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Zambia Asks Zimbabwe To "Prepay" US$6.3m Monthly For 100MW Electricity

Zambia Asks Zimbabwe To

Zambia’s Energy Minister Peter Kapala said that the country’s power utility, ZESCO, will next month commence the exportation of 100MW electricity to Zimbabwe under a five-year deal.

In a statement published on his Facebook page, Kapala said electricity from the Kafue Gorge Lower will be exported to Zimbabwe and Namibia through contracts signed in the last few months.

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) Acting Managing Director Howard Choga recently told local media that ZESA has to pay monthly deposits of US$6.3 million to access the electricity from Zambia. He said:

We signed power import deals with Zambia a long time ago, but we had not been getting electricity from that country because of cash flow challenges.

Now, because we have prepaid, we expect this to be settled in the coming weeks and we will start receiving 100MW from Zambia. We have to prepay them a month before we receive the electricity.

The Zimbabwe Power Company – ZESA’s power generation arm is currently producing 1 201MW at its five power stations against peak winter season demand of 2 200MW.

This has resulted in debilitating power cuts lasting for hours which have negatively impacted farming, manufacturing, mining and retail sectors as well as households.

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Tozivepiko 2 months ago

That is a good gesture Zambia. We are also prepaying ZESA as consumers. Let's hope you give them the same treatment of loadsheding as we are enduring.

2 months ago

№####### 2 months ago

adds up to about 11,5KWH per each dollar seems a bit expensive, would have been better to set up a 100MW Solar plant with storage capabilities.Expensive at first but you reap the benefits for a few to upto 20 years.

Kule Dhambi 2 months ago

vhunza "Sir Wicked-nel" kuti zve solar zviya zvava papi

Mwanawevhu 2 months ago

A good idea but not at the moment Zimbabwe is full of vultures, corruption in tender allocation and 5 years without anything materialising whilst money paid will be channelled and spinned at Black market thereby enriching the known vultures even more. #NgaapindeHakeMukoma.

St 2 months ago

Zvavo vamwe havo varikutopawo vamwe zvasara nechibage ndozvimwezvo nhamo ndevedu isu vekupemha kk

c 2 months ago

CCC real change


Ngwaru 2 months ago

I comment Zambia for wisdom Zimbabwe haidi kukwereteswa haibhadhari... basa is to fuel corruption until mapenzi angwara kip up that stance... simple calcs will show liberasing duties of solar imports and construction of solar power plants will work esp wen we have lithium and platinum to do battries ana china basa kuzovaka zvisingasimudzire economy instead of better deals

Jonasi 2 months ago

Vakomana ve Ve Zaka ...l mean ZAC iyeyo investigate 5 million yachivhayo mubhadhare yesolar dzaasina kuzotenga tichiri kuzviziya hedu vamwe in case makanganwa coz mazuwano mukunyanyomhanya mhanya zvisina order leaving real cases

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