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ZANU PF Faces 2023 Election Defeat - Mohadi

ZANU PF Faces 2023 Election Defeat - Mohadi

ZANU PF co-vice president Kembo Mohadi has expressed concern that the ruling party faces defeat to the opposition in the 2023 elections if it fails to galvanise its support base.

Addressing local chiefs and several village heads from across Mwenezi District who were bussed to Rutenga growth point for a ZANU PF meeting on Wednesday, 8 June, Mohadi said:

In the 2018 general elections, the opposition amassed 2.1 million votes while our party garnered 2.4 million.

Given that during the 2013 elections we had defeated them with a gap of one million, it means they covered the gap with a huge margin in the 2018 elections.

These are genuine statistics which ought us to worry much and if we are not careful we can lose the upcoming elections.

Mohadi acknowledged the country’s economic challenges but blamed Western sanctions for the hardships being experienced by Zimbabweans.

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