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ZANU PF Far Worse Than Rhodesian Regime - Chamisa

ZANU PF Far Worse Than Rhodesian Regime - Chamisa

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa says the violent attack on his supporters by ZANU PF activists during a campaign rally in Kwekwe on Sunday is provocative and intended to plunge the country into bloodshed and instability.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare on Monday, Chamisa warned that suppressing young people through violence will be counterproductive as it would sow the seeds of instability.

Chamisa said the ZANU PF-led Government is worse than the Rhodesian regime because, unlike the latter, which was a racist white minority cabal, the former oppresses its own people. He said:

No amount of threat nor intimidation will save our youths. Is this not the same suppression under Smith that gave birth to the liberation idea?

All the war veterans of our liberation struggle and the entire crop of leaders in govt today were the same age (18 to 30) as the youths that they brutalized in Kwekwe last Sunday and are brutalizing across the country.

Their only crime is seeking the right to self-determination through peaceful campaigning and peaceful elections.

Chamisa warned ZANU PF against emulating Ian Smith’s oppressive Rhodesian regime saying this will make the situation worse. He said:

They’re closing all channels for healthy political discourse, healthy deliberative and conversational politics.

This is the same brutality Zimbabwe experienced from under Ian Smith Regime, except, in this case, ZANU PF is by far worse than the Rhodesian regime in that it brutalizes its own people, 42 years after it failed to deliver independence, freedom and prosperity.

The War of Liberation was an answer to an unrelenting and repressive regime that considered the people of Zimbabwe as being less human, and mere pests to be exterminated.

Chamisa also castigated ruling party officials for making “reckless and thuggish utterances” that fan “the fires of hate and intolerance”.

On Saturday, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said it’s a matter of time before ZANU PF crushes the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) “like lice” to prevent the opposition party from winning elections and attaining control of the State.

Chiwenga made the remarks while addressing ZANU PF supporters at a campaign rally in Kwekwe at Mbizo Stadium, a day before ZANU PF activists murdered a CCC supporter at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre.

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Kulz 2 months ago

It is very imperative to expose the lies that Zanu pf has made since time immemorial by reminding Zimbabweans about all the promises that it had been pledging to the populace in order to win votes. Let's collect all it's manifestos and share them with public and then evaluate how much they have ventured in that direction.People will then see the kind of animal (beast) Zanu is.
Let us also present our issue to SADC ,EU and UN UN before it's too late so that this international bodies become aware of what is happening in Zimbabwe. Who will invest in a Country like ours when everything is going heywire .... Let's be careful they will finish us. Why did Zanu pf youth come to disturb people's rally? Who sent them? Are they going to be prosecuted over the crime the committed???? When a leader say they gained independence through guns and then proceed to tell the zanu Youth to defend that by all means, and fail to indicate how, then the youth will assume that they should kill fellow Zimbabweans just because they are in the opposition parties . Chamisa is strong . They fear him they want to cause turbulences to give an excuse to influence a war. Freely and fairly they have fail. They don't have a solution. Good morning Zimbabwe. Let's wake up. CCC for now and ever. Let's fight for our rights...Yebo yellow 👍 Zimbabwe ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

Duty Dako 2 months ago

ah Ed ngaafe or sorry ngaabve

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

Kkkkkkk vanhu vakaipa havafe kana kubva zvekumhanya hamenowo kuti sei zvichidaro

Judgement day 2 months ago

Kana mava serious muchauya tobatana todzosera hamusati matanga we cannot just talk and expect things to change .No it's Zanupf man will die I tell you ini ndinoziva kuita kwavo varume Aya ma councilor ka kuzoti presidential election kkkkkk kana tuma wards tuchikonzeresa kudai hameno muchauya henyu . Think twice guys let's unit CCC I tell you tinopera apa.


The King of Serpents 2 months ago

Zvirinani kudzvinyirirwa kana kuvengwa nemurungu I would understand kuti it's racism. Ko kana ndakudzvinyirirwa nemutema, mwana wamai vangu, hama yangu zvinorevei nhai? Inonziwo chii iyoyo?

. 2 months ago

Zvichapera its just a matter of time

James Jende 2 months ago


factos 2 months ago

i will wont connect

Muzanu pf 2 months ago

Vanhu zanu hamuizive zanu inouraya yatanga 2022 ko kuzot 2023 zvinhu ngazvigadziriswe pliz

Deep Thinker 2 months ago

One presidential candidate once said "The voice of the people is the voice of God"I cant wait to hear his comments concerning this bloodshed against opposition supporters.

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Futsek taura zvaunoziva ur**** yechirungu ch****sungata

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Sorry gen'a rangu kuswerera ma comments kutoshaya zvekuita coz ku basa handisi kuenda pakatondiipirawo neni. ZANU Pf ma1 Amana pa fair chaipo. #NHM

. 2 months ago

Mk0sh0 waEDio+

JC Form IV 2 months ago

Vox populi, Vox Deo


☺☺ 2 months ago


Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

Citizen Chamisa hamurevi nhema. This party has mutated into the same "beast" they fought as The Smith Regime. Somehow yh

they got bit and where infected by the dying Smith Regime and now we are seeing the manifestations of a flue blown infection. That party is now a burdened and haunted beast. Ndosaka tavakuona KUKAKISANA of this magnitute. Peace and calmness the way to go now.

Putin Biden 2 months ago

Open letter to Zimbabwean Gvt

If you do not restore peace to opposition parties within 48hrs I'm going to annexe the whole country by force like what l'm going to do Ukraine.

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

Please annex us Mr Putin tanzwa nenhamo kkkkkkk

2 months ago

Willie Chauke 2 months ago

Kkkkkkk you mad my friend FAKE PUTIN

V 2 months ago

Mupfana ngaazive zvekutaura uyu

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Hey everyone V stands for Vagina. This guy is a Vagina

Khalifa 2 months ago


2 months ago

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