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"ZANU PF Govt Looted Money For Building Zimbabwe's Energy Infrastructure" - Fadzayi Mahere

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere has said the ruling ZANU PF looted the money that was supposed to be used for the refurbishment and or building of Zimbabwe’s energy infrastructure.

Mahere speaks as Zimbabwe is facing prolonged blackouts due to decreasing water levels at Kariba Dam. In a Twitter post seen by Pindula News, Mahere said:

@edmnangagwa (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) has had 5 years to solve the power crisis. Instead, he plunged the nation into darkness. Industry cannot be productive because they failed to plan & looted all the money that should have built & maintained our energy infrastructure. We need new leaders.

Zimbabweans have already been disconnected from the national grid. No country with a competent Govt has 22-hour load shedding daily. Why did they fail to invest in the national grid like Zambia? Citizens want a new, ethical, competent Govt led by Adv @nelsonchamisa (Nelson Chamisa)!

Mahere’s remarks were echoed by Dr Grant Murewanhema @geemurie who said Zimbabwe has many possible sources of power generation. Murewanhema said:

42 years down the line we should be drowning in energy abundance.

While government critics say the power crisis in the southern African country is man-made, Energy and Power Development minister Zhemu Soda Sunday said the situation is a result of natural causes.

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mediocre 2 months ago

gross incompetence

2 months ago

Engineers passtime is to stand in for natural cuases. Drought is a natural phenomenon but Water and irrigation engineers build reservoirs and drill boreholes. Energy and power engineers develop resilient lithium batteries, wind turbines, nuclear reactors and all weather solar panels for alternative power not the nonsense we are getting from the minister who has slept on duty hoping that the president will do everything for him, he must be fired from that portfolio and must not be seen near any government building!

2 months ago

I can run the Energy ministry for you with my eyes closed and i do not want any payment. I have lived off the national grid for at least 5 years now. I have a solution to the country's power problems.

Tang ku 2 months ago

It's zvangu pf the distractors ,looters, killers, torturers,abductors grootons cannibals a few to say but very sooner they should Be Hold the New the Messiah Advocate Nelson Chamisa is on the to relief God's people from distresses

If the truth be told. 2 months ago

situation is a result of incompetent leadership in the zanupf government.
Time to change the government.

Vesto 2 months ago

Imi makadya Mari ye bulletproof mota mukatora 40 thousand mukatuka Chamisa manje 2023 kaChamisa hakaiwone takadashura. Chinjai maiitiro maiitiro chinja Mwonzora Ndizo🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️

chasura 2 months ago


2 months ago

Aagh really Vesto? Mari yaurikutaura yeBullet proof car is not taxpayer's money and hautomboziva kuti yakafamba sei That's just bar talk mate You are justifying the big time looting by this regime nezvinyaya zvisina kana basa izvi That's really shallow

2 months ago

Haa kana ariMwonzora he is not even worthy talking about He is part of the Zanu Pf rot ndiko kusaka tangovabatanidza When the EU envoy came haana kutombowudziwa kuti kuneopposition party inonziMDC Kkkkk

Vesto 2 months ago

Nota Bene. The above statement comes from Copy Cat Vesto. Language, Diction and subject matter is atypical of the genuine article

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

@VESTO THE MAESTRO. The legitimate Democrat. Ignore a fool to evade commotion. Keep doing your thing, copycats & pussycats will fade away. Bogus, Vitriolic Vesto is just like his father Mwonzora who stole the MDC name thinking he would deceive the masses. People are not attached to a name, but to facts. Even if you suffix or change your name, Pindulans will follow you like CCC.

Tajamuka Group 2 months ago

Project implementation is treated like a complex issue here in Zim.These leaders only talk about self fund projects ,pfumvudza ,heeee what empowerment yet they are not implementing macro projects

Mufaro 2 months ago

Japan Croatia hw far ? No zesa

Vesto 2 months ago

Tenga generator kana solar

Mufaro 2 months ago

Bhec** rako @Vesto


🔥 2 months ago

Japan 01----Croatia 00
Halftime 🕧

Vesto 2 months ago

Haunyare kurigger maresult ebhora

Lin wu chun 2 months ago

@ Vesto he is correct stop smoking tanganda tea...

Lin wu chun 2 months ago

Japan 1- Croatia1, 58 min played

Native 2 months ago

ED Failed the nation instead of calling it new dispensation it's a failed dispensation

tula 2 months ago

sei panoturwa zvebulletproof car vanhu vanomhanya kuti haisi tax payers money .sozvoreva kuti corruption ikayitwa muprivate sector haisisiri corruption here nokuti haisi tax payers money.i think accountability inotangira pamari yako irimuhomwe .these leaders must be accountable no matter how we love them let's call a spade a spade iyoyo Mari diki iyoyo inoda kuzovikanwa kuti yakaiteyi no matter kuti hatisi tax payers money .smart inotangira kutsoka.

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

@tula. Do your research again. Chamisa never received the money you refer to. PayPal refused to release the crowd fund on the basis that PayPal regulations on crowd funding prihibit crowd sourcing for political parties or political causes. The best people to ask are the fundraisers. If they confirm they gave the money to mukomana, then that's a different matter. When & where was the hand over ceremony conducted. Do you have a bank statement proving that money from the crowd fund was either withdrawn or transfered to Chamisa? Don't believe your own propaganda.

@denier 2 months ago

,,,musatsvaga rutsigiro nekus****podza vamwe pa dandemutande, endai kuvanhu pa ground

nitho 2 months ago

zanu pf have destroyed this country. AS such they are the only people who can resuscitate the economy. so Vote zanu pf. we dont want people who will say I was not in government when things went bad.

Chamatams 2 months ago

Izvi zve darkness now needs a power prayer. It's tough. Ivo havazvione nekuti they just don't care.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Some of that money is going to MPs as the USD 40k loans saka zanu haisi kudya yega

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