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ZANU PF Disown Uzumba Protestors

ZANU PF Disown Uzumba Protestors

ZANU PF officials in the Uzumba constituency have disowned party supporters who recently demonstrated against Chinese miner, Heijin’s granite mining operations in the district.

The supporters threatened not to vote for the ruling party in the elections expected in 2023 if the government does not put a stop to the operations which they said would displace nearly 100 families.

Following the protests, President Emmerson Mnangagwa ordered Heijin to stop the mining operations in the district saying the communities have the power to decide whether or not they want mining projects on their land.

Meanwhile, Simbaneuta Mudarikwa (Uzumba MP ZANU PF) Tuesday said those who denounced the ruling party were hired hooligans. Mudarikwa said:

Those who appeared on those videos saying they would not vote for Zanu PF are not part of us. They are people who were hired by some negative elements. Uzumba belongs to Zanu PF, and our members are disciplined,.

Mudarikwa said the Chinese project was welcome in the area as long as investors followed all the necessary procedures.

He said the decision to bar the Chinese company was welcome as it had disregarded guidelines in the Mines and Minerals Act.

Uzumba is traditionally known as a Zanu PF stronghold.

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### 8 months ago

Achakudyisai ma chaina iwayo muchingotungamirira mazidzoro

Emkay 8 months ago

Hired by who??? Mudarikwa uri msoro bhangu wazvimbirwa nenyemba

Ghetto yut 8 months ago

Confusion yega yega zvinotonyadzisa

S 8 months ago

Iwe Mudarikwa nyatsoita booty licking yako wega. Don't include us. How can the Chinese be allowed to displace people from their ancestor's homes. Takamboenda here ku China kunova displacer kuma villages avo? Tikwanire.

Gaffer 8 months ago

Paid by who?. These Chinese are not needed and the message is clear.

Shadows 8 months ago

KT ancestors' homes kunounza hupfumi munyika hr. Mazumba musashanndiswe nemuvengi. As long vachiteedza zvinodiwa let them mine. Zvinobatsira nyika necommunity yeuzumba. They must compensate first. The is kunzvi dam irikugadzirwa KT vanhu vawane mvura muharare, ska vanhu veikoko varambe fut kubva hr vachiti ndepedu. Ndepenyu makasika nyika hr.

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