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ZANU PF Launches Perfume, "2023 Victory Scent For ED"

ZANU PF Launches Perfume,

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF party has launched a perfume, ED 2023 victory scent, in a move aimed at wooing voters ahead of the 2023 elections.

The ZANU PF leader, also known by his initials ED (Emmerson Dambudzo), has set up what he calls “empowerment programmes” such as Young Women for ED (YW4ED), Men BelievED, a new teachers’ union Teachers for ED, ED 2023 premium bread and Councillors for ED (C4ED).

The programmes are accompanied by much fanfare in flashy, expensive cars and branded clothing in ZANU PF green, yellow, red, white and black colours to lure new voters.

One such movement, Men BelievED, with the mantra “ED promised, ED delivered”, describes itself as a movement of empowered entrepreneurs who support Mnangagwa’s vision.

Journalist and government critic, Hopewell Chin’ono believes that the launch of the ED perfume shows that ZANU PF takes Zimbabweans for fools. He said:

95% of Zimbabwe’s potential workforce is unemployed, central hospitals have no paracetamol, the whole country has no clean drinking [or] running water, schools have no books, roads are potholed, the country has the highest inflation in the world and Mnangagwa campaigns for 2023 with perfumes? These guys are jokers.

They are essentially saying Zimbabweans are clowns, give them cheap perfume and they will vote for ZANU PF.

Some critics have accused President Mnangagwa of trying to create a personality cult by using his initials “ED” for alleged ZANU PF parallel structures.

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Maduu 1 month ago

Taneta nekunyengedzerwa every time ,paya takambopiwa matouch asingaoni ,hatichadi zvisina maturo kure uko.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Torch not touch (coz touch kubata)

kiong 1 month ago

kudhara ikoko



Command agriculture 1 month ago

Will be effective Pesticide for cabbage moth

Majority Rule 1 month ago

kwasara Freezits for ED

John chibadura 1 month ago

Like seriously

Chibhanguza 1 month ago

Kudhara ikoko

XXX 1 month ago

Endai munopa team UMP zvee .Anambuya nanasekuru. Iswere yamwiwa.

.... forED 1 month ago

The smell of rotten eggs and dead rats is bound to attract blue flies for ED's maggot production.

AAA 1 month ago

Havafungi deno vachifunga vasina kudzidza Kuna mwonzora here

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hama musatidaro moto ziva here kuti UMP kutori nevanhu vanofunga.

Klux kk 1 month ago

...😂😂😂 wandipedza, zvinonzi Istrong stuff

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Chinyarara Hope unozosungwa 😂

🤣 1 month ago



Bhangwez 1 month ago

Vakuru vapererwa ne mazano. kwasara chibuku for ED KKK yaa ndapera strong yese.

dispenser 1 month ago

Hazvitengwi time mahara done maline acho out of 20 000 panenge varies zvima pefuumu yu get less than a thousand .Bvunza Mupfumi Aku advise

Yellow 1 month ago

What we want are bread and butter issues sir, we are tired of your nonsense

Same program as Teachers for E D I O T 1 month ago


Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Truth be told this is a first in political gimmicks 😂😂😂 Wazondipedza manje kkkkkk

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Mjolo 4 Ed nyararai zvenyu kwese vachasvika havo just to lure vanhu vasina dzakakwana

Moses 1 month ago

*Wadyajena bought 25 trucks in US$5m Cottco scam, court hears*

HARARE – Justice Mayor Wadyajena, Zanu PF’s Gokwe Nembudziya MP and chairman of the parliamentary committee on agriculture, siphoned millions of dollars from the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe in an elaborate scam before buying 25 haulage trucks, a court heard on Wednesday.

The Lambourgini-pushing MP, who was arrested on Tuesday, was so frustrated when told his bail application would spill over to Thursday he offered to transport court officials to their homes if the hearing would continue well into the evening.

The offer was slapped down by magistrate Stanford Mambanje.

Wadyajena is charged with fraud and money laundering involving US$5 million together with four others and two companies, including his Mayor Logistics.

They are Pius Manamike, 54, who is Cottco managing director; Maxmore Njanji, 47, (head of marketing, operations, ginning and logistics), Fortunate Molai, 34, (Cottco acting procurement manager) and Chiedza Danha, 39, who is being charged in his personal capacity while also representing Pierpont Moncroix, which is jointly charged in the crime.

Mayor logistics is being represented by Wadyajena.

According to court papers, sometime in 2019, Wadyajena and his co-accused hatched a plan to defraud Cottco through fictitious purchase of goods purportedly for use by the company.

The allegedly went on to open a shelf company called Pierpont Moncroix which was later recommended by Molai to supply Cottco 3 million High Carbon Bale Ties valued at US$2,6 million to carter for the 2019 ginning season.

It is state’s case that the name of the company created by the accused was the same as that of a Mauritius company so as to mislead Cottco.

On March 14, 2019, the crew allegedly approved a fraudulent Purchase Order in favour of Pierpont Moncroix Mauritius valued at US$2 528 000 purporting that Pierpont Moncroix Mauritius was going to supply 3 200 000 bale ties to Cottco.

Instead of importing the bales, Wadyajena and his colleagues allegedly imported 25 trucks from a USA company called Giant Equipment in 2019 and 2020.

They allegedly went on and registered the trucks under Mayor Logistics.

In November 2019, Manamike and Njanji allegedly issued a second purchase order on behalf of the Cottco, which was valued at US$1 106 000 for the purchase of the bale ties from Giant Equipment company again.

The order was then approved even
The order was then approved even though Giant Equipment had failed to deliver the first order; no bales were also delivered as the money was allegedly transferred to Afrozurich International in a currency swap deal.

Later in November 2021, Molai allegedly sent an email to the Cottco’s treasurer in which she requested the company to pay a deposit of US$2 500 000 for the purchase of other bales from Energy Park Company.

On November 23 2021, US$363 900 being part of transfer to CBZ Energy Park Account of US$750 000 was later transferred to Maropafadzo Energy (Pvt) Ltd Ecobank account and US$421 000 was transferred to Energy Park Bulk Fuels (Pvt) Ltd the following day.

On March 8 2022 and March 14 this year, two further payments were allegedly processed from Cottco’s CABS Account of US$450 000 and US$1 000 000 to Maropafadzo Energy company as requested by the supplier.

The court papers state that a total of US$2 200 000 was paid against the order of US$4 578 078.

Court also heard that investigations proved that Energy Park (Pvt) Ltd is in the fuel industry and sells fuel in bulk and direct to retailers and not bale ties.

It is alleged that payments to Maropafadzo Energy being part of the order for bale ties were further transferred into various accounts of individuals and corporates both local and international for procurement of services which have nothing to do with the purpose for which the funds were transferred at Cottco.

Following the court appearance Wednesday, Wadyajena and his co-accused were sent to Remand prison awaiting bail hearing finalisation this Thursday.

The group also faces money laundering charges involving US$5 million.

They appeared before Harare magistrate seeking bail with prosecutors opposing on grounds that evidence against them was so overwhelming that they may consider both skipping bail and interfere with witnesses in their matter.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Mjolo 4 Ed nyararai zvenyu kwese vachasvika havo just to lure vanhu vasina dzakakwana 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

mzimbo 1 month ago

ndoidii perfume ndichitadza kutenga sipo yekugeza,
makundikana vadhara
Mukomana ngaambotungamirawo nyika

Weng Xi Wang 1 month ago

Tried it today.... It stinks🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

Mujibha 1 month ago

Haaa handisat ndamboona Party ine zvituta seizvi ini haaa I surrender tsve zvekugadzirisa Nyika busy kutogadzirana nemaPerfume havo 😂😂😂ka Strategy kekuda kutora mababe edu ipapa.. Zvimadhara zvaramba kukura izvi ndabvuma hangu
Asi AIDS haichaurayi kani mazuvano

Ivar The Boneless 1 month ago

Vanhu wemuZim manyanya kunhuwa nenhamo saka mukuru akugadzirirai perfume mumbovharidzira smell yenhamo kkkkkkkkk Zvakakuomerai wadikani....

Mos 1 month ago

Go Go Mister President u have half my vote

Denier 1 month ago

#father ED loves, cares,,,, kkk wotohwa mumwe achiti munyika hamuna freedom of speech and of expression guys musaita iyoyo

Lonyaka!!! 1 month ago

Condoms for ED

Secretary 1 month ago

another looting sub sector, soon we'll have bhawas for ED

Dr Dred 1 month ago

Perfume for ED
Bread for ED
Men for ED
Women for ED
Nurses for,,,,,

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Thieves forED
Looters forED......

Dr Dred 1 month ago

Viva 2023

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Musatambe ne vanhu. How many citizens in the ghetto can afford a bottle of perfume,,,, varikutoshaya sipo yekugezesa wozoti pefume.

🗣️Apolitically 1 month ago

what a joke seriously, perfume so now we will distinguish them by their smell of the perfume.

ngu**** lowo.

Tyn 1 month ago

You shall know them by their perfume

🗣️Apolitically 1 month ago

ngu**** lowo thus a joke right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

PerfumED 1 month ago

thus a joke right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

jjj 1 month ago

aaaaaaah those perfumes will be stincky

chimupepe 1 month ago

ndokuti zvigodiko nyika yese ichapera nekunyorwa kuti ed 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

tawanda 1 month ago

kuti zvigodiko nhaka nyikayose ichapera nekunyorwa kuti ed 🤣🤣😂

chimupepe 1 month ago

uyu musamusekerere anozaza nyika yose nezita rake

tawanda 1 month ago

uyu musamusekerere anozaza nyika yose nezita rake

1 month ago

tichapfapfaidzwa tikadhakwa nayo pefumu yezanu,muchiti ndikwayo here

Totito 1 month ago

Dayi vatoti "EDToilet Paper" kana kuti "EDDust Bins", vakaisa face yake nenyoka muhuro.

i 1 month ago

@xxx kkkk wati paPfungwe inoswera yanwiwa apo warwadzisa mudhara uyo apindura

Vladmir 1 month ago

Haa kudhara

Fibonacci 263 1 month ago


perfumed 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣 who have thought of that hmmmmm... and whoever gone chose that over some good brands that are there iyooooh to you.

scent yo****

John 1 month ago

For anyone who has used it, does it smell good?

😲 1 month ago

"Young Women for ED (YW4ED),"

Muturi 1 month ago

Civil Servants will be give perfumeED as an incentive not to stage job action, effective September 1 2022

Kariba resident 1 month ago

Kuno takapiwa mamints nw perfume

ghh 1 month ago

young women for ed. Susan huya unzwe zvaukuda kuitwa vana

Static 1 month ago

Vakuoneka manje varume avo zvakafanana nemunhu oda kufa anotanga kungoita tumwe tunhu tusina musoro its a farewell to Zanu.... Let us register to vote guyz

caiphus 1 month ago

creating jobs for youths .........pamberi nezanu pf ....pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuu kkkkkkk chaoraaaa ichi

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Ukaizora unorumwa ne nyuchi

Jamutingo 1 month ago

Ndafa nekuseka ndaona mabhotoro e perfume se kabhod**** ke kambwa kkkk

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Kana neni ndatombogaya iyoyo.

ED Loyalist 1 month ago

muchingohukura tichitonga,, everything must be branded ED,,

______ 1 month ago

I guess Young Women for ED makes sense.

Susan Mutami 1 month ago

Virgins forED...
That's for sure

BB&CB 1 month ago

Kare Kare ikako

Ginious 1 month ago

Gwendo guno ticharowa,tikangobatwa chete tisikunhuhwirira Bato.These young woman vatiparira

Duduzani 1 month ago

At first glance I thought tumabhod**** twetumbwa

gogodera 1 month ago

uzumba maramba pfugwa ndofunga vafara zvisingaite kkkkk

gogodera 1 month ago

uzumba maramba pfugwa vafara zvisingaite

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂 zanu haina zano.

g 1 month ago

ko mamwe macomments acho aripi

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

unfiltered nonsennse 😂😂

Tindo 1 month ago

Tipeyi tinhuhwirire tichinovhotera CCC

Tatrie 1 month ago


kondoms4ed 1 month ago

dzrable c o n o d o m s 4ed very sensitive you will enjoy. s e x like nevr b4 pamberi nechi h u r e kuma cell uko

Donald Trump 1 month ago

Biggest personality cult ever witnessed in this country, not even during the late RGM, North th Korean Juche style!

Mshayazafe 1 month ago

It reminds me of Mugabe's cheap cranking torches. Zanu pf never ceases to'll find a greedy Zanoid muggot amassing them for sale at mbare, seise!

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

boot-licking has graduated to boot-eating


The most fascinating is the one which says [ YW4ED ] Young Women for Emerson Dambudzo.

This one rallies well with Susan Mutambi's sickly allegations on which His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa has not said one word in denial.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Tambaoga 1 month ago

miracle perfume

Anony 1 month ago

Tipey perfume tinhuhwire

jj 1 month ago

Chamisa chete chete

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