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ZANU PF Convoy Overruns Goromonzi Tollgate

ZANU PF Convoy Overruns Goromonzi Tollgate

Hundreds of rowdy ZANU PF supporters reportedly overran a tollgate in Goromonzi, Mashonaland East Province after vandalising a side gate and driving through in a convoy of nearly 15 vehicles on Saturday.

ZimLive reported sources as saying the ZANU PF supporters were returning from a rally at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera.

Four buses arrived at the tollgate en route to Harare at around 6.30 PM, and rowdy ZANU PF supporters reportedly harassed Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) staff demanding free passage.

A ZINARA employee refused to allow the buses through without paying the US$4 or ZWL$1 400 toll fees for each bus.

The ZANU PF mob then forced open the boom gate and waved the buses through as deployed armed police officers watched on helplessly.

One motorist who was passing through the tollgate when the fracas occurred told ZimLive that ZANU PF supporters grabbed the ZINARA supervisor and threatened to beat him up for attempting to deny them free passage. Said the motorist:

Just after the buses left, another convoy of between 12 and 15 Zanu PF vehicles displaying President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s pictures pulled up.

They also demanded to be let through, but ZINARA employees refused them passage, pointing out that they had no exemptions for free passage.

A stand-off ensued and at one point they manhandled the ZINARA supervisor threatening to beat him up.

As this was happening, others forced open a side gate used by construction vehicles and their vehicles drove through. It was an orgy of lawlessness.

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PORK BAR 1 month ago

Ska tirikuenda kupi nhai Mr President ED MNANGAGWA

Gwedu 4 weeks ago

Mr vani d o f o iro

ED 1 month ago

Kwatakabva zve ndokwatikuenda iwe chana chitokotoko😂😂😂

Gregory Rasputin 1 month ago

This country belongs to ZANU. They will continue to do as they please until the day everyone says enough is enough. As long as we keep on tolerating this ish then it means we are still OK as a country..we are strangers in our country of birth. While ZANU thugs claim all ends with the bullet of a gun..that's the solution I say..PS pindula don't get me arrested oo

Pindula 1 month ago

They already know who you and are coming for you as l type!!

Musviri **** 1 month ago

Tollgates should be removed for good thanks ZANU Pf
They want money for what purpose
pot holes after pot hole

bvananguy 4 weeks ago


Musviri **** 1 month ago

Tollgates should be removed for good thanks ZANU Pf
They want money for what purpose
pot holes after pot hole

??? 1 month ago

Zanu Pf is behind all the lawlessness in this country. ED has failed control his demonic supporters

BUOY 1 month ago

apa vakarova munhu mutown mumarondera kuti apfuura pamberi pemotorcade ........havasi kuita zvakanaka vanhu ava


mwenewazvo 1 month ago

hant ndiyo Zanu yamunochemera,izvozvi herald haimbozvinyora kana zbc.ini hangu bodo ndabhoo nayo zanu

Tio4 1 month ago

Zanu pf are a law unto themselves. If it was CCC who did this even the police would have opened fire and people would be in jail as we speak. The herald and Ztv would be covering the story and it would be a headline story.

Yoweeeeee 1 month ago

That is not surprising at all. That's the Zanu way of doing things. That's why football,music shows and every other activity is destroyed. Vanoenda kubhora & they bulldoze their way without paying. Vakasvika pane magitare they flash Zanu flags and scarves & demand free entry. Look at their behaviours pamabanks they mishandle maguards, threatening bank supervisors and remind everyone in the Q that they belong to the ruining party. This Goromonzi issue will be turned upside down.The tollgate supervisor will be labelled a CCC supporter. The police will be accused of aiding the opposition. The story will be said to be fake and the police assistant commissioner,Nyathi will come guns blazing threatening journalists for spreading falsehoods. Tafadzwa Mugwadi will claim that Zanu are a peaceful party and if anyone has evidence they shld bring it to Zanu Pf hq. We are doomed Zimbos. We have a fascist regime in power

XXX 4 weeks ago

someone is well known of saying "... am not aware of such...",so what would you expect


Ndomaitiro avo uchanzwa spokesperson yeparty yopa mhosva kuZINARA employees. Hapana kwatiri kuenda after 42 yrs kutenderera chete.

Anarchy 1 month ago


??? 1 month ago

They are copying from their fathers who put VIP stickers on wind screens, and scarfs on dashboards to exempt themselves from paying tollgate fees. On the other side they are busy spending taxpayers' money, which themselves refuse to pay, shame!

Heroine 1 month ago

Ko ana Vybe Kartel ne dzimwe mbwanana dza ED dzinohukura pano dziya muripi. Vhotomokai Tinzwe apo.

xtc 4 weeks ago

Im reliably informed that @blue is the 1 who manhandled the supervisor.

Code Chinx 1 month ago

Vanga vatorimo mumabhazi Acho. To them it's normal

Citizen 1 month ago

Come 2023 I will vote CCC for new leaders who can only do better than this unless government.

Majority Rule 1 month ago

What do you expect from these rowdy lawless people

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 1 month ago

is this the ZIMBABWE we need absoy NO, WHO IS ZANU PF, you can't be doing as you like this is the land of all not one so called group of people who choose to do what they want.

the court of law should take those responsible behind bars.
isn't it we have CCV cameras on those sites, it should be reviewed who were there and should be brought before the law.
we need a better Zimbabwe not ****ity things being done in the name of a political party.

....... 1 month ago

it shall come to pass

Kacha Kacha 4 weeks ago

Zinara stealing from poor and fail to maintain roads

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