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ZANU PF Demands Names Of Teachers Who Are On Strike

ZANU PF Demands Names Of Teachers Who Are On Strike

ZANU PF activists in Umguza district, Matabeleland North province, have reportedly requested school development committees (SDCs) to submit names of teachers who have not reported for duty since schools opened for the first term on 7 February 2022 citing incapacitation.

A message circulating on the party’s WhatsApp group signed by one J Sibanda, the ZANU PF district co-ordinating committee member, read:

Morning Umguza, I request that SDCs must go to their schools and write down names of all teachers who did not turn up for work since the schools opened (Monday) up to Friday and submit the names of the school, and the names of the teachers to the constituency offices on February 16.

Forward this message to your respective (WhatsApp) groups.

Matabeleland North Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) chairperson Kwanele Ndlovu said they were not bothered by the messages. Said Ndlovu:

As teachers, we must not be afraid of any message that does not come from our employer, we must remain guided by our public service contractual obligations.

Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs minister, Richard Moyo, who is also ZANU PF provincial chairperson and Umguza legislator expressed ignorance over the matter. He said:

I am not aware of that as it is supposed to be done by the Public Service Commission.

I will find out from the constituency if they have such a programme.

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Percy 3 months ago

Ediot must go chihumut damut haafunge killing future yevana vedu NGAAPINDE HAKE MUKOMANA Nero yellow

Tk 3 months ago

Chero mapurisa chaiwo enyika aripa go slow ,not mapurisa ezanu vanofamba vachifudza mamwe mapurisa

easiey 3 months ago

kudzvanyirira nxaaaa

easiey 3 months ago

kudzvanyirira nxaaaaa

Sponono 3 months ago

Inini personally I don't think any Ndebele person should support Zanu, Infact I mean everyone who was affected by the gukurahundi fiasco shouldn't support Zanu at all

Khalifa 3 months ago

🥇🥇🥇Yellow ngaapinde hake mukomana🥇


Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

@Mboko thats true hlanya,but the problem we have is ama Shona segcwele ko Bulawayo,yonke indawo herehere,ED pfee.Ngapha bakhulumela phezulu ,umzindo angani yi roof yamazenge asefuna ukukhithika..Heeee herehere ED pfee,aaah nxaa ngapha okunengi ngama vendor kuncolisa i town yethu njalo akugezi okungabantu kwakhona.l

Sponono 3 months ago

Ishuwa idzodzo I'm not ndebele but hey mashona tine dzungu

Anonymous 3 months ago

Maticha ndeePSC....ndiyo inofanrwa kupiwa mazita aya kwete zvimwe

Mboko 3 months ago

Ndivanani vanoteverana ne zanu pf ku matebeleland??ivavo vanhu havana kukwana they are stupid.. Mandevele havatotenderwi kutevera ka party kegukurahundi aka..deadly party.

Unifier General 3 months ago

Zanu of I problem chaiyo,,,juntalism must seize forthwith n with immediate effect...

Teachers are a key to success of everyone,,,

#ccc ngaapinde hake mukomana

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