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Zambia's ZESCO Announces A Daily 6-Hour Load Shedding Due To Low Water Levels In Kariba Dam

Zambia's ZESCO Announces A Daily 6-Hour Load Shedding Due To Low Water Levels In Kariba Dam

Zambia’s Energy Minister Peter Kapala has announced that ZESCO, the local power utility, will commence load shedding on 15th December 2022 due to the low water levels in the Kariba dam.

Kapala said the water levels in Kariba dam have been reducing on account of low inflows from the Zambezi river and over-utilisation of water to sustain power generation has also worsened the situation.

The Minister said load management will be undertaken for a period of four months aimed at rationing water in the dam in order to avoid a complete shutdown, Lusaka Times reported.

He said as of 28th November 2022, the water levels were at 4.1 per cent of usable water storage saying this threatens power generation for both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Delivering a ministerial statement in Parliament on the 2nd of December 2022, Kapala said:

ZESCO will implement a load management regime aimed at rationing power generation at the Kariba Complex to avoid a complete shutdown. This will be done with the view to minimize the impact on key economic sectors as well as preservation of the integrity of generation units at the Kariba Complex.

We anticipate that based on the water levels, this will translate into a load management regime starting on 15th December 2022 of up to a maximum of six (6) hours daily until the water levels improve.

He said the proposed measures will be phased and revisited from time to time over the next four months in order to ensure the security of the electricity supply and mitigate the impact on the economy.

Kapala spoke after the Zambezi River Authority had directed Zimbabwe Power Company to immediately ensure that Power generation activities at the South Bank Power Station are reduced to a maximum of 300MW instead of 600MW.

ZESCO will reduce generation at Kariba North Bank Power Station to a maximum of 800MW until further review of the substantive Hydrological outlook at lake Kariba.

His remarks come barely days after a Zambian politician and member of the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) Joseph Kalimbwe suggested that Zimbabwean authorities were lying about a decrease in water levels in Kariba Dam.

In a statement earlier posted by Pindula News, Kalimbwe said: 

It’s rain season, the Kariba Dam is full. We have full electricity generation this side – perhaps with some issues in certain areas. But unless there is another Kariba, I don’t see why others are claiming and telling their people that the dam is empty!!!

I trust the science, if you say the Zambezi river is empty in August or October, I will understand. If you say it’s empty in December – during rain season – you are peddling political lies !!!

Some Context:

The Kariba Lake is designed to operate between 475.50m and 488.50m of water above sea level (asl) for purposes of hydropower generation. 

For the year 2022, ZRA allocated a combined total of 45 Billion Cubic Meters of water to ZESCO and ZPC for power generation at the Kariba Complex. The allocation was to be shared equally between ZESCO and ZPC with each utility to utilize 22.5 Billion Cubic Meters of water respectively for the year 2022.

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Zim yanku mhay 1 month ago

why should ZESCO produce 800mw and ZPC 300MW

jojo 1 month ago

bcoz zpc overused their share of the allocated water,they went and used Zesco's share but wer found out. Zesco still want their share so it means they have to take the bulk of the remaining water. which lead to them generating more power

👤 1 month ago

vele why are we getting Zambia's load shedding updates,are we trying to compare or say what's happening here in Zim is just the same with other countries.
Personal I don't see the reason why the media houses are on with other countries power systems.

750 1 month ago


thor 1 month ago

lies kuda kuvhara zambia hkuna zvese izvi

,,,, dott 1 month ago

Joseph Kalimbwe unonyepa kunge chamisa kuda kunzi inzi government ndiyo ikutadza basa uchiti ku kariba mvura yakazara, why even zambia ikutotamba xmas irimucherima

1 month ago

Wake up 'dott' Is that cause for celebration?

Vesto 1 month ago

Aya ndiwo madho.ti ana baba.
How can you console your own hungry family by saying even next door they are also hungry?

1 month ago

It 's really funny We are getting more updates on South African and Zambian load management than our own They are just trying to give us an impression that what's happenning Zim is also what' s happenning to our neighbours From last Monday to date they have been switching us off from 0530hrs to 2200hrs everyday

🗣️ 1 month ago


X 1 month ago

I'm sure we are getting them because a certain mp said Zambezi was full & Zimbabwean politicians lied, he was comparing, don't know who made them police on Zimbabwean politics, we applaud them for a strong currency, stronger than the Rand, I think they should take a chill pill & start behaving like a ruling party, they are not opposition anymore, ngavaite steady



Citizens as you can see that Zambia is also in the same boat as Zimbabwe. I wonder where that lying son of a **** brother to the Twitter president is who said Kariba is full.
Yours sincerely
William Sonboy Chinembiri

1 month ago

So is that reason enough to be celebrating?

1 month ago

Ma1 aya

bounty hunter 1 month ago

ndokumbirawo WhatsApp # dzeku moors please help

Mwors 1 month ago

iti Mwors iwe Hunter

263 1 month ago

0716 dzimwe dzacho dzakapera nekupa vanhu

bhanduruuu 1 month ago

ingo googler yi mkoma

pk 1 month ago

ko mvura yakazoperawo kudivi reZambia😅😅😆😆

1 month ago

chaoora apaaa tovhotaa todai dzimwe 5 yrs haaaaaa varume kaaaa

MDCA t/a CCC 1 month ago

Vote for our party.Our President Chamisa will ensure that it rains in Zambia and DRC and Kariba will be full again

1 month ago

@MDC t/a CCC A blasphemous m-o-r-o-n

Observer 1 month ago

At least our neighbors will have 6hrs of load shedding here in Zim the punishment is unbearable 16hrs of load shedding electricity is switched on only after they make sure that the 10pm match at the world cup is finished

kopo 1 month ago


Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

That Zambian guy said there is enough water 😂
i said most of Kariba's doesn't come from our rain season though Pindula refused to share my post answering the guy...

Sanctions 1 month ago

Masanctions chete arikukonzera kuti mvura iite shoma muKariba Dam..Countries with tributaries that feed the Zambezi River have imposed sanctions. Solution is let's recycle the water after it has passed the turbines back to the dam tatopedza basa vari after the dam kana vachida mvura yayavo vanozvionera they can dig their own river even from the Atlantic or Indian Ocean simple like kuchera makurwe

Zesa 1 month ago

zvavo varikushaya magetsi for 6 hours muzimbavweits 18hours

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