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Zanu-PF Is Attacking Me The Opposition Is Attacking Me - Trevor Ncube

Zanu-PF Is Attacking Me The Opposition Is Attacking Me - Trevor Ncube

Alpha Media Holdings chairperson, Trevor Ncube, has said he is being attacked by the ruling ZANU PF and the opposition in the country following his announcement that he was pulling out of the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC).

The PAC, formed in 2019, has been advising President Emmerson Mnangagwa on various fronts including business, religion, Agriculture and International Relations.

His decision to step down as Mnangagwa’s advisor has attracted criticism from various quarters. Ncube said this Tuesday:

Zanu-PF is attacking me The opposition is attacking me Confirmation that I am still in Zimbabwe

On Monday, TheNewsHawks, a local publication, argued that Ncube had compromised his journalism ethics for money by working with Mnangagwa.

Ncube argued that he agreed to work with Mnangagwa, one of the longest-serving lieutenants of the late founding leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe because he thought the former Defence Minister was sincere about implementing reforms.

Ncube says he has been disillusioned as Mnangagwa has come out worse than his predecessor.

Commenting on responses to Ncube’s withdrawal from PAC, Clive Tawanda Tendaupenyu said, “the attack on Trevor Ncube is a macrocosm of what is wrong with our society. we are not ready for an alternative view, we are always inclined to impose preferences on others. democracy is overrated.

Others said Ncube was not being attacked but people are just offering varying opinions.

Those who are in his corner say there is nothing wrong in believing that Mnangagwa was genuinely intending to transform Zimbabwe’s fortunes.

They say even Nelson Chamisa, leader of opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and the late Morgan Tsvangirai, a former Prime Minister and founding leader of opposition MDC, as well as many other opposition leaders, endorsed Mnangagwa in 2017.  

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Mambo 1 month ago

He is irrelevant now he shld just shut up wakatoshandiswa zvikapera

nhingi 1 month ago

Why, when and where did they attack you?


Anywhere Trevor, stop poking people who have no time for your useless so called advice

I would have cared if you were the one doing Harare Masvingo Beitbridge Road or the Mbudzi interchange. We have much to say, we choose respect however. Reciprocate!!

1 month ago

1 month ago

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Trevor, Trevor, Trevor ....

If you live in a glass house never throw stones.

You attacked ED, ZANU attacked you;
You attacked Chamisa, Citizens attack you.

You must know the American adage "I am insured with the Mafia. You hit me, We hit you" You are now a pariah, noone will touch you with the end of a barge pole. Une maperembudzi. You're now a leper.

Unotangirei musindo? (So says Alick Macheso)

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

It happens to people who don't know what they want, PROSTITUTION leads to PERSECUTION


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

It happens to people who don't know what they want, PROSTITUTION leads to PERSECUTION

Maravaza 1 month ago

Is this the same Trevor Ncube who accused Ndebelez from Matebeleland that they are the ones behind xenophobic attacks in South Africa? Trevor was appointed by Ed as a fellow Zambian, mwana wekumusha...he thought kuti apinzwa mushuga but to his disappointments his aspirations did not come up as he was reduced to an Ed sycophant.

CCC 1 month ago


Soljaker 1 month ago

Who is Trevor Ncube to me at Marambapfukwe?You are not relevant to the masses neither to the major political parties,please do not seek relevance.Relax mfowethu

Vybz Kartel 1 month ago

**** you turn coat

Tanu Mark Finnity 1 month ago

Not zanu or the opposition but also including me will attack you left right and center till u come to your senses

VaZhou 1 month ago

Kkkk, truly speaking, all of us endorsED

boss vedah 1 month ago

@vazhou ini handina kumbobvira nda endorser ED coz history yake & yeZANU ndoiziya.

Mtuzvi Nwuve 1 month ago

Trevor NCUBE, Welshman NCUBE, Mtuzvi NCUBE, Owen Mudha NCUBE. These Ncubes are serpents under grass. Just like Thokozani Khupe...

Gaffer 1 month ago

Stop your tribal diarrhoea

CHAMMSA ON LINE 1 month ago

May be it's MDC ALLIANCE and ZANU PF vakakusona not CCC

Anonymous 1 month ago

kkkkk everyone endorsed @edmnangagwa then. But after the first 100 days dziya vangwaru vainge vatoona kuti ummm pano paite rima. After some few months opposition started to see kuti haiwa makudo ndemamwe. Then towards election even mamwe maZanu joined the Alliance. However upto now vamwe vachiri kungoti ED pfee

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Sure ndi6 na 9 hapana chatakachinja takatowedzera nhamo naED

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 1 month ago

Not everyone. I never believed in him one single day even during coup process. I knew army was dethroning RG because ED had promised a come back and to me that was bad news.
Why was l being so negative friends, family and foreign nationals who asked for my opinions would ask?
I would tell them that KUKAKA kwese kwemaZimba is because of these very people and the old face they are removing now so things will not get better. I said things will be worse.
Here we are ladies and gentle KUKAKA continues and at another level.
We are dealing with vanhu vaka pandukira Chimurenga. Vanhu vasinei negwara reGutsaruzhinji. Vanhu vanozvifunga ivo chete nehama dzavo. Vano vanorwisa nekurwisanisa macitizens.
The army Generals should have facilitated free and fair elections then handover power to whoever the electorate had chosen. This is no "Restoration of Legacy" unless they meant "Restoration of Rhodesian Legacy". This is not "The New Dispensation" but "The New Deception".

The Old Deception hoodwinked the masses into believing that by fighting Smith things will be well in the country for everyone but alas, things are well for a few only.
The New Deception blames the Old Deception and promises greater things but we know that a snake only sheds it skin to grow bigger and tikungoona kuti ngoma ndiyo ndiyo. Pakasiira mushakabvu ndopayasimudzirwa.
Zimbabwe needs a change and that change is inevitable. Kana zvarema ipai vanozvigona or vamwe vambozamao tapota. Let people's voices speak through free, fair, credible elections. And heed that voice.

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