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ZANU PF Parliamentary Candidate Arrested For Armed Robbery

ZANU PF Parliamentary Candidate Arrested For Armed Robbery

The ZANU PF candidate for Pumula, Bulawayo, in the 2018 elections, Khumbulani Mpofu, and his gang allegedly robbed a mine in Shurugwi last week and were later arrested by the police.

Mpofu was reportedly issued with a ZANU PF White Ford Ranger double cab vehicle in 2017 which he used in a midnight armed robbery on 22 December at Ansh Red Mine in Shurugwi, reported The NewsHawks.

A police report obtained by CITE in Bulawayo, shared with The NewsHawks reveals that the seven robbers stole 400kg of gold-loaded carbons at gunpoint. Reads the report:

The seven accused persons who were armed with an identified pistol, an axe an electric shocker and also an unidentified rifle ordered the two complainants to lie down before tying them with a rope.

Some of the accused persons proceeded to the caborn room where they force opened the door and loaded about 400kgs of pregnant caborns into sacks, while some were left guarding the complainants.

One of the accused persons among those who were guarding the complainants searched and took US$250 from complainant number three while the others took four cellphones which were being charged.

The accused persons then left the scene leaving the complainants tied with the rope. One of the complainants managed to untie himself and proceeded to untie the other.

They then phoned complainant number one (Anderson Muchenje) who is the owner of the mine and the case was reported to the Shurugwi police station.

Scene was attended by DUB and CID details, but nothing was recovered.

The seven suspects are Delta Misheck (32), Khumbulani Mpofu (42), Promise Dube (22), Moyo Phakhamani (30), Canicious Sibanda (28), Khumalo Mlamuli (31) and Munetsi Takunda (29).

About 24 hours after the robbery, police got a tip-off and moved for Mpofu, a University of KwaZulu-Natal graduate and ZANU PF activist, before pouncing on the robbers at a tollgate.

Police shot the robbers’ getaway car’s tyres and punctured them before the robbers tried to escape on foot. Reads the police report:

On 24 December 2022 at around 1800hours CID MFFU Shurugwi details received a tip-off to the effect that the accused were in possession of 400 kilogrammes of loaded carbon and looking for an unmonitored elution plant for gold processing.

A swift reaction comprised of CID MFFU Shurugwi and Support Unit details were mandated to action the information received.

… At around 1830 hours, the accused persons arrived at [Flamingo Tollgate 10km along the Gweru to Masvingo Road] driving a white Ford Ranger registration number AEX 3081, engine number not yet identified, chassis number AFAPXXMJ2PJU06936 driven by accused number two Khumbulani Mpofu aged 42… of Cowdry Park Bulawayo and he is unemployed. The vehicle had a VVIP sticker on the screen.

Whilst the aforementioned vehicle was in the queue towards paypoint, detectives approached the vehicle, and identified themselves by producing police identity cards to the driver and occupants.

Detectives then ordered the driver to switch off the vehicle and remain stationary at that point. The driver did not comply instead he, closed the windows and locked the doors, attempted to reverse and move out of the queue.

The attempt failed as the vehicle was blocked by other vehicles in the queue. Support unit details closed in and surrounded the vehicle… Cst Maduche who was armed with an AK rifle… deflated the right tyre by firing one shot whilst… L/Sgt Matonhodze G who was armed with AK rifle… deflated the left tyre by firing one shot.

On realising that the escape with the vehicle was not possible, the driver brought the vehicle to an emergency halt, opened the door attempting to escape and was apprehended across the road by D/Sgt Chaumbezvo after a struggle that resulted in the police detail sustaining a loss of tooth on the lower jaw.

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Dofo 1 month ago

I liked the part yekuti the vehicle had a VVIp sticker on the screen

1 month ago

400kg that's lies, the figure is just outrageous as it totals 24million benjamins💵

1 month ago

Weight of carbons and what was inside them not gold only

Haaaa 1 month ago

Uri**** zveshuwa

Fo di pipo 1 month ago

Don't expose your ****ity by concluding zvausina kunatsorava anzi 400kgs pregnant carborn it's unprocessed inozoproceswa mu ellusion plant iwe benzi then pobuda gold

Fo di pipo 1 month ago

Don't expose your ****ity by concluding zvausina kunatsorava anzi 400kgs pregnant carborn it's unprocessed inozoproceswa mu ellusion plant iwe benzi then pobuda gold Franklin aukutaura ayo haasiwo

Tintin 1 month ago

monkey see monkey do 🐵🐵🐵

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Ndiro basa rema sticker akanzi edpfee kupinda pama tollgate and roadblocks with loot

Fo di pipo 1 month ago

Ndachema zvangu Economic Development pfee neloot mutolgate pulla ...unonwei upiwe rimwe

-_- 1 month ago

Did you really have to put his phone number here though

.. 1 month ago

did you read the article?


Blue💙 says 1 month ago

Pamberi neZanu Pf

Goride 1 month ago

Mbavha dzezanu madziona kupa nana Mota dzekurobesa kkkk

2aNuPf Mp 1 month ago

In 2aNuPf its the order of the day. Only that they didn't do it the smart way this time but they are still gaining xpirience these 1s vote 2anu next year for more of these and other lootings:)

Ashley Scott 1 month ago

zanu pf should give it's loyalists money see how embarrassing it is now zanu pf supporters are wallowing in poverty yet the big ones are the only beneficiary of the corruption and looting if you're not on pay roll stop supporting it

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Vanopara mhosva ngavasungwe. KZN graduate rinodero here. Zvaanenge **** hake.

Billboard Of Public Opinions 1 month ago

Wadi I kuti dyoo kuti ndomaitiro enyu ku Zanu Pf. Hapana asiri MBA ha mu party iyo. Kubva kuma youth acho kusvika kuvatungamiri vemusangano. Isu tanzwa nekudyirwa mari nema unemployed zanu Pf youth vachiti ye era kuti tinowaniswa minda.

Tindo 1 month ago

Kkkkkkkkk why are you not giving ascathing reply you always reserve for CCC
Mr. Machivharo????

1 month ago

Instead of killing the Machiavelli brand, you have done him a great favour. We miss his incisive comments.

Your inane and insane comments make us pine for the real Prince Machiavelli

People Of Various Opinions 1 month ago

Like father like son

Ganyani 1 month ago


Forever your neighbor 1 month ago

can anyone tell me out of ten,how would you rate the ZRP support unit.Are they really good let's say if you compare them to the SAPS amaberete for example?

Blueberry 1 month ago

out of ten how would you rate the ZRP support unit , compared to other tactical units lets say here in the SADC region.are they one of the Best or one of the Worst?
I know their training is good but tactically are they really good?

Fo di pipo 1 month ago

Tactically they are good coz they work mostly on tip offs meaning they have some elements within the community who shmpathise and help neinfor thus when some say mupurisa ifrend ane agona basa ukaona povo yobudisa infor otherwise kana vakasava nemarelations nevanhu bhoo vanoswero dzingirira mhepo Saka healthy relations ipart yekugona basa

Broke Garden boy with a degree in psychology 1 month ago

for those who have seen ZRP support unit in action,out of ten how would you rate them.Do you think they Can stop the Westgate mall seige in Nairobi Kenya
for example?

Bulawayo 1 month ago


1 month ago

Hanzi abuda discharge musangano weZanu is above the law. Kutonga kwaro

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