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Zalerah Makari Promises ED 200 000 Votes In 2023 Elections

Zalerah Makari Promises ED 200 000 Votes In 2023 Elections

Epworth MP, Zalerah Makari (ZANU PF), has promised President Emmerson Mnangagwa that she will deliver 200 000 votes from the constituency in the 2023 harmonised elections.

Makari reclaimed the seat from the opposition MDC Alliance in the recently-held by-elections.

Addressing ZANU PF supporters during a thank you rally in Epworth on Saturday afternoon, Makari promised Mnangagwa that the ruling party will win 200 000 votes in the upcoming elections. She said:

We promise you your excellency that the recently held by-elections celebrations are just the beginning.

We are expecting that after the census, Epworth’s population should be 200 000, right now we are seating at about 180 000

So, 200 000 votes must come from Epworth, the opposition does not worry us, they will see our good works and they will repent and join us.

Makari also requested Mnangagwa to upgrade the Epworth Local Board to a town saying this will create jobs for the community. She said:

We are pleading for land tenure, we are asking the government to build us a house and we will pay, we are also asking for tap water, electricity, more government schools, and a mortuary.

We are also asking for a town status for Epworth to create jobs for the Epworth community.

In the 26 March by-elections, Makari won 10 246 votes, Earthrage Kureva (CCC) garnered 8 283 votes, Togarepi Zivai Mhetu (MDC Alliance) polled 745 votes, Innocent Hazvina (Independent) came out fourth with 441 votes, while Richard Musiyadzanikwa (LEAD) received 92 votes.


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THE HAGUE 2 months ago


zZONORO 2 months ago

munhu kungopinda muoffice 9months senhumbu akutohumana imbobvunzai vamwe venyu vatipa mazai ne maUS$10 toisa bhora musango muchazviona chete

CCC PANYANGA 8 months count down

Bonzo 2 months ago

Kunyepera a kwamuri kuita uku come 2023 PaYellow chete chete

shweee 2 months ago

kna makahwinha tongoriga hpn chitsotsi ipapo cz hmutongi nyika imi mungatofa

zZonoro 2 months ago

pairigwa naoo pese pakaiswa ccc tv motombo edza zvehondo apo bato renyu razara vakweguru muchaita cei

THE FIEND 2 months ago

Ko Mboko dze Epworth dzakapiwa ma Tittle deeds here?

007 2 months ago

Yaa anomawana uyu akangwara


aaaa 2 months ago

uku ndiko kurota uchiyamwa pane munhu akarumura mwana pamukaka

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Mrs Makari is dreaming big in 2023. Where will she get those voters from ? If wishes were horses she would have ridden. Another factor she did not consider is that normally voters do not vote in numbers because they do not take byelections seriously. I bait her. She will not win this constituency.


chikandamina 2 months ago

makati zviroto zviroto

ED Pfeee 2023 2 months ago

Ed pfee. Pama stronghold avo ikoko. Shoko ngarifambe✊

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

Makanyepa kaa kuti title deeds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Handei tione nekuti akasabuda chete pachashamisa very soon

Da Truth 2 months ago

U have Zec to thank there this time unotsva Iwe zvikari 2000 difference woti 200000 uuuuuu CCC unofenda next election .

Komichi 2 months ago

Chamisa is clueless. Haana kana plan

Zuze 2 months ago

And what is your pla?

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

Mbuya musamhanya nekuti economy haisi friendly nemukuru wezvigure iyi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Mange mavaudza here kuti pay dzavarikupihwa takuti divided by 400 🤔

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