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ZANU PF Is The Only Party Which Must Rule - ED

ZANU PF Is The Only Party Which Must Rule - ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said ZANU PF is the only party entitled to govern because it singularly fought for the country’s liberation from the yoke of colonial bondage.

Speaking during a ZANU PF cell verification meeting in Kwekwe on Saturday, Mnangagwa also urged party members to defend the country by voting in large numbers. He said:

Our party has a history, it is a party which liberated the country. It is a party which brought independence to the country. Be part of the rulers and not the ruled, because this is a mass party.

For us, in order to vote in elections today, it is because of ZANU PF. Today we are able to choose our leaders after every five years a situation which was brought about by voting.

We must therefore be serious when it comes to the issue of voting. The freedom enjoy today of voting is the freedom which came through the barrel of the gun and it must be safeguarded.

We need to safeguard our freedom and independence through voting. For us to get a fresh mandate from the people, you must go out there and vote in your numbers.

ZANU PF liberated the country and therefore it is the only party which must govern.

… You need to register to vote. We sweated during the liberation war for the country’s independence.

Now things are just easy you just need to go out there and vote.

You must safeguard the independence of the country by voting.


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tallman 2 months ago

l personally wish that voting be done every 10 years

tallman 2 months ago

kungoti vanhu VA pedze zvava tanga

Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

I'd prefer atleast after 3 years. That way they'd be campaigning for the whole term

wasu 2 months ago

tallman with no insight n i hope you are single and with no one to luk after

bvy 2 months ago

It's a misplaced wish with this type of failed, you should zero your wish to reality

Seka hako 2 months ago


wasu 2 months ago

intimidating people on daily basis the war came n passed

605... 2 months ago

we must vote to live better if you fall to provide us with better living , we are not seeing that freedom you are talking about its so painful .... it's better to be a slave of a white reasoning man than a black man who is currupt ........ country resource are being not shared ... the elite are the ones who enjoys privilege of this country


change is necessary 2 months ago

history is written and stored in books, we appreciate!!!!! but we're not obliged to suffer because you are the writer's of history no!!! it becomes a greedy- detectorship behaviour yekuti we must rule because we made history... zanu pf system has failed!!! it is our decision as pple to vote for who we want as a country....let's liberate ourselves from this oppression....#change_is_necessary ☝

Freda 2 months ago

You are stuck in the past Mr ED President.

Tang. Ku 2 months ago

A very **** President is still believe that the people of Zimbabwe are loving him ,, he shall prove it next year,, mnangagwa and your members tell yourself. kuti pedu papera Odinary Zimbabweans are not fools

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Liberation should be for every Zimbabwean, whites didn't want black people to be on pavement or eat doctor brown bread but gave blacks houses for free.
Today a working class can't even pay rent or buy bread yet we vote every five year its so painful...

Nyashanu 2 months ago

Say it again Jah ichokwadi chezvokwadi

factos 2 months ago

what's the use of voting when you say zanu pathetic front is the only eligible party to rule

No independence at all

.... 2 months ago

Is the only party that liberated the country, brought indepence blah blah my foot. Since 1980 iyenzeni leyo party? We have no strong currency, people are given wages instead of salaries. Ama graduates ahlezi they are not working some are travelling outside the country for greener pastures and some are dying from xenophobia becoz akula msebenzi lapha and you're busy talking of the only party

🙄 2 months ago

this party has failed to maintain what was left but the whites thus the truth. let's vote for change. We want change we want freedom not this prison we are in

Mkanya 2 months ago

Wishful thinking. Zviroto next year zanu will be history

jack 2 months ago

to hell with Zanu PF,we can't be bound by the old times

Mmmm 2 months ago

Vote ❎ for freedom
Vote ❎ CCC2023.

single 2 months ago

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said ZANU PF is the only party entitled to govern because it singularly fought.....meaning ivo chete

🙄 2 months ago

Uyu murume haanyare uyu...asi icousin yadhiab****si. Kana muri mega munofanira kutonga ko sarudzo dzacho munoitirei? Ko mukuda kuti tinovhorei imi murimi mune yese.

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 2 months ago

I was there in Maputo during the struggle. I was there in Sadza Buhera fighting for the independence of this country. I was hurt,maimed and suffered for this country. But I did not do it for you and your fmly to be corrupt. And I did not sacrifice my time to suppress the voice of the people. Let the people decide who they want to lead them. You are now worse than one eyed Ian Douglas Smith.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Sadza haisi mubuhera comrade kkkkk irikuchikomba district or hwedza

dispenser 2 months ago

Vote CCC

Change champion 2 months ago

these words can only be uttered by someone who is so afraid of losing ...

Mwana waMambo 2 months ago

Hatirarame nen****ondo. Tinodya n****ondo yehondo here isu. Matakadya kare ayo. Party isina kana direction. Better to step down and avoid coming frustration and humiliation

Mmmm 2 months ago

Kaunda declared a one party state in Zambia when he came to power to the detriment of Zambia. This false democracy we have is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

dispenser 2 months ago

munototonga tinenge tatadzeiko .we want leaders not detectors . Forget come 2023 .asi haana kunzwa number wake achitaura kuti I'm smelling defeat

🤨🤨 2 months ago

#jojo akuna muovheti anowanika pa pindula aaa ndaramba

Jinn 2 months ago

I'm a registered voter and here I am

Jinn 2 months ago

Yes rule,lead and deliver.Change is all we need Mr President.

Murccurrer 2 months ago

Zanu pf is the party which fort for the liberation of this country, it's very true and we thank everyone who take part. However, there is no one who is multi talented. You are the great fighters, no one can doubt but i am sorry to say you are the worst leaders in the world. You fought for us but let those who are able to lead lead you or else all the good Yu have done will be overshadowed by your poor leadership

Gafa 2 months ago

Hazvidi kutaurwa nemunhu akambojamba boarder adzoka wokanganwa bambo mukasadzora muromo next year moenda imi.Vanhu vakatsamwa neEconomy yomongoti ndiku sabbotjwa imi muchirega Mthuli naMangundya vachimamira vanhu.

Zim 1 2 months ago

You fought for liberation to put us in trouble Mnangagwa wakakwana here kukuvhotera kuti iwe udye zvako mbwa yemunhu

nationalist 2 months ago

I thought the people bore the brant of the war , ,they provided with logistics ,food , and were the gun carriers .
The promise was freedom to vote and elect a leader of choice.
NoOne has monopoly to RUIN this country . Is 42 years not long enough
A Chang Is Gonna Come .

Pinga the Great 2 months ago

Zanu pf the only party to rule since it liberated this country so can u explain the purpose of voting

cde masango 2 months ago

Haa isu tamamirira ma elections, we have penetrated zanu pf kuno uku tikuvaisira ma candidates anodyiwa pa general election kuno kubuhera, CCC chete chete👆🏿

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

I humbly dispute what His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa said in Midlands on Saturday, 10 June 2022 that only ZANU PF must rule this country because it is the only party which waged the war of liberation. I respectfully remind His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa that even CCC and other political parties fought in the war of liberation. All parties lost cadres who fully participated directly, war collaborators and those who fed "vakomana" with their chickens, goats, sheep and cattle. Therefore all the people of Zimbabwe fought in the war to liberate this country in one way or the other. I do not mean to destroy what Zimbabweans have already built, but to build good relationship and unite all Zimbabweans rather than implant discord in the nation.




Oskid 2 months ago

maunza ruvengo munyika asi zvichakunetsai henyu.

Anonymous 2 months ago


Bigfoot 2 months ago

CCC chete chete yellow is prosperity fellow Zimbabweans

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