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ZANU PF Factionalism Intensifies

ZANU PF Factionalism Intensifies

A ZANU PF faction reportedly led by Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga is alleged to be behind several plots targeted at unseating President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Reports of intra-party fighting have intensified ahead of the ruling party’s national conference that begins in Bindura this week.

Last week, a ZANU PF activist Sybeth Musengezi approached the High Court challenging Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to the presidency after the 2017 coup that toppled Robert Mugabe.

Insiders said the lawsuit by Musengezi and Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association planned protests were part of Chiwenga faction’s strategy to remove Mnangagwa from power.

War veterans’ protests scheduled for next week coincide with major ZANU PF activities that include the conference and campaigns for the removal of sanctions against the country.

Amos Sigauke, one of the leaders of the war veterans group, said they will hold their protests in Harare. Sigauke said:

We are marching from Africa Unity Square, Munhumutapa, Parliament, Ministry of Defence and Judiciary. We are getting $16 000 and are dying poor yet they lie to us that we will have mines and land. Only a few are benefitting and those national heroes they declare die poor. They glorify us when we are dead. There is massive looting and corruption going on and all that must end. Belarus and Chinese nationals are taking over and it is like we are reversing the land reform programme and compensating white farmers when others are getting reparations. 

In August, nine war veterans were arrested outside the offices of Finance minister Mthuli Ncube while protesting against low pensions.

ZNLWVA leader Chris Mutsvangwa accused a former ZANU PF faction, G40, and the opposition MDC Alliance of engineering the arrests.

Mnangagwa allegedly ordered the release of the war veterans, who were accused of doing Chiwenga’s bidding.

Zanu PF spokesperson Mike Bimha downplayed the clashes between Mnangagwa’s government and war veterans, saying the former fighters were happy with the performance of the new administration.

Zanu PF youths on Friday demanded the amendment of the constitution to allow Mnangagwa to rule for more than two terms in another move seen as targeted at Chiwenga, who is said to harbour presidential ambitions.

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Chamisa Ngaapinde 6 months ago

Ini handina problem nema supporters e Zanu chero e MDC, whether zvamagaya asi pakuvoter ayewa tese ngativhotere Mukomana Chamisa 🖐️. #Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana

Tang ku 6 months ago

Mdc through the late Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai had demonstrated how to govern the country but the same warvets were used by zanu to denigrate the G N U project which made every Zimbabwean enjoy for 5yrs So these warvets must vigorously fight this stinch cruel egoistic party for them to live better for these few days of their lives on Earth

Coming soon 6 months ago

Tambawoga akati rambai makashinga .Shingai ma comrades pamberi nekubatana pamberi neku shinga kkkkkkk be patriotic vanachadya patriotism ne servorenity.Makafira pasina vasina kubata pfuti ndovanoramba vachitungamira imi muripo shame . General Mukuru mukaaaaaaa.

Troj 6 months ago

Those war veterans vakarwa Hondo mahara

Gahsj jajaj 6 months ago


chibaba 6 months ago

Regai zvibayane zvega izvo

Madala Banda 6 months ago

Kkkk apa hanzi fomer freedom fighters are happy Mariweeee pindirai


Francis Mhike Mutema 6 months ago

Everything shall come to pass. Thula ZNLWVA

Beasty boy 6 months ago

Most of ma war veterians ndevanamahobo,they are suffering these guys and one gets to ask themselves kuti what was the reason of the war when these soilders are not enjoying any freedom.Is there any freedom in Zimbabwe?

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