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ZANU PF MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena Arrested

ZANU PF MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena Arrested

Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena (ZANU PF) and four Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) officials have been arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC).

In a brief statement released on Tuesday, ZACC said the suspects were arrested for allegedly committing fraud and money laundering involving US$5 million. ZACC said:

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena, Cottco officials Pius Manamike, Maxmore Njanji and Fortunate Molai, and Pierpont Moncroix Director Chiedza Danha on fraud and money laundering charges involving USD$5million.

The five are expected to appear in court this Wednesday.

ZACC did not disclose any further details relating to the matter.

However, ZACC officials who were accompanied by police recently launched investigations relating to stockpiles of cotton farming inputs which were recently found stashed at a Gokwe-Nembudziya warehouse linked to Wadyajena.

According to ZimLive, it is widely believed that Wadyajena, who chairs parliament’s portfolio committee on land and agriculture, could have abused his parliamentary post and ZANU PF links leading to the misappropriation of inputs that were meant for distribution to farmers.

Meanwhile, COTTCO managing director Pious Manamike and head of marketing and ginning Maxmore Njanji are currently out on bail on corruption allegations.

COTTCO, formerly the Cotton Marketing Board (CMB), is 38 per cent owned by the Government.

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Chikumba 1 month ago

Wel done,,, good job

Unknown 1 month ago

Manje manje anenge abuda uyu akutorovazve madhiri, ane mhosva hombe kudarika ye the nyatsime crew bt in 🇿🇼 kana uri mu zanu pf hapana zvinoitwa

Weng Xi Wang 1 month ago

Political games

General Impunity 1 month ago

ehezve takarwa Hondo kuti tive the untouchables

Binladen 1 month ago

catch and release

Wadyajena big up 1 month ago

eheka justice inogokubata sei iwe utori jasi wacho nechakare.icho tolgi

BOSS VEDAH 1 month ago

Catch & release for sure. Ana Wadyajena vane mare dzkuba avo they can evade the wrath of law. The courts can never convict you unless you are poor & not zanu pf connected.

Putin 1 month ago

Pliz don't catch and release them , this M P is too pompous where did he get that money to buy such expensive cars

ZEC 1 month ago

Macheso said it all.. "vakangwara havana nhamo...isu mafuza tine nhamo.."zanu ichabata nyika ino chibharo kusvika pasisina chinhu

Big Man 1 month ago

Uno bvunza kuti akaiwanepi mari yeku tenga mota ino dhura ,une mari yawa shaya here.Unenge une nungo iwe

Zelensky 1 month ago

ukarwadziwa na Justice haupore wangu tsvaga yako shagi utengewo ma top of the range cars

The Zebra 1 month ago

Last year I sold 3 tonnes of maize at Manoti Gokwe GMB and per each tonne supplied we were supposed to be given maize seeds , fertilizer , only a few got those inputs , May the good ZACC office visit that deport pliz , we suspect something there .

farmer 1 month ago

cde up to now hamusati maziva kuti chibage hachina mari? if u farm maize jus do projects like livestock farming currently GMB is paying 90usd plus 90ks rtgs this payment wont buy you 4bags of compound D ,wadii warima nyemba chaidzo u are better off then find european market seach for Mwale we fairmark he will direct you th right offices

Dred 1 month ago

Catch and release. Same as Joram Gumbo and Former Health Minister Moyo

Putin 1 month ago

The problem is they will be released , and the case will die a natural death

zelensky 1 month ago

ehezve ndokuti Mayor Wadyajena iwe Putin Uri wadya blekkie


Chasura 1 month ago

Pride dzina baba ava hayaas bodo... Kuita mbiri ye noise mu borrowdale futi

chasurirwa 1 month ago

ehe munosurirwa borrowdale kuti munhuhwirwe nenhamo dzenyu kkk dzingori shagi

VELAPI D.S 1 month ago

@ spookie good mrng

Doug 1 month ago

Where did they spend the night? How will they be coming to court?

mayor securit aid 1 month ago

he was home he jus received summins then today he was dressed ina desighner suit driving Lambogin from birrowdale toheading to th court for a trial

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

We can't build a Zimbabwe we need coz fraudsters run to CCC for law 😂

ComedyHalfHour 1 month ago

ZACC 😂 😂 😂

BB&CB 1 month ago

He will be out soon, kuda kungonzi varikuita basa Bt hapana, watch this space...

biti 1 month ago

Wadyajena ndomu representa abuse discharge kucourt makatemba CCC hatina ideology tingori majokki****xc mune zvematongerwo enyika ende hatitonge nyika tozviziva tongwabva Mari dzemazibhozidha emusangano justice phone me

pk 1 month ago

lawyer wake ndiChamisa na Biti saka anobuda uyo

pk 1 month ago

anobuda uyo. malawyers ake Chamisa naBiti vanomira mira

g 1 month ago

haiwawo vaitodya chicken inn muchitokisi, nhasi vanenge have kumba

nonsense 1 month ago

Zacc has no single conviction since its formation

Tateguru 1 month ago

Flashy cars mmmm

ComedyHalfHour 1 month ago

😂 😁 😂 ZACC 😂 😂 😂 courts 😂 😂 😂......

😎 1 month ago

Regai tione kuti ED achamudzinga basa here

mhazi of Silobela 1 month ago

akasungwa nguvayi ini ndakamuona kuma 3 achienda kumba kwakwe - ndichimwa bootleg yangu pa wood

Vote CCC
Visit Silobela

Ginious 1 month ago

Iyo catch and release iyoyo ndiyo yatirikut kweteka.Ngapinde hake Chamisa

Yoweeeeee 1 month ago

Job Sikhala is languishing in the prison for defending the family of slain Moreblessing Ali. He is remanded in custody at Chikurubhi maximum. He is always in leg irons. He has been denied bail. You will c what will transpire of this flamboyant businessman cum politician Justice Wadyajena. He will be escorted to court and released on the same day. Because he is Zanu

Mayor 1 month ago

Ko Pomona Moyo mamusiirei. Im innocent.

i 1 month ago

hoo Mayor mapinzwa busy sorry zvenyu kunyangwe makandinyima rori

Ju Lie Moyo 1 month ago

When are you gpimg to arrest me?

Gafa 1 month ago

Catch and release mozotiudza kana yapera nyaya yacho.

1 month ago

wadyajena 1 month ago

Hello everyone
I don't know why this is not onthe news but l think it's information that everyone who is in Zimbabwe should know . Especially those who are not on medical aid and those who resort to government hospitals for their services.

The country is under crisis ne nyaya ye blood . The major government hospitals Parirenyatwa and Harare hospital owe National blood service millions of usd so because of that NBS is nolonger supplying them with blood.

If one gets into a accident or has a surgical emergency like a ruptured ectopic pregnancy you will need to get your own blood at $153 per unit/ pint and in most cases you will need a average of 4 pints that's $612.

If your blood type is O positive the case is even worse because that's the most common blood type which makes its demand very high, as of yesterday kwakusitorina because most blood doners are students and zvikoro zvakavharwa.

For those who can, kindly donate blood at the national blood services and save a life . Then vane hama dzino enda ku dialysis , dzirikuwana chemo vane nhumbu dzirikuda kuoperetwa ku government and other conditions angangoda ropa garai maka gadzirira ma $153- $612 USD just incase

National Blood services/ blood transfusion services BTS is located ku mazowe street next to Parirenyatwa group of hospitals

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

If the state fails to build a case against you why should you remain in custody? If you have money to hire a good lawyer(of which he has) you can be acquitted of any crime . The blessings of being part of ZANU and having money, to the contrary Sikhala anenge achitokumbira macitisens kuti achengete mhuri yake kkkkkkk Let him rot in jail kusvika arongeka iye neparty yake( they could just simply file a complain to a higher court if they think their case is not being done properly) ....Then you want such mindless goons varikutobira the poor to rule this country ...mapfupa ambuya Nehanda anozviramba ...

John Wick 1 month ago

catch and release

CCC 1 month ago

Catch and release to disguise citizens

Kayz Rhibhe 1 month ago

Haufe waita King if you think like a slave.

gold dealer 1 month ago

thank you mabate basa rambaii makadaroo

obey 1 month ago

they must be stay on jail

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