonga

ğŸ˜Ž 3 months ago

kkkk we are not fools.its zanu pf through local government authority and ministry of roads and infrastructure development headed by a ministers who approved this deal now you pretend as if its a something new to your party.No
plz refer your letter to these ministries not town cleck

Maravaza 3 months ago

The awarding of a tender to a South African company was above board. Only that Zanu pf would like her cronies from Harare to take over for their pockets.

Kitita 3 months ago

Why not 51/49

ngorima mushava 3 months ago

why not 50/50......
30/70i doo think it's a faio deal

Machiavelli 3 months ago

Trying to become relevant? This won't get you any votes.

What has ZANU done about Zambezi Water Project?

Jinn 3 months ago

Yah maUS dollar kwete maRTGS

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