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ZANU PF Bigwigs Scared Of My Imminent Return - Kasukuwere

ZANU PF Bigwigs Scared Of My Imminent Return - Kasukuwere

Exiled former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere last week said ZANU PF bigwigs were scared of his imminent return to the party and would not dare touch him.

When Kasukuwere announced that he was preparing a comeback to ZANU PF to “save ZANU PF” and to stop all injustices against his colleagues in exile, the party spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa released an angry statement.

In an interview with The Standard on Friday, Kasukuwere said Mutsvangwa’s angry statement exposed the panic among party leaders. He said:

Mutsvangwa’s response shows that the Politburo and those who claim to be leaders of the party are already engaged and feeling the heat.

Arrest is not a thing to be feared of if you are a revolutionary who is standing for what you believe in and if you have the mandate from the people. Mnangagwa was arrested, Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo and the late Nelson Mandela and others…

He said if he were to be arrested, it will be confirmation that Mnangagwa is afraid of losing power to him.

Last week, ex-members of the national youth service pledged loyalty to Kasukuwere but ZANU PF director for Information Tafadzwa Mugwadi said Kasukuwere and former NYS members were wasting their time.

Kasukuwere has been linked to a plot to challenge Mnangagwa in the 2023 general elections and has also accused Kasukuwere of being the brains behind the High Court application by party activist Sybeth Musengezi challenging Mnangagwa’s 2017 ascendancy to power.

More: The Standard

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Gushungo 8 months ago

Pamberi ne G40, pamberi na Dr. Amai Stop it ✊

MaFyt ka_Tkt 8 months ago

Dzoka kumba Saviour tiite plan, kafana kanozviti ccc karuona kunga katova nemuswe wareba hezvo kwete hapana chiripo apo

Cee Gee 8 months ago

Uyu musoro bhanguwo nxaaaa ukwane ndapota

Tk 8 months ago

Ukwane newe futi

Vakaperekedza 8 months ago

Hakuchina chako kuno Tyson

Bright 8 months ago

Tyson hanty makaita kutiza hre imi kuno so mukti munoda kudzoka munechokwadi her imi musade kunyepa mnangagwa abva pachigaro yaa not now

Chikandamina 8 months ago


Mulongoi😂 8 months ago

Chokwadi chaiko is if he decides to come back vamwe vamunoti varume vachazviwetera. He ran away paya because vairondwa in darkness and almost everyone didn't know what was happening around the days of that other operation. So waingofa mudima wotsakatika. But now fair come back haaa this guy is a real threat.

Matrix 8 months ago

Tyson ngaadzoke. Achaona kuti ZANU haina kuchipa.

Nkust 8 months ago

Mwonzora is better than kasukuwere only that kasukuwere's constituent is in zanupf so we welcome him but we no his history in government that he was not able to separate zanupf activities to that of government also media reports were linking him to corruption

Bright 8 months ago

Makufananidza kasukuwere nezvinhu zvisina basa ka


Matrix 8 months ago

To come or not to come, it's up to him. He should remember that all is fair in love and war.

Kupinda kwemwanakomana 8 months ago

Ngapinde Hake mkomana .NHM

Cde G40 8 months ago

Tyson must come back and form his own breakaway party named Zanu PF-K.

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