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"ZANU PF Thugs Attacking Known CCC supporters’ Houses In Nyatsime" - Mahere

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere has said party members in Nyatsime were attacked by supporters of the ruling ZANU PF this Tuesday.

The reports come after alleged reports that some CCC supporters had burnt homes of some ZANU PF activists in retaliation for being denied access to the funeral of slain CCC activist Moreblessing Ali.

CCC denies the allegations and says the alleged CCC activists were actually “ZANU PF thugs” sent to torch their colleagues’ homes to give an excuse for violence against CCC supporters. 

CCC president, Nelson Chamisa, Tuesday urged his followers not to be lured or pushed into violence. He said they’re a peaceful party and no matter how they were provoked, they should never retaliate. 

In a series of Twitter messages, Mahere urged police to act on violence in Nyatsime to protect lives. She said:

Message just received: “Known CCC supporters’ houses under attack in Nyatsime. Just spoke to Misheck Guzha who says his house is in flames. Zanu PF thugs attacking known CCC supporters’ houses.”

Dear @PoliceZimbabwe, We are a peace-loving movement. We will not be baited into using violence against @ZANUPF_Official. Anarchy has no place in our society. We require you to maintain law & order. Bring those responsible for the outbreak of violence in Nyatsime to book!

BREAKING – We are receiving reports that the home of our Shadow Councillor for Nyatsime, Mr Jenje, is currently being attacked by Zanu PF thugs. We condemn ALL violence & call for @PoliceZimbabwe to carry out their mandate of protecting the lives & property of all citizens.

Police said officers had been deployed to monitor the situation and an update on the matter will be issued in due course.

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anonymous 2 weeks ago

hapana wekwa Ali, regai more blessing avigwe imi moti haavigwe mopisirei dzimba dzevanhu 2 wrongs doesn't make a right

chati homu! ...chareva 2 weeks ago

@ngorima mushava, the war is not about CCC retaliating for murder, inyaya yekuti varikurambidzwa kuchema mufi, vodzinga hama dzemufi vachiita ma demands pafuneral yemunhu asiri wavo.

Do you ever follow what's taking place kana kuti munongotaura to support your party? ..sic

civilised citizen 2 weeks ago

@chati homu are right nyaya yabva pakurambidzwa kuchema mufi nevanhu vasina basa

citizen 2 weeks ago

dzako dzodogwadza brain 🧠 iwe munhu wavo ndeupi jkkkkkk

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

If this violent behaviour which manifested itself into torching of houses today, started yesterday, why did ZANU PF refrain their MP and Councillor who went to Nyatsime and ordered the funeral to be relocated to St Mary's from Nyatsime. The MP and Councillor should have stopped from interfering with Moreblessing Ali funeral.




ngorima mushava 2 weeks ago

not surprised of the MDC/CCC ,since their is the Commonwealth meeting in around the corner in Rwandan ,why use someone's death to seek international attention??
WHY not let the police do their job/investigations.
If you know the suspects go to Police and give info to assist ..not to say unverified things on social media...
This clearly shows the name change to CCC from MDC is only a gimmick ,your modus operandi is just the same..."A hyena will always be a hyena if by another name"

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Mahumbwe chaiwo


Our Zim 2 weeks ago

ccc mukateedzera zanu kuita hubhinya zivai kuti kumagumo kwacho ndimi munoruza badzi.Zanu has got so many tricks pachimhondi.Dai maita zverufu kwete kudzorera hondo

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