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Zalerah Makari Promises To Transform Epworth

Zalerah Makari Promises To Transform Epworth

An aspiring legislator, Zalerah Hazvinei Makari (44), says she is the best candidate to bring development to the Epworth constituency.

Makari is contesting on a ZANU PF ticket, having represented the constituency before between 2015 and 2018.

In 2018, Makari contested the 2018 elections as an independent candidate and is now back at the governing party.

Speaking during a recent interview with Business Times reporter Anesu Masamvu, Makari, who claims to have obtained her first degree at the University of Cape Town, and is a farmer, said she decided to contest in the upcoming by-elections on a ZANU PF ticket as she met the requirements.

Asked why she should not give others a chance since has represented the Epworth constituency before, that is from 2015 – 2018, Makari said:

Let me put this on record, I will not stay on the dance floor longer than my two minutes, The tenure of a legislator is five years and I have done three and in those three I had to battle some elements that were not willing to go for development.

So effectively, I worked for two years and in the two years; we managed to do significant work.

I will give you an example, I fought for almost a whole year for us to get a registrar general office in Epworth so that people can access essential documentation easily.

The issue of crime was a sore thing so we wanted more police bases so we got two extra police stations to put in there.

We had two schools built during that tenure, a high school and a primary school.

An array of developments happened at the clinic, which we want to be a district hospital.

The Chiremba road that enters into Epworth was tarred, boreholes were drilled.

I am actually embarrassed to talk about boreholes because that is not what we want to be, we want water reticulation,

Tapped water and boreholes are just a stopgap measure so that people have access to clean potable water.

… I think, I am the best candidate to bring the change and development required in Epworth.

I am tried and tested. I am not an opportunist. I have done it before and I can do it again.

It is all about the electorate, If they chose me, I will humbly serve and execute the task.

Makari pledged to work with other contestants if she wins in the March elections, saying she is opposed to the politics of mudslinging and violence.

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Adam Chikandiwa 3 months ago

Zalerah is an educated ,tried and tested member of Parliament who officiated our Goshen church and has a record of developing Epworth.Anoita!

Vote yangu 3 months ago

Kana face yacho wakaitarisa ndeyemumhi anoda kubatsira vanhu here iyoyo kana kut vajaira kugona vote kuvanhu

Ak47 3 months ago

I will not judge people about what they say I will judge them by the out come. Tazvijaira izvi the are many of you who give us false promises and false hope ingoma inemuririro wayo kuda kutibata kumeso chamunongoda ivote yedu kuti kana takuvhoterai muzotishungurudza muchitiita zvituta zvenyu

Chikandamina 3 months ago


ZimCitizen 3 months ago

Dont worry guys, she will vote CCC. Apa vari kungovhara kuti varege kutorerwa munda, ukuwo vowana ma title deeds.


💪💪💪 3 months ago


Sponono 3 months ago

Pamberi ne zanu pf

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ccc

Win win win zanu pf

Sponono 3 months ago

Pamberi ne CCC

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ed pfe

Win win win CCC

Sponono 3 months ago

Chamisa Chete Chete.
Citizens Coalition for Change.

Ndadzoka mudanga guys...mundiregererewo iguka mutoriro zvanga zvakandibata.

Sponono 3 months ago

Pamberi ne zanu pf

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ccc

Sponono 3 months ago

Pamberi ne CCC

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ed pfe

Jinn 3 months ago

Ane good vision asi party yake iyi yechihure ma1

Maravaza 3 months ago

As long as she is under the Zanu pf tickets brace up for failure. 4 decades of failure is it not enough evidence to dump Zanu pf?

Bhlambi 3 months ago

Vahanzvadzi chitima chamakwira hachisvike,

Overspill 3 months ago

Welcome back madam, ndokuzivai muchiita basa iri norudo
Pamberi neZanu Pf
Pasi nemhanduuuu

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Iam fully behind your manifesto

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