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ZANU PF-affiliated Group, Land4ED Targets "Vacant" Farms

ZANU PF-affiliated Group, Land4ED Targets

ZANU PF members have formed a group called “Land for Economic Development (ED)” to fast-track the parcelling out of “vacant” land to the party’s youths.

Land4ED founder and leader Blessing Togarepi on Sunday told NewsDay that the organisation will not allow government officials in the Lands ministry to deny them vacant land. Said Togarepi:

Land4ED is there to ensure that the youth have access to land for free. We have noted that ordinary citizens have challenges in accessing land, therefore, we are there to enhance the process.

What happens is that those who need the land must identify vacant pieces and confirm with the land office that, indeed, they are vacant.

We will then write land application letters to Provincial Affairs ministers, the district development coordinators who chair the land committees at the district level, and the District Development Fund offices.

If the land is vacant, they will have no excuse to deny the people who come to their offices. We will report them to the party (ZANU PF) or their senior government authorities.

We are aware that officials are sitting on their jobs giving excuses to deny the youth access to land.

So if they give those excuses, we will corner them. Let’s say they claim that they do not have fuel, we will provide the transport.

If they are engaged elsewhere, they should assign their subordinates to do the paperwork, because what we want is the land.

Land4ED is one of the several ZANU PF associate groups created in recent months in support of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s re-election bid.

The other ZANU PF affiliated groups include Young Pastors For ED, Teachers For ED, and MenBelievED, among others. | NewsDay

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Grandpa Rick 1 month ago

General public or ZANUPF youths.
Just name a spade ♠ and stop using umbrella terms for something that will benefit party members only.

Cde hondo 1 month ago

This for Ed that for Ed is going to cause problems in future by usurping powers of relevant departments. They must be stopped or it will be chaos. Ed must be careful they will lead to his downfall

1 month ago

Criminals 4ED.

Tyson Fury 1 month ago

Zimbabwe will never achieve full democracy status as long as people want to scavenge for crumbs falling from the high table. Everyone wants to get pieces. its so disgusting.

True 1 month ago

@Tyson Fury uri right. These are chances vari kuda kudya chete. If they were really serious tingadai taona Magetsi4ED yavako tabatsirika senyika

John 1 month ago

Everything then is for #ED

4ED 1 month ago

Darkness 4ED

Bright 1 month ago

Zanu yakafanana na baba vano repa mwana wavaka bereka bcz zvekuti takasunungura nyika saka toita zvatoda

1 month ago

Corruption4ED, Armedrobbers4ED, Rapists4ED, Illegalhouses4ED, Borderjumpers4ED, ................,4ED

hunter 1 month ago

zvokonzerwa nema sanction zviri kuitika kuma office zvekuramba ne land. thank yu land4Ed

mdara munomara uye munoshaya 1 month ago

zvekwaShylet chaiko musatijairire kudaro


Mbongoro 1 month ago

Zanu pf yapererwa nyaya ye Land torerayi ma Chef enyu e Zanu pf vamwe vane mapurazi 4 or 5 pamunhu one amwe acho anemazita evazukuru vasati vabarwa saka tirikuti vamakapa ma A1 nema A2 siyanayi navo torerayi vamakapa mazipurazi ane almost 500 hectares to 900 hectares

#ED 1 month ago

Nyika Iya yaparadzwa zvino hanzi unokohwa zvawakarima chenjera mangwana zvinopanduka vakomana izvi

Stanley Zimbudzana 1 month ago

Let's support noble ideas
Am in support of this
How do we get in touch and start working on vacant land for economic gain

1 month ago

Criminal mind 4ED

Tateguru 1 month ago

I hope this will not cause targeted sanctions from within our borders

war vet 1 month ago


VaZhou 1 month ago

Land for ED is a great idea. A lot of land is lying idle while people with potential are not getting the land.

Kenneth Mandina 1 month ago

2030 tetichipo

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