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ZACC Welcomes Approval Of Whistleblowers Bill

ZACC Welcomes Approval Of Whistleblowers Bill

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has welcomed the approval by Cabinet of the Public Interest Disclosure (Protection of Whistleblowers Bill) on Tuesday, saying it will help the country in the fight against corruption.

ZACC chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo on Wednesday told NewsDay that the proposed law will give confidence to whistleblowers so that they testify in corruption cases knowing they are protected. Said Matanda-Moyo:

It’s a great milestone in the fight against corruption. We have been seeing the victimisation of witnesses after they would have either given information to ZACC or testified in court.

That was derailing the fight against corruption as most witnesses were no longer willing to come forward without that protection.

So we view that as a sign of the political will to fight corruption and that will also give confidence to our whistleblowers and witnesses to come forward knowing that after whistleblowing or testifying, they are protected.

She added that whistleblowers and witnesses play a crucial role in the fight against graft.

ZACC spokesperson John Makamure revealed that the Commission has been receiving increased reports of victimisation and intimidation of witnesses and whistleblowers by accused persons.

He said existing anti-corruption laws do not provide maximum protection to whistleblowers.

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) executive director Tafadzwa Chikumbu also welcomed the proposed law. He said:

We look forward to the whistleblower protection legislation because as it stands, without whistleblower protection laws, it is very risky for individuals to report corruption.

Once we have a piece of legislation that protects them, it means they are guaranteed that once they report corruption they remain protected by the law.

This will increase the number of people who report corruption.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

when it can't even investigate corruption that is eating all national resources. it doesn't make sense

Ini zvangu 2 months ago

Mai ava vanogona kutaura nekuda legislation. However we are still to see these turned into action. Maybe she should be made Minister of talking about corruption.

Boy 2 months ago


Yellow Card 2 months ago

75% + 47% + 45% =167% which is above 100% margin of percentage so your dream is 100% bias


doc 2 months ago

i dreamt ED and Zanu pf gunned 75% of 2023 presidential votes
whilst Chamisa having 47%
and third after Chamisa was another CCC part with 45%

most surprisingly, Munangagwa gained all the votes from Mashonaland east, west etc

for my disappointment
i cried

so citizens let us register and vote as many as we can to avoid this dream coming true

also i urge ccc led by chamisa to give a clear message to the people that they is only one ccc and a well deserving candidate Nelson chimisa to avoid this name confusion as it can be seen the majority of Chamisa votes went to another unknown ccc

I was in pumura 2 months ago

@doc maths nemi hamunzwanani 😂 kuita mutupo chaiwo 😂...
kunyangwe zvikanzi 😂 asi hazviiti dzokerai kuform1

DaCool 2 months ago

the overall should be out of 100 and your figures are nearly to 200.Calculate maths kuhle mdala

Executive Zvimbazi 2 months ago

That picture above shows how corrupt the ZACC is. How can someone become fat to the extent of not flitting a pictures?

🐴Even if the cameramen had to zoom out she was not going to fit.(or even step back).

Draco 2 months ago


Mark 2 months ago


wezhira 2 months ago

protected hw

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