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ZANU PF Affiliated Groups Condemn ZEC Preliminary Delimitation Report

ZANU PF Affiliated Groups Condemn ZEC Preliminary Delimitation Report

Two ZANU PF-affiliated groups have condemned a Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) preliminary delimitation report showing that some rural districts have lost wards to peri-urban areas and growth points.

Traditionally, ZANU PF has won more votes in rural wards and constituencies while the opposition has been dominant in urban areas.

For instance, in Mashonaland East Province, Chikomba and Hwedza districts lost a constituency each while Seke had one added.

Another constituency, Ruwa, was also added to the province.

On Tuesday, two pro-ZANU PF organisations, MenBelievED and the Association of Rural Districts Councils of Zimbabwe held separate Press conferences in Harare to criticise the ZEC report.

MenBelievED spokesperson Timothy Nyakudzuka said ZEC did not consult citizens during the delimitation exercise therefore the process was flawed. Said Nyakudzuka:

As a community of interest in the delimitation of electoral boundaries, we believe the commission did not have sufficient time to execute a thorough and effective process, and it is consequently the reason why we are here today, to express our disgruntlement in ZEC’s failure to define a path for fair representation and contribution of the thoughts of the general public.

Without sufficient consultations with the people of this nation, this delimitation remains the work of the electoral commission, not our people and it should not be trusted as a path to build our country.

Let us be clear, any delimitation process not informed by the views of our people is a flawed process.

The leader of the Association of Rural Districts Councils of Zimbabwe, which is made up of mainly ZANU PF-led rural councils, David Mutasa said:

This delimitation process has resulted in disharmony among communities, undermined traditional values and reduced confidence in emerging societies.

Our people should never have to choose between their nations and boundaries.

Traditional leaders, business community, farmers, miners, in fact, most stakeholders were excluded from the consultative process and we hear that the commission has completed delimitation and made decisions on behalf of all these stakeholders in delimiting the nation’s boundaries.

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