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Zambian Police Arrest Businesswoman For Alleged Indecent Dressing

Zambian Police Arrest Businesswoman For Alleged Indecent Dressing

The Zambia Police Service (ZPS) has arrested Iris Kaingu, an opposition politician and businesswoman, and charged her with indecent dressing with intent to corrupt the morals of the members of the public contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Kaingu was arrested after an organisation calling itself the Association of Unemployed Youths (AUY) reported her to the police.

AUY said Kaingu’s conduct was likely to corrupt morals contrary to Section 177(1)(a) Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Kaingu sent tounges wagging after she attended Rihanna’s Fenty beauty launch dressed in a black see-through outfit without a bra and black underwear.

The event occurred on 26 May 2022 in Lusaka. Kaingu is the brand ambassador of Fenty beauty in Zambia.

According to Lusaka Times, Kaingu was detained at Kabwata Police station and will appear in court soon. The publication reported:

Particulars of the offence are that Kaingu, a Lusaka resident, on May 26, 2022, in Lusaka while attending the launch of Fenty Beauty in Lusaka did, with intent to corrupt morals, dress indecently in clothes that were unreasonably revealing.

In 2012, Kaingu was fined K10 000 after her arrest and conviction for the offence of featuring in a pornographic video that went viral on the internet.

More: Lusaka Times

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i 1 month ago

kaingu huya kuno

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

I take back my comment 🙌🏾 Pindula shandisai picture chairo pliz ndapota hangu

Ano 1 month ago

😂😂😂 apo kakachiri kanaka, maybe ndera 2012

Mango 1 month ago

A barbaric behaviour from Zambian governmnt .A see through who should be arrested here the one who goes around scanning women's under wear this shows immaturity from our black governments.

Zulu 1 month ago

I Love Zulu culture in South Africa KZN being naked is not a story

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Musazvinetse kuvharira munhu asina basa mujeri, hunzai kuno ndimuvharire


Billy Maonera 1 month ago

Musasunge ma****

Mwakusha 1 month ago

Kushama haisi mhosva. Ngazive kwekushamira chete.

Biden 1 month ago

But zodwa is allowed to perform in Zambia, just don't look if you don't, want to see,

DK 1 month ago

guys go to Facebook n see her pics haaaa uyu ari serious even Zodwa waBantu haasvike panaked ,

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

Aaaa Facebook futi? Hatina mabundles, arikudhura.

Kb 1 month ago

Final score line Real Madrid 1. Liverpool 0

major 1 month ago



Native 1 month ago

Wats the big deal.....our ancestors used to walk butt naked, then you hear a fool talk about "indecency"...nxx niggas

cute 1 month ago

kakanaka bt

magufuli 1 month ago

aàaaa ma-staiira aZodwa wabantu ayoo pajozi zvaka nyaya izvo...

Ghetto Yut 1 month ago

association Of Unemployed Youths kkkkkk no wonder they are not employed they are all ****s

citizen 1 month ago

kkkk 10 000kwacha is equivalent to USD$42.67

JJ OKOCHA 1 month ago

Kuma Arab havatoode kuona musoro weMunhukadzi panze I think zviri ryt,

Dhuterere 1 month ago

Muno vanofamba vakashama wani Mai Mujuru venyu vakatiparira here in Zimbabwe it was also a crime , munhurume akafamba asina shirt anosungwa but a woman anogona kupfeka skirt kana kashort kanotangira pakakagumira anofamba madiro you see in other African countries it's a crime they follow their ethics Saka mvura ichinaya

Any Blue 1 month ago

Kkkkkk Heyo ZRP yeku Zambia yofambira nyaya dzisina basa.

thrasher 1 month ago

do you know what ZRP means

zimcitizen 1 month ago

Talk of morality, ku Zanu pf my foot. Mugabe took someone's wife, Jenerari, the same, Mohadi **** scandals, the late Taguta 25 official wives, IiiDhhii several official wives plus miltiple small houses. Pa immorality, you will never beat Zanu pf.

Asalif 1 month ago

Anaye mkadzi.ndiyani Mohadi divorced 21 years ago the wife only came on inauguration kuti zvisanyadzisa since kuZanu pf kuchidiwa vanhu vari married and Chombo divorced long back General vanaye varikuita zvemjolo nevana vadiki these days vanekaya kekuti ndinyengeiwo

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Siyai mabby apfeke zvaanoda

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Crusaders of immorality will tell you it's 21st century so no biggie. Really? Walking with tits out and the slabs of your buttocks. This western culture i of The devil. Such talk comes from people who also endorse homo****uality and each and every letter represented by LGBTQ. The devil wants to enter our homes through talk modern times. That's garbage. That's CCC talk, talk of immorality and demonifying people. An over****ualized generation of slugs and serpents. Pasi nazvo izvoo.

Da truth 1 month ago

iwe vaigara mazamu aripanze kamucheka kaivhara mberi chete no underwear unotaura Ani asinga,ivi tarisa zvinopfekwa pama traditional dance ikozvino zvikabudura zvakatozo iswa pamsoro vatoona kuti booooo kkkkk mhapa neshashiko yaiva yakaita sei

Asalif 1 month ago

@Blue💙 your wife wears this dressing I saw your pics muri kubeach if we were able to post pictures on this platform I could have done that to everyone but iwe ukutaura zvesatanism so your wife is satanist

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Buda kaa panze ne mhapa dzacho kaa idzodzo tione 😂. At least we didn't glorify it. Now some people are pushing this slutty behavior. We all know aho glorify bikini's ans beaches.

tongwai 1 month ago

its wrong to say tt it's a western thing to walk around naked...its actually african...our ancestors used to walk around ne mhapa ne shashiko zvaingovharawo mbichana...micheka yakatozouya nevarungu...and hakusi kare zvekudaro

ciipo 1 month ago

kai sparkler but.a....

Aiwa ka 1 month ago

but akanaka damn!!!!!!! It's mixed emotions. I guess ndozvaari i****. But mwana aripo uyo

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Ridiculous laws in this day and age.

"Don't light a candle and put it under the table". If she has the body, by all means flaunt it.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Western culture and traditions are finding their way to our beautiful motherland. People should shun and condemn them strongly.

Machiavelli (The Original Don) 1 month ago

Bogus Machiavelli please read intervention by Mafirakureva, which I wholeheartedly endorse. This is the 21st Century.

Machiavelli (The Original Don) 1 month ago

Non contendere (No contest)

nutshell 1 month ago

a treasure is always hidden

ever seeing one 1 month ago

On point 👌

THE KING CCC FIEND 1 month ago

What did I say about Rhianna Fenty's outlets to be opened in our African lands? I simply said, "Satanism Pfeee ".That lady was completely naked, apa structure dololo, kwasara mazamu chete..

Ass Asalif 1 month ago

there is nothing to talk about ethics here in Zimbabwe Mai Mujuru neGender commissions yavo vakaitei now were are the ethics here in Zimbabwe women roam around the streets naked , at night it will be shocking that is why mvura isisanaye it's not in our culture dzimwe dressing takuona

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Taura hako. She's a pure acid that will corrode our ethics and morality.

Tete 1 month ago

Kkk kakafendesa vakuru vawona chisingawonekwi🕵

d 1 month ago

ragara I hire iro

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