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ZANU PF Member Once Arrested Over The Murder Of MDC Activist, Nominated For ZEC Post

ZANU PF Member Once Arrested Over The Murder Of MDC Activist, Nominated For ZEC Post

Former Kwekwe town clerk Emmanuel Musara has been shortlisted for a possible appointment to a Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) post.

Musara, who is based in Kwekwe, is believed to be a close ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He served as Kwekwe Town Clerk for almost two decades before the Council forced him to retire. Musara has contested several ZANU PF primaries and lost.

According to, Musara was arrested in connection with the murder of an MDC-T activist in 2008 but the case mysteriously disappeared.

On Sunday, Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders (CSRO) committee announced the names of 32 candidates set to undergo public interviews to replace six Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) commissioners whose term expires early next month.

Musara was named among the 32 candidates who will be interviewed for the posts.

The public interviews will take place on 17 June 2022, in the Senate Chamber. The committee said in a statement:

The CSRO Committee called on the public to nominate persons to be considered for appointment to six vacancies in the Commission whose functions and personal specifications are outlined under section 239 of the Constitution.

The nominations closed on the 11th of February 2022. The six vacancies will arise after the 6th of July 2022 due to the expiry of term of office for six current Commissioners.

Some of the notable nominees are former ZEC chief elections officer Constance Chigwamba, Ngoni Kundidzora, a top lawyer and a current ZEC Commissioner.


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dispenser 2 months ago

it's normal for Zanu .wonke amasela

Mmmm 2 months ago

If elected ZEC will not be trusted to oversee credible elections.

Captain Jack Sparrow 2 months ago

Fellow Zims who has bewitched ...a person taken into custody and a person arrested are two different things ,legally a person is innocent until proven guilty simple as that and the burden of proof lies with the state knowing the state hasn't got much resources it is quite simple for a perpetrator of such a crime to be acquitted .....

gandangaguru 2 months ago

ndizvo saka uchigara nemukadzi arikuiswa ....not guilty intil proven kkkkk urikuisa mamboiswa nemumwe

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 2 months ago

haafanire kuve munhu ane activism yemaparty aaite hake
ZEC should be neutral

Hamuchinjise lyfe 2 months ago

Iwe Sparrow guilty yei yauri kugotaura ndosaka wakaisa matumbu amobby muplastic bag mhondi yemunhu

Maparamuro 2 months ago

Bhora musango

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