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ZANU PF Confronts 4ED Groups Over Members

ZANU PF Confronts 4ED Groups Over Members

Affiliates of 4ED have come under fire from ZANU PF for allegedly targeting its members and portraying them as new recruits to the political party.

Over 60 4ED affiliates were registered by ZANU PF to drum up support for Mnangagwa. ahead of national elections scheduled for this year

ZANU PF Political Commissar, Mike Bimha, said 4ED groups must target individuals who are not yet members of the ruling party. Bimha is quoted by The Herald as saying:

Your task is to lure members who are not in the structures of the party. You should not come to us and claim members who are already in our structures. Whenever you have new members, they should be integrated in the party structures.

We don’t want affiliates who fish our members from our structures and claim them to be theirs.

The party is targeting to mobilise more than 5 million members for President Mnangagwa and the party to ensure a resounding victory in the coming elections.

Recently, Bimha criticised the affiliations for demanding funding from the ruling party.

Men believED, Miners for ED, Teachers for ED, Health workers for ED, Councillors for ED and Driving Schools for ED are among the structures aligning with the ruling party.

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Grandpa Rick 3 days ago

If 4ED means for economic development
Then its being misused.

Why is something for economic Development used for ZANU PF its clear now the 4 ED its for Em... Damb...

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 days ago

So in your mind you believed it was for Economic Development kkkkkk what development yazvaunza zvimagroup izvi. Kunyangira bag chete nothing more

3 days ago


Zebra kiss forED 3 days ago

Hoyoo !

3 days ago

I don't know where Bimha is getting it twisted. These are just people after a quick buck, no wonder they are demanding funding. ZveNew members izvo ratova drama all they want is a chance on the gravy train, they don't care about Zanu or economic development(ED).

Collins zw 3 days ago

regai ndiseke hangu, 4ED kudii, magrp ongozadzwa nema current members lol, and they are asking for funding, ingori torai mari united ikuitwa nema youths

4CC 3 days ago

Teachers4ED are now a frustrated and embarrassed group. When they started their antics there was a lot of noise and enthusiasm in the hope that they are to be given a share of the loot only for them to realize that they are just wasting their time nekuti in the end chabuda hapana !! Kkk.

3 days ago

At least Teachers 4ED can have Trade Union meetings during working hours without loss of income. Free holidays for them

3 days ago

This commissar is funny😂😂😂. He doesn't get that the people are hungry, and will do anything for an extra dollar, including conning you with all these 4ED groups. Don't take it too seriously Mr commissar its all a joke to most🤣🤣 Hanzi saka vanhu vacho varipi? Akunazve anhu acho ari kuda zvese izvozvo🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous 2 days ago


wise yut 3 days ago

kkkkkk ndozvekupenga manje izvi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mainini 3 days ago

For ED kudiikowo,tibvigweipo taneta neZanu isu nxaaa


Vekuye kuye 3 days ago

Its nothing but a lot of hot air. Muri kuitiswa nemaGhetto youths cde

PVC 3 days ago

izvo zvechipfana pfana wanozvida cde ivava

PVC 3 days ago

Toddlers forED,ECD for ED 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zuze 4ED 3 days ago

My ED stands for Economic Disaster.

Viva Zuze 4ed ☝️☝️☝️
paMazoe ipapo ☝️☝️☝️

pk 3 days ago

pindula for ED. inbox for more information

3 days ago

Pindula 4ED???

pk uya aakudhunya

pk 3 days ago

tokuitisa mari yeupenyu mafunami

Collins zw 3 days ago

it shud be teachers for Emmerson's Dismissal (ED)

mkize 3 days ago

maZANU musanyengedzwa netwumagroup utu kunyangira Mari nekuda mafavours from the ruling party. Teachers for ED for example rizere nemaTeachers arikutswaka kuda kudeployiwa.

Hondafit4ED 3 days ago

Zvakaoma hazvo zve Zimbabwe

Honda Shít 3 days ago

Honda Fit - chirigama**** 🤣🤣🤣

Zuze 3 days ago


ZANU - matsotsi gerane

Dispenser 3 days ago

Economy Distraction. (Ed). By 2030 we want to make sure that, most roads are converted to streams if not rivers.

Bhora mberi 3 days ago

To the person who started all this 4ED sure sure

PVC 3 days ago

ndiTatenda Mavetera Young Woman for ED

3 days ago

Ainge akwirwa zvemhandoi na ed Shweeee?

4ED 3 days ago

Nobody has ZANU of party at heart, people are tired and the change is required ASAP.
Nothing tangible will come out from these 4ED projects, it's a total disaster.I urge all people to register to vote and remove this ruling clueless old people's party

Delta Force 3 days ago

with all these affiliates 5 million votes is totally day dreaming

Zuze 3 days ago

Teachers usED
Mapostori usED
Mahwindi usED
Doctors usED
ma**** usEd

4Emerson dismissal 3 days ago

Ibotso ...varikuzeza zera

Hwenje 3 days ago

ED anogona kutanga guys especially inn hngu anondigonera dai mwari vamupa mamwe makore zana ekutonga iwwe neni... Nokuti arikuita zvinonyatso batika kuti baaaa😋😋😋😋

Bhora mberi 3 days ago

@hwenje wati ED anogona kutanga not kutonga 😃😃😃

Hwenje 3 days ago

Asi wabva watoziva kuti anogona kutonga chete

3 days ago

@hwenja hmmmm pachapera mamengo kaa uchaziva hako chokwadi hama vanhu varikuzviraramira life ,think of yourself,urikuhukura pa pindula yemahara uritsuro chaiyo why ndichidaro hangu let me juss not argue nemadununu anotadza kusanganisa 1 na 1 fokof **** kumas**** kwako kunonhuwha mdeed wenja🤣🤣🤣

Hwenje 3 days ago

Waita basa chero ukatuka hatirege kutonga chete

3 days ago

@Hwenje unoti hatirege kutonga unotonga chii iwe? Unombori chiiko muZanu Pf iwe?

EPL 3 days ago

Keep on sending maEPL updates

Zelensky Putin 3 days ago

Was kuma rural areas haa zviri kufadza vanhu vese Ave maBrooke mangoes wena at least anopinda mkomana kupinda chaiko kuti pfee. Kumaruzevha hanzi Zanu PF yatoziva ndeya RG Mugabe iyi ndeye fake

Baba Denzil 3 days ago

Mai Denzil4ED

rural ar 3 days ago

chokwadi PUTIN ndobvimirana nw

anna lysmos 3 days ago

if it's true that Zanu PF affiliate grps were accounting for old members as new, then it means the figs in the party's database are inaccurate if not falsified..
in effect the callous double entries may mean the projected 6 mil votes is a ruse...
if that is true then the strategic plans emarked upon using those figs is way off the mark.
take into account the shambles that the voter's roll and the delimitation report are in ...
then it is easy to see the Zanu PF executive has a wet egg on it's face..

Siyoyo 3 days ago

4ED means for Emerson Dismissal,

prostitute 3 days ago

m. h . a . t . t a a for ED

Prag Matikos 😎 3 days ago

@ Anna Lisymos
point taken Anna.
butay we never planned to use those figures anyway.
that was THE red herring!
we repeat the big sounding membership numbers ad nauseam so that YOU the victims may find it easy to process when we announce our resounding victory in August 2023!
it's called sublime hypnosis..
it works and we have proven it before...

3 days ago

coronavirus 4Ed

3 days ago


Jinn 3 days ago

There is too much confusion kumaStructures uko

Me 3 days ago

1 Kg mbeu forED

change 3 days ago

mahumbwe atinenge tichiitirwa nevanhu ava

farmer 3 days ago

2 cups dzembeu 4ED

Anonymous 2 days ago

3% AN fert for ED


I want to join ZANU PF, with my party help me.

Faston Mangezi 2 days ago

For Economic Development zvingori clear kuti its a group of people spearheading the economy chete not zvenyu zvekusanganisa nezvisizvo

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