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ZANU PF Officials Fearful Of A 'Bhora Musango' Scenario

ZANU PF Officials Fearful Of A 'Bhora Musango' Scenario

ZANU PF officials in Bulawayo Province have expressed worry over the party’s failure to properly conduct the recent primary elections to select candidates for the March 26 by-elections.

The internal elections exposed deep-rooted factionalism in the province amid growing concerns the G40 faction might be taking control of the ruling party’s provincial structures.

ZANU PF insiders who spoke to The Zimbabwe Independent fear that the national leadership’s failure to address complaints raised soon after the primary elections might trigger a “bhora musango” scenario.

Bhora Musango was a clandestine campaign by some ZANU PF leaders in the run-up to the 2008 harmonised elections against voting for the party’s presidential candidate leader Robert Mugabe while voting for the party’s parliamentary and local council candidates. Said an unnamed official:

The primary elections were rigged and this will work against the President. For some wards, ballots were mixed so that people could not see their candidates.

Ballots never balanced with figures of up to 100 in some instances. That means people were smuggled even when they were not on the voting list.

Vote-buying was allowed with no questions asked. Complaints on the irregularities were not entertained while the provincial chair acknowledged there was something wrong with primaries.

The chairman must know that he is chairing a pure 70% G40 executive.

ZANU PF Bulawayo chairperson Jabulani Sibanda, who landed the post in December after years in the political wilderness, dismissed reports of factionalism and claims that complaints were swept under the carpet. He said:

That is nonsense, there is no factionalism here. I am aware of what you are asking.

All the complaints brought to the office were forwarded to Harare and that is where you can get your answers from. I don’t have answers to your questions.

However, the ZANU PF insider claimed Sibanda Sibanda was bypassed when candidates’ curriculum vitae were sent to the party’s head office. He said:

Sibanda is now just a shadow of his former self. It is known from way back that Sibanda and Mnangagwa are close, even during the late former president Robert Mugabe’s tenure.

We expected a change from him but many people are disappointed.

Hopefully, he will find a solution; on the issue of candidates, he was left out only to know when curriculum vitae had reached Harare. They bypassed him.

Reports suggest that ZANU PF members within provincial structures are divided between those allegedly backing Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga and others belonging to a group aligned to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

More: The Zimbabwe Independent

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Francis Mhike Mutema 3 months ago

Bhora musango ndiyo ichaitwa honai kuzara kunoita maRally ayo

Sabelo Zivurawa 3 months ago

Some guys are never said to be normal. How can a person in the right frame of mind shout a slogan.
Pamberi neZanu
Pasi ne CCC
C yekutanga kureva citizens vavhoti . Usatuka vavhoti venyu never.
If you enjoy your Pasi, Pasi sloganeering just shout
Pasi ne MDC not Pasi ne C C for vagari , povo, vavhoti, vanhu /abantu. Wena ungatsho ukuthi pansi ngabantu. Its derogatory to say the least.

Gaffer 3 months ago

CCC is a party name not it's citizens..even Mnangagwa is a citizen .. don't force us your party... it's just a name...pasi nayo...pasi ne opposition politix there is nothing like that you alluding to... don't try to be a clever fool

3 months ago

tk 3 months ago

Mukomana, e Way forward CCC ,chete chete

Nhm 3 months ago

NHM ...CCC chete chete ndiwomushonga unopodza marwadzo


Maxwell zihove 3 months ago

Ngaapinde mukomana ZANU Pf ibhazi romanya pamateru

3 months ago

EG PFUUU 3 months ago

*Izvizvirikuitika zvikaramba zvichiitika pane zvichaitika chete*

Patriot 3 months ago

Bulawayo? Harare? I remember the late R.g Mugabe after year 2000's election said harare is not Zimbabwe,now his Excellency ed is in the capital harare where the alliance now called CCC scored more than half a million presidential votes and took almost all seats in 2018 harmonized elections, god is not democratic ,zvingani zvatinoitirwa namwari zvatisingadi?coming back the issue yebhora musango it can only happen to bulawayo not in zanupf's strongholds never,pamberi nezanu pf

Gain 3 months ago

Harawa ngadzive hazvo, mukomana apinde hake. 4 decades of misrule and plunder is a good CV to step down

Tkt aka maFyt 3 months ago

Uhmm okuyiparty ansakufuni.. Vote MRP
Vote iparty engelabandlululo...

Mqondisi Moyo for President

Kereke 3 months ago

Kikikikkikiki chakunhuhwa Chinhu chiye

KHUMALO 3 months ago

*Ngo2008 ngedate yanamhlanje yikho engadla amachunks ayengelamafutha, ngiwapheke ngenkuni ze5trillion, elemibhida ye 5billion ngafaka isawudo le 17billion, kanye lokulitamatisi kwe 3billion*

Angeke ngakukhohlwa lokhu

Jinn 3 months ago

Kkkk uKhumalo uqinisile,thina salilala ebank uqede lapho imali yakhona yehlule ukuthenga uMatches wokubasa umlilo

Jenet J 3 months ago

@ Sponono sami,i now understand you ,u mean the opposite kkkkk Bhora kumkomana

Kangene ujaha


Sponono 3 months ago

Pamberi ne zanu pf

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ccc

Tinotenda nema votes ma cdes

Coole 3 months ago

Wena Sponono u are such a creep.What do u benefit from Zanu pf
That's why u are a Tribalist-the reason of lacking education nxaa

666 3 months ago


Dhunda 3 months ago

Ngaapinde mkomana

Executioner 3 months ago

Regai mukomana apinde hake

Executioner 3 months ago

More like bhora resimbi

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