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ZANU PF Suspends Kundiona For Shunning Rival's Rallies

ZANU PF Suspends Kundiona For Shunning Rival's Rallies

ZANU PF’s Mashonaland East provincial executive has suspended party official and UMAA Group of Colleges owner Cleopas Kundiona for failing to avail himself during party programmes.

Kundiona lost the ZANU PF primary elections to Ignatius Mateveke for the Marondera Central constituency which became vacant after the MDC-T recalled Caston Matewu (MDC Alliance‎)‎.

Despite losing the primary poll to his rival, Kundiona was still expected to help campaign for him and fund his campaign.

In a letter dated 4 March 2022, ZANU PF provincial vice-chairperson Kudzai Majuru said:

You were seen in the constituency moving and campaigning for the MDC candidates and you failed to avail yourself for the party programmes without real cause.


  • Kundiona has been suspended from his position as provincial deputy secretary for legal affairs which he landed during the controversial December elections.
  • He is not allowed to visit party offices for the purpose of attending and or carrying out any activities for, and on behalf of the party.
  • He is prohibited from holding any party position or attending any party meeting until the finalisation of a disciplinary hearing pencilled for March 25, 2022.

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AntiViotics 3 months ago


Jinx 3 months ago

I open the comment section with fear and much trepidation on the possibility of reading comments of a tribalistic nature. This platform has become a stage for hate to be propelled across the country and i fear for the younger Zimbabwean generation, in whom the seed of hate is being planted because of a few individuals hell bent on increasing the chasm between tribes.
Tribalism is a form of terrorism! Tribalism has no room in this age!

@ Team Pindula, it is known to me that you require traffic on this platform for it to become a source of income through ad generated revenue, perhaps.
However, the traffic on this site has become the extreme of both ends, highly acidic yet highly bitter. Highly vulgar, highly tribalistic, laced with hate.
For the sake of our little brothers and sisters whom may have learned new ways to insult, new ways to hate, please suspend the COMMENTS SECTION.


Muchama 3 months ago

Zanu PF ndeyedu kusvikira vasingayi varutsa hakatongi nyika ino kaya musanyeperana muzotaura sezvi kana kambudzana kenyu kadyiwa aka kungoisa katakabirirwa pamuro izvezvi ndizvo zvakangomirirwa

Tkt 3 months ago

Time will come when the truth shall be seen,by all in plain text mumhepo pachenA MASKATI futi not usiku

Come August 2023, mese mucha nyarara henyu masvasva ngiwa too bad nebato rine chimuti, ndisu tine chikunyana tino garo paridza Unity among all yet hamu tereri mango zadzwa neHATE SPEACH chete but it wont work, ZANU-PF will still win these elections despite all your emotions

vanoti pasi nayo makarasika
vanoti pamberi ne ccc makataya njere

in short regai ndingoti,,,,

ZANU ndeyedu uye
ZIMBABWE ndeyedu
Viva Zanu Pf
Viva maComrades

Kiyoto machiven 3 months ago

Thanks for your regrets and your corrections well done... you have done it amhlope congratulations.... tribalism is more evil than let's work together to avoid tribalism in our Zimbabwe... Thank you so much...

ziSuper reBlue 3 months ago

Zimbabwe to be free to all

Mai muku 3 months ago

Job well done this was long overdue


zimboy 3 months ago

sorry guys i am the one stealing names and incite dirty tribalistic conversation.

please forgive me

no hate speech

we are one

zimboy 3 months ago

there we go again...HKD a tribalist?

Hkd 3 months ago

If yu follow the chats yu will be able to identify that the name sponono has 2 individuals . the fake is always filled with tribalism & the original is just calm & respectful.

Same happened to kartel , Bush lawyer etc.

Mafirakureva 3 months ago

MaZANU masichipeti. You expect Kundiona to finance Mateveke kuti aende kuParliament. Kana aen**** opihwa motokari tskr, oita maMegaDeals ake, pane paanozopawo Kundiona 10 bond here?

Anyway Kundiona is said to be campaigning for MDC, so what's wrong? ZANU ne MDC ibhande nebhurugwa, hancho?

Nzvonyora na Erectile Dysfunction (ED) = 6 lo 9 hancho?

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Ini zvangu ndiri weCCC party, asi ZANU PF Headquarters yakanaka chose.

JC Form IV 3 months ago

Sure yakanaka, that is if you enjoy Shake Shake (the old Chibuku beer carton).

No wonder vanhu veZANU are always tipsy and can't think straight

8 3 months ago

kana maona Vybz kartel mumuudze kuti uri d hodhi

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Ukarasa gwara remusangano tinokudzinga

Dr Booster Bhu Bhu Bhu bhu 3 months ago

Mpengo. Chimsangano chauraya nyika, demmet!

J 3 months ago

What a shame: founder really tried his best for the party and the people of marondera.i remember when an mdc alliance member(the old chamisa one) died and this guy Personally hired buses and trucks for the burial.Munhu boe zvake mface uyu and fits perfectly in zanu.But as much as i like and feel for the guy sadly he doesn't fit in CCC varikuti ngaauye mu ccc makadhomoka.
MYBE my softspot comes from being a former umaa student 😞😞

Weduzvee 3 months ago

Kundiona has done a lot for the party. This guy was self-financing. Is this how the party pays him back?

McKenzie 3 months ago

Why 26 March?
You are afraid that he will join CCC and win. But he is always the choice of the people, he will join CCC and enjoy the benefits
You have lost a big cadre. He is a citizen, so he will be welcome to our CCC

sponono 3 months ago

2023 hamonized election

winner Douglas Monzora

president Douglas Monzora

unity government with zanu pf

Chamisa arrested

JC Form IV 3 months ago

Hey wena Skorobo sponono, muka. Hope dzaunirota ndedzembanje nemusombo.

Muka ubike doro

CCC for life 3 months ago

Sponono urikudziwanza.

Jeko 3 months ago

Alias thief tanzwa nyaya yako yekuba mazita fake sponono

McKenzie 3 months ago

Smile and forget

koresanyini 3 months ago


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