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ZANU PF Disowns Official Who Called For Nelson Chamisa To Be Killed

ZANU PF Disowns Official Who Called For Nelson Chamisa To Be Killed

ZANU PF has distanced itself from a party official who was filmed calling for the killing of CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, his supporters and their children at a rally in Mberengwa North.

ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa told ZimLive on Wednesday that comments made by Abton “Bhito” Mashayanyika were “reckless statements.” Said Mutsvangwa:

We don’t have evidence that he is a card-carrying party member. If he was a party member, he would not be issuing such reckless statements.

We don’t associate with such madness, that is why the president at Oliver Chidawu’s funeral preached peace and said we don’t want violence in this country.

We’re not law and order (sic), and will not usurp the powers of the police. I advise the aggrieved (Chamisa) to engage the police, lawyers and courts if they feel the matter is of a serious nature.

After the video went viral, a defiant Mashayanyika told reporters that he is “too ZANU PF to be arrested.”

Speaking to ZimLive on Wednesday, CCC national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said it was shameful and regrettable for Mutsvangwa to “lie so blatantly.” She said:

It’s a matter of regret that an official of ZANU PF can lie so blatantly. The ZANU PF meeting is captured on video for the world to see.

They can clearly see they’ve been cornered and so are trying to deny evidence that’s on record.

It’s shameful and consistent with a party that has no values and continuously resists accountability.

We call for an urgent investigation by the police who have a constitutional obligation to arrest the suspect and ensure he’s prosecuted. The law must take its course.

Mutsvangwa cannot be a judge, jury and executioner in ZANU PF’s case where it is beyond doubt that they’re guilty.

What Did “Bhito” say?

Addressing supporters at Rampopo hills in Mberengwa North, Mashayanyika, who is a war collaborator and pastor said:

Kana ndichiti pasi naMuzorewa ndinoreva kuti ngaafe (When I say down with Muzorewa I mean he must die).

When we say down with a witch, we mean the witch should be killed. When we say down with sellouts, we mean they should be killed and when we say down with Chamisa, we mean he should be killed.

Have you understood that? So, when I say down with them, you must respond emphatically, knowingly fully well what I mean.

Down with the CCC! Down with Chamisa! … together with his children.

According to Human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, Mashayanyika is a bishop in a church called Habbakuk Apostolic Faith Mission and is from the Dlehari area of Mberengwa under Village Head Kuraicha.

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Fari 2 months ago

Wazosungwa Mashayanyika

Fari 2 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Pauchaona wave mukati uchaziva kuti unosungika

Mashayanyika 2 months ago

@Fari, handisungike.

Doug 2 months ago

Report him to zrp for what he has done to the party. He is also said to be a war veteran. He needs to be told that the war ended at Lancaster House, and anyone who still kills thinking the war never ended will be arrested. If the church he leads is based on Jesus Christ and on the Bible, killing is a sin.

Tozivepiko 2 months ago

If the Zanu-Pf Republic Police (ZRP) were not partisan they would have already taken action on this Satanist Bishop (or should I say "mujibha") but as you can see if this was said but any CCC member he would have been thrown into Chikurubi Maximum Prison and the compromised judiciary would have been ordered not to grant him bail. Is that the freedom that these self claimed so-called freedom fighters (sorry womanisers) freed us from the Smith regime. Now you can see that the racists were saints to these black rulers Zimbabwe has been cursed with.

Ginious 2 months ago

Zrp is partisian .why job Sikhala is in prision .uyo atori worse coz akukurudzira kupondwa kwaPresident Chamisa bt look he is free.Thats why tikuti ngapinde Mkomana.

2 months ago


Peace 2 months ago

let's pray for our leaders tivaise kuna Mwari zvimwe tingawanirwe nyasha nyika yedu ikapodzwa pamatambudziko akatikomba nekuti zvimwe hazvidi pfungwa dzedu
asi zvinoda kuti Mwari vatisvitsire nguva yakafanira

dispenser 2 months ago

whether mutsvangwa accept him or not , what we want to see is e long arm of law taking its course

Maparamuro 2 months ago

Why has he not been arrested, Jobho akasungwa wani

??? 2 months ago

🤣🤣🤣 ZANU can disown you pavadira havo, Mugabe and company were disowned overnight.

Tang. Ku 2 months ago

If Chamisa remains calm on such violent news meaning he is doubting himself to be the next democratic leader I urge him to take legal action with out delaying as Zanupf is clearing itself from mashayanyika tirikuda kunzwa kuti asungwa for as Job sikhala is languishing in cell for no conviction

Dhambi 2 months ago

😂😂😂 VaMutsvangwa votsveta Mashayanyika pasi pechitima zuva rakacheka nyika


This case has already been reported by Advocate Beatrice Mtetwa to 5 peace organisations who include the ZRP and ZEC. It is now upto these organisations to be proactive and arrest Mashayanyika.

We are heading towards Harmonised Elections in 2023 where reckless utterances can not be condoned. He must be dragged to face justice.

Bishop Mashayanyika of the Apostolic Faith Churches must not spoil the broth for His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa who belittles himself when he attends their churches by sitting on the ground like everyone else.

States peace apparatus must immediately act by arresting Mashayanyika. He is a disgrace not only to ZANU PF, but to the whole country.

Let me now turn to ZANU PF. It is very rare for the ruling party to issue statements warning one of their supporters. In this case ZANU PF disowned one of their supporters.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Secretary 2 months ago

Matemadanda style again

luv 2 months ago

If this bishop was in the political arena,there is no need to worry the ZRP about these political statements,POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME,on campaign forums you speak out your mind

c 2 months ago

CCC real change

fun time 2 months ago

At least cde Chris did something which is commendable. There should be no space for violent tendencies in politics. People should enjoy freedom of affiliation without fear of retribution Zimbabwe is for everyone regardless of political differences. Teach the people that democracy does not mean fighting against each other but it guides us to develop our country in a peaceful way. @cde ED, Remember to choose peace when the time comes!

Drede 2 months ago

Mashayanyika is just another fool who believes in bootlicking. His singing for supper went a lil bit too far. ZANU PF rewards bootlickers like Mashayanyika, next you ll be hearing he is chairman of ZANU pf or some other **** position

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