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ZANU PF Official Donates Dilapidated Ambulance

ZANU PF Official Donates Dilapidated Ambulance

ZANU PF candidate for the party’s 2018 primary elections Alfred Pedzisa donated a dilapidated ambulance to Unyetu Clinic in Ward 22 Chikomba.

The Mirror was told that Pedzisa handed over the ambulance registration number AAF 1421 at a function in 2018 but has not moved an inch since then. The ambulance was towed from Harare to Masasa next to Unyetu.

Pedzisa was contesting for Chikomba Central Constituency against Felix Mhona who was eventually elected MP and is now Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development.

Pedzisa switched off his phone when The Mirror called him for comment.

Sources told The Mirror:

From Masasa it was taken over by mechanics who had to drive it to Unyetu, and it broke down countless times along the way. The reason for driving it to Unyeti was to hide the fact that it was faulty. It has remained parked there since then, and it is now an eyesore.

Pedzisa was, until June 2022, the ZANU PF Chikomba District Coordinating Committee (DCC) chairperson. He was suspended on allegations of corruption, and Mhona took over his post.

Villagers and clinic officials who spoke to The Mirror said Pedzisa acknowledged that the ambulance was broken down and promised to fix it. They alleged that he stopped well-wishers from donating a vehicle to the clinic.

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ZIMBA🇿🇼OG 1 month ago

He did his part the community must do their part ,pls must not depend on spoon feeding

SC 1 month ago

@Zimba... manga mawana chokudya here mukuru? You=Madungwe

Crankshaft 1 month ago

Whats the purpose of a government if i may ask?
Gvt has to provide ambulances, water, electricity even school grants, constitutionalism and plenty more which are non existent in Zimbabwe for it's citizens.
So its not spoon feeding hope you grasp the concepts
It's not spoon feeding

Doug 1 month ago

A job for the minister of transport

Putin purizi 1 month ago

Spoon feeding yei ko Aida kufadza vanhu neskorokoro iyoyo, mapererwa Zanu.

😂 1 month ago

Zanupf 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 loser.

Manikiniki 1 month ago

Pulling a brocken down beyond repair ambulance from the scrap yard to the community! You are a lunatic.


Ginious 1 month ago

kana ndaverenga mushe parikunzi,"he stopped well wishers from donating the ambulance"zvoreva kut pane vaitoda kupa svinu motor vakarambidzwa.

Ppp 1 month ago

Paamwe vaitoda kupa dzakaoresesa vakarambidzwa

i 1 month ago

ambulance it's meant for emergencies hanti saka kana wakupa vanhu chi tortoise vehicle kuti vashandise pama emergencies zvoreva kuti urikuda kuti wear area atofa zvake nekushaya rubatsiro.l think satanism in disguise ndatenda hangu neyamurikutiita

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