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ZANU PF Distances Itself From Moreblessing Ali’s Murder

ZANU PF Distances Itself From Moreblessing Ali’s Murder

ZANU PF has denied claims by the opposition CCC that it had a hand in the abduction and murder of opposition activist Moreblessing Ali.

Speaking on South African TV channel SABC News on Sunday, ZANU PF South Africa spokesperson Kennedy Mandaza called upon all Zimbabweans to desist from politicising the crime and allow the police to conclude their investigations. Said Mandaza:

ZANU PF condemns any form of violence by anyone and it has no business in criminal acts of that nature.

As a result, we are calling upon the law enforcement agencies to unearth whatever happened from the 24th of May up to the 11 of June so that whoever is the perpetrator should be held accountable and the full might of the law should be put on him… we do not condone such acts at all.

It is equally regrettable that politicians at this particular time go on the overdrive to make references and insinuations yet the police force is still working on trying to investigate what exactly took place and who is this individual alleged to be the perpetrator.

We believe that it is right for all of us to commiserate with the Ali family and fellow Zimbabweans until the police have unearthed what exactly happened to Moreblessing Ali.

Ali’s mutilated body was found in a disused well in Nyatsime on 11 June after she went missing on 24 May.

A ZANU PF member, Pius Jambo, who is a half-brother to Simbarashe Chisango, an alleged ZANU PF terror gang leader, has been identified as a chief suspect by the police.

More: SABC News

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factos 1 month ago

Zanu pf is the murderer no doubt

Mindbogglin 1 month ago

Musatiudze zvekuto mapurisa arikutsvakiridza or what. They are the same policemen who were informed about more lessing s abduction and they did nothing to help find her, they waited for the killers to kill her, now ndofunga vakamirira kuudzwa by the same killers what to-do.

User 1 month ago

Someone is busy selling the poor girl's dreadlocks

Tozivepiko 1 month ago

Zanu Pf inouraya inga ku Kwekwe yakauraya masikati uye panevanhu nema Green Bombers (ZRP) vachinyatsoona. Panechakaitika ku mhondi dzacho here?

Maparamuro 1 month ago

The police is doing u a big disservice. Iri kutamba bhora musango, wake up.
Police knew Jamba had abducted Mobby from day one and yet did nothing to find the victim and the perpetrator preferring instead to distance zanupf from the case by labelling it a domestic violence case

bishu 1 month ago

pius akafa nyaya yavharika. mark my words. achazi akazviuraya pius wacho. yekwa kabila. killer killed yobva yaguma mhosva. kennedy killer ku US killed so nyaya yakavarika.

Aratijiyesi 1 month ago

Is there anyone ane proof kuti ZANU ndiyo yakauraya because real murderous will go freely vanhu vachiti iZANU. Don't drive us into your political views but give us proof. Handiite gundamusaira kunge hwiza kkkkkkkk


ZimEye 1 month ago

It could be Blue 💙 who devoured the innocent woman. The vampires are cultics. Now they are silent chewing the intestines. Shit Canibals

Tambaoga Takasiyana 1 month ago

ZanuPf Republic Police is in charge. Take it easy kkkk. Cry my beloved country. Today, l am going to register as a voter. ZANUPF chipikiri mu****/mum_hata chaimo.

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Cdes, there is something or allegations which police is avoiding to comment upon. Moreblessing was a CCC activist as CCC claimed. CCC further alleges that their activist was abducted and murdered by Pius Jamba and one Chisango who are half brothers and ZANU PF activists. Police must have investigated if indeed Pius Jamba and one Chisango were ZANU PF activists. Why is then police silent on their findings in relation to Jamba/Chisango/ZANU PF ? QUESTION MARK NGA !!!!!! Police silence on this aspect of investigations is fueling suspicions. Police must do the simple things of confirming if the two, Jamba and Chisango are ZANU PF activists and if they are, did they murder Moreblessing in the name of ZANU PF or it was a clear murder case which clearly had no connections with their political affiliations. Very simple. Police please do it and cleanse ZANU PF from this tug of abductors and murderers.




Pablo 1 month ago

We can not afford to separate ZANU pf from this gruesome murder incident until they (Zanu pf) tell us that the premise or plot from which the body was retrieved does not belong to a Zanu pf member. CCC can not lie that the deceased was their active member unless if they mean to dramatise the issue. Paul Nyati and Godwin Matanga should be heald accountable for not swiftly responding to the disappearance of the deceased. We have a police force which is politically captured.

Logic in Politics 1 month ago

The known Zanu PF activist is Simbarashe Chisango. Murder suspected is Pius Jamba.The two share the same mother. The thinking is that if Chisango is into politics then his half brother is also into politics.So far nobody has stepped forward to say they have seen Jamba achiita zve politics.

Mzembi ex Renco 1 month ago

Allegations that Pius Jamba is a member of my former party have to be proved. Those with evidence should take it to the police. Its not adequate to just say he is closely related to a known Zanu PF member.

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

We should have CIDs from all parties.

Enforcer 1 month ago

Ndarasika.Mukutiiko apa va seed loaf?

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