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ZANU PF Castigates Britain For "Meddling" In Zimbabwe's Internal Affairs

ZANU PF Castigates Britain For

ZANU PF spokesperson and Secretary for Information and Publicity, Christopher Mutsvangwa, said that Britain should remember that Zimbabwe is a sovereign country and should therefore desist from interfering in the internal affairs of its former colony.

This comes after the UK Minister of State for the Pacific and the International Environment, Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith recently told the House of Lords that Zimbabwe is yet to meet certain conditions to be readmitted into the Commonwealth.

Lord Jonathan Oates also told the British House of Lords that the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC Alliance is nothing but a ruling ZANU PF party project.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in Harare on Tuesday, 3 May, Mutsvangwa said the United Kingdom should keep out of Zimbabwe’s internal affairs. Said Mutsvangwa:

To debate Zimbabwe in the British Parliament, we are 42 years into Independence.

We just celebrated our 42 years of Independence last month. We are now the second generation of free Zimbabweans.

One would have thought that just as much as the independence is so now much engraved in Zimbabwean culture, the British public, the British Government, and the British establishments will also by this time have forgotten that they used to colonise Zimbabwe.

This [interference] we reject with the contempt it deserves. We condemn it  as it is against the norms of the United Nations where Britain is a founder and a sovereign member.

A founder member notwithstanding, it was an imperial power which was ruling many countries, at that time including Rhodesia, purporting and preaching democracy as the virtues of founding aspirations of the United Nations. But they were still colonial masters to us.

… We say to the British, much as you guard your imperial hankering to be master of Zimbabwe, we will also jealously guard our Independence.

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GVT 2 weeks ago

There are great benefits for joining Commonwealth primarily in terms of trade. Western side pays for our minerals better than the Eastern friends. 4 by 4 by far. Unfortunately for Mr Mutsvangwa Commonwealth is not Zimbabwean internal affairs. He has to go back to primary school, that's where we learned about Commonwealth. They have to be on their knees to be readmitted.

nitho 2 weeks ago

what does the country benefit from rejoining the former master s group?

Asalif 2 weeks ago

just yesterday you were begging to be reinstated in the gold selling association there today you are telling me not to interfere with your issues Zimbabwe were where they all the days of Mugabe type yanaMutsvangwa iyi Mugabe didn't make appointments of such people on crucial positions like these we need educated fellow members

Big Ship 2 weeks ago

The big ship is sinking in the ocean.The skippers are scared to death.The captain is shhhhh

D H O D H I 2 weeks ago

Zanu PF iDho dhi

kule 2 weeks ago

Chris first tawurira vamwe baba to stop interfering with the internal affairs of you family first. Ndapedza.


VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

Vote CCC for real change,pasi neZanu Pf

🤨🤨 2 weeks ago

Ana mutsvangwa musade kuita noise pedzezvo monyengerera kti mutengese ma diamonds enyu ikoko fti

Observer 2 weeks ago

An irresponsible mouth is a liability to progress.

Monica 2 weeks ago

Chris hear hear, pese paunovhura muromo ndinokunyarira🙊

Lionel 2 weeks ago

Takaregister here kuvoter first

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

ZANU PF Blabbermouth, Christopher Mutsvangwa does not understand International issues. The British House of the Lord's member of Parliament did not say Zimbabwe is misgoverning. He said Zimbabwe is failing to meet Commonwealth rejoining conditions. I remember very well that Zimbabwe applied to rejoin the Commonwealth and there were set conditions which Zimbabwe was told must comply with. They include respect of Human Rights and the Rule of Law, among others. There is no way Blabbermouth Christopher Mutsvangwa can stop British Parliament to discuss Zimbabwe as long as it is in connection with the Commonwealth. If Zimbabwe wants to rejoin the Commonwealth, it must be serious, otherwise it shall stay in the peripheral of the Commonwealth.


citizen 2 weeks ago

ko mbit-i idzo dzichirikudei muno,

you are right Mr Chris

maitititi 2 weeks ago

avawo wechi **** kuhondo ava

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

kkkkkk Guys guys dont be fooled by our Zanu pf comrades. They are complaining about sanctions everday munoumu, ma sanctions inyaya yekuti varikurambidzwa kushamwaridzana nenyika dzakatipa ma sanctions kusvika vagadzirisa parikuda kunzi like vakanzi hatichatambi newe kusvika wagadzirisa apa.... so vakutii zvakare

Stalin 2 weeks ago

vote ccc for real change

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

You can't have it both ways Mkoma Chris. If you want to rejoin The Commonwealth then you have to play by the rules governing that grouping.

You can't overplayed the sovereignty mantra and want to be part of a group. You can use sovereignty and want to be in the Commonwealth at the same time.

factos 2 weeks ago

and yet they come out blaming Chamisa ukuthi nguye obiza ama sanctions bona kuyibo

fuk this clueless Zanu pf government

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

yah but this drowning ZANU PF ship should be abandoned because how it operates is perplexing, buffling and stunning you can't imagine kut vanorambira pachigaro vachitadza kuvaka nyika

stealing minerals
zvima offshore zvamnangagwa through Tagwirei and kahiye
humbavha hwega hwega
command agriculture
The Dema project
Zvupco monopoly

tired of it
in conclusion would like to tell you that we have to vote for CCC
let's leave the old people's Republic of propaganda and

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

Hey Suka wena nja

factos 2 weeks ago

i know you are a real Vybz Kartel but uzafuna ukuzimangalisa and come out bursting like a claiming that someone is using your user name

a 2 weeks ago

chokwadi chinorwadza kuudzwa. zanu pf haidi kuudzwa chokwadi, haidi kuudzwa hu**** hwayo.

ZIM-YOUTH 2 weeks ago

Voterai Chamisa kuti nyika inake. Chamisa chete chete. 2023 Chamisaaaa🗣️

gogodera 2 weeks ago

but tinoda mabasa

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