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ZANU PF Responds To Reports That Jacob Mudenda Was Barred From Politburo Meeting

ZANU PF Responds To Reports That Jacob Mudenda Was Barred From Politburo Meeting

Tafadzwa Tuboy Mugwadi, the ZANU PF Director of Information and Publicity has dismissed as “utter nonsense” reports that Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda was Thursday barred from a Politburo meeting. NewsDay sources had claimed that he was barred over his recent call for the amendment of the constitution to allow citizens in the diaspora to vote and for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to appoint a second Vice President. In response to the reports, Mugwadi said:

Indeed, just as Cde Mudenda called it, the Newsday story cleared by their Editor Wisdom Mudzungairi is a piece of utter nonsense, mischief, and one that clearly shows standards of journalism at Newsday continue to nose-dive under his watch. We will be writing to @vmcz

Speaker of the National Assembly Cde J Mudenda is always released at 2 pm for Parliament’s question & answer session. On Wednesday, Politburo started at 2 pm & not the usual 9 am. The Speaker came to notify that & was as usual given green light to attention to Parliament business.

How the @NewsDayZimbabwe & its editor Wisdom Mudzungairi created a fake news headline out of nothing boggles the mind. The NewsDay owes their tiny readers the favour of truthful & factual reporting. This habit of quoting one’s left fingers & call them Zanu-PF sources is shameless.

When contacted for comment on reports that he was barred, Mudenda said: “That’s nonsense,” before dropping the call.

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Chikurubi Motel 2 months ago

Kutsvaga kusungwaka uko. Svikai zvenyu space for Newsday Reporter na Editor wake iripo.

🤨🤨 2 months ago

Musade kuvhara vanhu ka mukuti vanhu vangataure zvisizvo shuwa tokuzivai vanhu vezanu

stonyeni huru 2 months ago

Rwendo rwuno mazanu vs mazanu mumwe achazvi **** chete

Tkt 2 months ago

If Politburo changed its usual timing of 0900hrs to 1400,we can safely say it did so deliberately not to have Hon Spkr among the dignitaries
This way it would be easy to defend the fact that he was not required. Since he is legally required to be at Parliament

tafara 2 months ago

Wait and watch

SWAT 2 months ago

"tiny readers"

Dirigsme 2 months ago

Zanu Pf alibis at play here. The meeting was conveniently set to coincide with the Speaker's scheduled question and answer time to allow the Politburo secretary to express his disdain on those expressing what he deemed to be anti Zanu policies. Zanu will always be Zanu a party that is capable of eating its own children. Mudenda should be warned that he will be soon sent to Romania for slow effect stomach poisoning. Or must watch out for black dogs. 2023 uneuchisipo.Tamba wakachenjera.

Chamhamha 2 months ago

Ndanga ndisina kuiona kuti katori katrick kekuti asapinde mumeeting bcoz nguva dzacrushana


dispenser 2 months ago


dispenser 2 months ago

hapana chamunozama kujustifaya atova We CCC .and ndiye anoswa Kuma elders ari heard on how to run the country at our pleasure

Asalif 2 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣ndapererwa polituburo meeting @ 14:00hrs where they sober sense by that time those guys most of them down whiskey like nobody's business

Dhuterere 2 months ago

Hii madays eGNU vaiti vakaenda kulunch @ parliament vaizodzoka pasina kumira fine ndopaizotamba anaChinamasa fight and most Zanu pf legislators vaisadzoka vakutonwa zvavo I used to work at Crowne Plaza Monomotapa those days

Tateguru 2 months ago

Kkkk "Tiny Readers" and that includes everyone who reads Newsday. Ndine vandinoziva vanoverenga Newsday — ma****wo kkk

Tateguru 2 months ago


Manikiniki 2 months ago

Ma Youth muripi muchingovumira kutongwa nezvimadara vana Mudenda and all those old khulus vanoenda kunorara chete muParliament

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