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ZANU PF Disrupts Classes At Kariba School

ZANU PF Disrupts Classes At Kariba School

ZANU PF members in Kariba District on Thursday disrupted learning at Mahombekombe Primary School in the district after they held a political rally at the school.

The rally was staged for ZANU PF Kariba Ward 5 candidate, Kudakwashe Mafusire ahead of this weekend’s by-election.

Pupils and Mahombekombe residents were made to sit in the blazing sun while ZANU PF officials “sold” their candidate and also donated a handful of textbooks.

ZANU PF sent high-ranking officials to the rally, among them, Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister and ZANU PF provincial chairman, Mary Mliswa-Chikoka, and Politburo member, Ziyambi Ziyambi, as well as senior war veterans and Youth League members.

Meanwhile, the country’s third-largest political party after ZANU PF and MDC Alliance, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) accused the ruling party of vote-buying.

CCC interim provincial spokesperson, Blessing Mandava, told that ZANU PF has been promised US$20 cash for those who vote for the ruling party. Said Mandava:

We have heard plans of vote buying, where people were promised US$20 each.

Our Intelligence team on the ground in Ward 5 has gathered that Zanu PF is promising each voter US$20 if one captures his/her ballot after voting for them.

We call on alert citizens and agents to foil this act of criminality and protect the people’s will.

The Kariba Ward 5 seat fell vacant following the resignation of then CCC councillor, Tendai Mapondera, over criminal abuse of office charges.

Tonderai Chikwati will stand for CCC while ZANU PF will field Kudakwashe Mafusire in the by-election.


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Manikiniki 3 weeks ago

CCC the third largest after Zanu and Mdc alliance!!! So Mwonzora's MDA alliance is the second largest when it did not get even a single sit the by elections! Some kind of reporting leaves a lot to desired.

analyst . Analyst 3 weeks ago

that is the technically correct.The reporter reads widely and has managed to report ethically. MDC A is by the dictates of the Law aLargest opposition outfit on paper but in the field CCC is the popular opposition party. That is reason, Chamisa appointed spokespersons to second ministries for policy articulation in parliament and cannot form a Shadow cabinet but spokes person's. Mwonzora can appoint or has a shadowy cabinet and CCC cannot do was born out of by-election s not watershed election!


May I explain why MDC ALLIANCE is said to be bigger than CCC. This is not by size, but by parliamentary representation. MDC ALLIANCE has more people in parliament that CCC party.

In true senses CCC is bigger than MDC ALLIANCE party because [1 ] MDC ALLIANCE stole those members from CCC. [2] CCC is more popular on the ground than MDC ALLIANCE as was shown by the results of the 26 March byelections.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Mwanawevhu 3 weeks ago

Point of correction Mwonzora stole the MDC Alliance name from Nelson Chamisa and those MPs who are greedy and thinks of Politics for stomach didn't want to be recalled and they sold out, so they are the ones who makes MDC Alliance look like a second largest party in Zimbabwe but the real fact is that Mwonzora destroyed the name Morgan Tsvangirai went through all humiliation and struggle to built.

Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

according to zimbabwes constitution if the Shona president died or resign the Ndebele VP will take over bt due to the greedyness of Chamisa he refused khupe kuita take over ,khupe was using law bt Chamisa he was saying l was installed by Tsvangirai before he died bt there were no any written record so it was void

Valour 🇿🇦🤫 3 weeks ago

Mr politician the law applies kupi mu Zim if the law exists then after the ouster of Mugabe who was supposed to take over .The VP Mpokho but in Zim no law . Jungle law applies here.Mpokho is the president 🙏.

Advocate Tendai Biti 3 weeks ago

Since when does the countries constitution is applied in political your level of ****ity is on an unreadable worst party yu call yourself mr politician shame

Zuze 3 weeks ago

@Mr Politician, Kitoko/Mutoriro maakuuwanza. Makamboverenga Bumbiro remitemo here imi kana kuti muri kutaura zvamakafunga kmakanzwa morally yeZANU?

Constitution inotaura matongerwo party makaiwanepiko nhai sekuru? Kana mashaya zvekutaura ridzai muridzo.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Those Zanu pf big guys who went there must have got there very exhausted coz the state of the roads there is so alarming 😂 that Binga road needs a listening goverment...

Murozvi 3 weeks ago

Which part of the constitution are you referring to


Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

hehehede Zanu pf yarohwa paKariba, zviwitsi zvakashayabasa

🟡Kariba ward 5

CCC 303
Zanu pf 175

It's done!

jack 3 weeks ago

ko Zanu urikumboipirei 175 votes idzo haiwane chinhu apo wangu

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

CCC hoyee

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

After vote buying and the following results are in your favour

🟡Kariba ward 5

CCC 303
Zanu pf 175

It's done!

legislator 3 weeks ago

🤣🤣🤣.Ziyambi Ziyambi,wasvava

karina ward 5 Resident 3 weeks ago


Kariba ward 5 Waro 3 weeks ago


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