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ZANU PF MP Forces Schools To Return Donations

ZANU PF MP Forces Schools To Return Donations

A ZANU PF MP is reportedly blocking political opponents and well-wishers from donating to schools and helping poor people in his constituency.

Soul Dzuma, who represents Buhera West in the National Assembly, allegedly ordered Munyaradzi and Mudzamiri primary schools to return doors and roofing sheets to a well-wisher.

The building material was donated by Maxwell Chikwangwani, a businessman and ZANU PF politician who is also an aspiring candidate after appeals for help.

Chikwangwani told The Mirror that Dzuma is threatening school heads and ordering them to return cement, sports kits and other donations made to schools.

The aspiring MP also claimed that Dzuma blocked donations of foodstuffs to be made to the elderly, the orphans and vulnerable children.

Dzuma confirmed to The Mirror that he is indeed blocking well-wishers from making donations in his constituency because he fears losing elections. He said:

I will not allow thieves and the opposition to assist my people, they reduce my chances of winning next year’s election.

Chikwangwani is a ‘thief’ who stole Presidential Scheme inputs from Buhera and sold them in Murehwa.

Where did the young man get the money to donate to villagers?

… I cannot allow the CCC party to dole out donations in my area.

These people will not vote for ZANU PF if they receive such donations.

ZANU PF spokesperson for Manicaland, Sam Matema said it is wrong for politicians to block people trying to help the vulnerable, and promised to talk to Dzuma about the issue.

Chikwangwani said that he was now having to make donations through churches. He said:

I donated building materials to Munyaradzi and Mudzamiri primary schools after school authorities approached me for help.

To my surprise, they were ordered to return the materials to me. What is more baffling is that Dzuma himself is unable to assist them.

I’m a businessman and I have hardware shops. I have a moral obligation to assist communities in my area.

Dzuma once ordered some elderly people to return groceries that I had bought for them. This is despite the fact that they did not have food.

CCC Manicaland Provincial spokesperson David Panganai told The Mirror that his party was being blocked by Dzuma from carrying out activities or assisting clinics and schools with donations.

More: The Mirror

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Buhera west 1 month ago

Zanu pf Manicaland yaka damburana kuita mapoka maviri anonzi mabhasiket.Rimweni bhasiket rine power ndiro rinotungamirwa ndi Madiro, ndiro basket rina Sam Matema wanzi spokesman ndirozve rina Chikwangwani uyo arikurambidzwa kuita donation. Rimweni ndiro raana Soul Nzuma iro they are poor and kuma party elections avo vaka riggiwa ndi Madiro ngekuti unowirirana na president maningi. Bhasiket raana Soul Nzuma rakadhakwa pakuti arina power

cemetery 1 month ago

ko chinotimba aripi hakusiriko kwake here ikoko❓asi akadzokera kuchina kunotora mamwe maplates anocheka maoko

Tafie 1 month ago

just like any other districts buhera is divided into buhera, north(mp mutomba) buhera west(mp nzuma) buhera central(mp nyashanu gijima) buhera south (mp joseph chinotimba)


This Soul Dzuma has no legal right of instructing receivers of donations to return them to the donors or telling other political party players not to donate in this constituency.

The correct path to follow is that explained by ZANU PF Manicaland Province spokesperson that anyone may donated.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Ndoogwara remusangano iroro!

Observer 1 month ago

Only the gutless cowards don't stand up to thugs and bullies.

Scarfmore Chi Vende 1 month ago

These ppl thrive on impoverishing the masses yet they display their careless and opulence only to surface as the saviours. What a rogue regime this Second Deception is... This guy knows it's party modus operandi and that no one will come after him... Let's Vote them out if prosperity is our dream!


Anonymous 1 month ago

Soul Dzuma is not a thug, its wrong to demonise the victim. Hon Soul Dzuma is a victim of Zanu pf and its thugs. Chikwangwani is playing the victim here whilst he is the thug. Chikwangwani is busy buying votes in this pre election period. He and his thugs are the ones who closed roads so that Chamisa wont held a rally in Murambinda growth point. They rig elections and divert presidential inputs 4 themselves. Nzuma is the victim here

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

if a Zanu-PF MP fights his fellow party member to the extent of sabotaging each other and their leader remains silent it simply means we're being led by bloodthirsty terrorists where lining self pocket is a priority.

Pinga the great 1 month ago

Better stealing those inputs and donating back to the community hpna chakaipa also remembering the elderly ana anonymous muri kugwauta pasina zvafungiwa kukura dzoro kuita bandamba risina chinhu read comment yaBuhera west

mhute 1 month ago

what can be expected from such a retard if he is voted into office? what philosophy does he represent. he thinks that he is more important than the people he aspires to represent.

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