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ZANU PF Accused Of Using Schools For Rallies, Parading Learners At Rallies

ZANU PF Accused Of Using Schools For Rallies, Parading Learners At Rallies

The ruling ZANU PF party has been accused of disregarding a 2018 High Court order barring it from using school premises for rallies and parading learners at political gatherings.

In 2018, Masvingo High Court judge, Justice Joseph Mafusire barred ZANU PF from abusing learners after Veritas, on behalf of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ), filed the application.

Schoolchildren were, however, seen at a rally recently addressed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza. ARTUZ president Obert Masaraure said:

ZANU PF is leading in disregarding the law and undermining State institutions. Schools should not be used for partisan business.

We expect the ruling party to protect the interests of children, but alas we have a ruling party that has degenerated to a reactionary outpost with no ideological grounding, but motivated by parochial interests of pursuing power preservation.

Political analyst Vivid Gwede said the ruling party was disregarding the High Court judgment adding that people, even adults, must not be forced to attend rallies.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition president Peter Mutasa said it is “this brazen disregard of the law that has sunk us into a crisis,” 

Primary and Secondary Education ministry spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro said critics should challenge ZANU PF in court. He said:

Is that the only rally that had schoolchildren? If anyone was aggrieved, they should have made an urgent chamber application barring the rally. If schoolchildren knew that they were not going to school they were not supposed to wear uniforms. The fact that they went to school in uniform means that they learnt something.

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Joe 1 month ago

Kuisa vana muzuva ndokuita sei vako vanga variko kurally kwacho let's remove these people chete vana vavo bhoo vedu vachipinzwa busy nembavha idzi changamukai maZimbo chero Chamisa wacho akazviita tomutandanisa simple musangosupporter zvakadhakwa chete

Huni 1 month ago

Uyu munhu anonzi ndoro uyu imboko yemunhu uyu.
Asina kana kumeso

Jim moyo 1 month ago

Go and download the new version of pindula if you want election results with figures of votes cast


Who cares 1 month ago

Zanu is a *****ng ****h....buh still they lost🤷

Joe 1 month ago

Chibaba chinoti unodei kugara pahot stove kana kujamba kubva muflat vamwe vanhu vakaremara pfungwa

❎☝️ 1 month ago

The Ruling party is useless, tried and tested as a worst, non-repenting, evil, diabolic. Infact the ruling is another world of cultists

JC Form IV 1 month ago

Kuti ED adziidzise vana kuti chigaro chinotorwa nechisimba here?
To teach children about coup?
To teach children about violence?
To inculcate kleptocracy?

The law says its illegal to hold rallies at schools and children should not attend political events. Period

Shadows 1 month ago

Musarwadziwe. Vana are the leaders of 2moro. Kkk pane asingadi kuonawo chibaba his excellence

Bored 1 month ago

Pindula we read about this article sometime last week or so.. come on up date us on current affairs and we demanded the list of Councillors and MPs who contested. Also provide figures of Votes cast. We want to see those numbers and update us about the remaining unannounced votes... Pindula you are now losing your flavor.

vvd 1 month ago

dai vanhu vaiona zvakanaka vaisiyana nemhuka iyi mods muchingopfeka mbatya dzine zvigamba neZanu PF

jay 1 month ago

so you mean Ccc ndoichachinja zvinhu here to good conditions

jay 1 month ago

asingaziwe ngaadzidziswe kuti aziwewo,maybe anenge achiti arikugona

jay 1 month ago

lets support our ruling party,you have seen the wrong they did,teaching them is the best solution

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Lawyers are always reminding us of that

But then ZANU has never followed the law. The current regime is illegitimate having rigged it's way in. Before that they bulldozed their way to power through a coup de tat.

And you expect them to follow some law prohibiting them from bussing children to rallies?

Live 1 month ago

You can't teach people claims to know everything .
Our ruling party is full of I know cabals to trying to teach them it's a waste of time.

JARAVAZA 1 month ago

They want big numbers so that they shout on zbc and herald saying we had thousands of our supporters. Supporters of school children?. It's absurd. The first secretary and his political briothers should stop using our children as though they theirs. Hakuna hurumende yakadaro, marara evanhu. Pasi namnangagwa nachiwenga

Reason 1 month ago

Peter Mutasa ndiye wekutorerwa chigaro nemukadzi uye hanty?

Thula Msindo 1 month ago

💃It's a free world and being clobbered by a lady in election does not mean that you are not a real man. He conceaded defeat and for that he is a real man. Not your kind who think mukadzi haasi chiro🐩

🧠Hey Wena, Reason use that little mass between your ears to think not you butt/bottom, Thula Msindo🦍

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