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ZANU PF MP On Spotlight After Claiming To Have Built 3 Schools Using ZW$2 million From CDF

ZANU PF MP On Spotlight After Claiming To Have Built 3 Schools Using ZW$2 million From CDF

Nkayi South villagers have questioned claims by their ZANU PF legislator Stars Mathe that she has built three schools using ZW$2 million disbursed under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mathe, who became MP for the constituency in 2018, told Khulumani FM radio that she had initiated various infrastructure projects since getting into office, including constructing three schools.

When we started getting the CDF, we looked at the shortage of schools in Nkayi South as children walk  long distances of up to 30 kilometres.

 I then ‘planted’ three new secondary schools starting with Gonye Secondary School, which is now at roofing stage.

We then went to build Sagonda secondary school.

I had to cut down trees in the virgin land and build Sagonda.

We also went to Gwamba valley and built one school in the bush after talking to the Forestry Commission and we constructed Dabe Secondary School to cater for the area.

However, in their virtual Nkayi Community Parliament, villagers said the $2 million mentioned by Mathe was not even enough to build a classroom block, let alone three schools.

They said  ZW$2 million can only purchase roofing, but not enough to also cover transport costs to Nkayi.

Mathe previously attracted the anger of villagers after accusing them of not being grateful for the ongoing Bulawayo-Nkayi road rehabilitation programme.

The road has been in a poor state for decades. 

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MuGrade 2 3 months ago

My father was at a teacher at Sagonda long time ago...and she built it kikiki

bhuru 3 months ago

ma MP mazhinji ndozvaari.kumakoni north taneta ne type iyoyi inonyepa panhepfenyuro saana Mathe

Triple C 3 months ago

Vote the Cs

Matope for shua @Jenet J. NHM

Jenet J 3 months ago

Uzabona omunye evotela amatope.
Sheer nonsense!!!!!


kusvasvanga 3 months ago

No need of a pancea at the juncture, let the malady get worse and worse. Come 2023, it's burial time

kusvasvanga 3 months ago

let the situation get worse and worse, 2023 will be the hall markt


Dr Generari Racto 3 months ago

Stars Mathe is brain-dead. I'm glad she's a party that prefers the brain-dead for it's leaders.

Chomboel 3 months ago

Even a Grade one pupil can not write this aaaaaah,as asi MP haangone keep verenga mari kunyepa uku

💪💪💪Very Muscular 3 months ago


Kusvasvanga 3 months ago

Give Zanu the chance, Ma MPs ese ngaave eZanu and see what will happen to 2023

Daily prophecy 3 months ago

Violence yoga tambai mushe😂

cde Generari 3 months ago

what chance do ZANU MPs need Nhai iwe zidofo remunhu 42 years harisi ZANU here iri kutonga Use your Brains mhani uchatisemesa.

3 months ago

pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuwuuu 3 months ago

this article is fake

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