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ZACC Engages Its American, European And South African Counterparts Over Wealth Hidden Abroad

ZACC Engages Its American, European And South African Counterparts Over Wealth Hidden Abroad

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), with assistance from its American, South African, and European counterparts, is now targeting corruptly acquired properties and wealth hidden outside the country.

ZACC commissioner Kuviwa Murapa said they enlisted legal services in the above-mentioned territories to repossess the properties, without naming targeted individuals, according to

Murapa was speaking at an ongoing workshop on progress made in the fight against corruption, facilitated by parliament and funded by the African Parliamentarians’ Network Against Corruption (APNAC). Said Murapa:

“The commission has now adopted a strategy that for each criminal inquiry there should be a parallel asset inquiry as well,” said Murapa.

In the countries neighbouring and abroad, the commission has enlisted mutual legal assistance from those jurisdictions to recover assets originating from this country that are parked in those jurisdictions, financial houses, in land, buildings and equipment.

It is through in the public domain that through these efforts, assets worth R14 million have been accounted for in South Africa, but that is not all.

We continue to investigate and as we do, we are now close to finalising assets of former high ranking civil servants who parked Zimbabwean assets in South Africa.

Murapa added that ZACC had identified a number of private assets as well whose source of investment income cannot be sufficiently explained, nor are there any tax declarations on these investments either with ZINARA or tax authorities in those countries. He added:

In this regard SARS, and other tax authorities in America and Europe are assisting ZACC in identifying and possible forfeiture of those assets.

Exiled former cabinet ministers and ZANU PF top officials, Saviour Kasukuwere, Walter Mzembi, Patrick Zhuwao, Godfrey Gandawa, Professor Jonathan Moyo, and former police chief Augustine Chihuri reportedly own massive tracts of land, buildings, high end vehicles and offshore accounts accumulated under late President Robert Mugabe.

To date US$56 million worth of properties has been repossessed by the state.

Zimbabwe is reportedly losing over US$2 billion through corruption each year.

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Jack Thomas 2 weeks ago

ZAAC like ZEC is not an independent entity hence cannot operate effectively.
We have situations locally like the looting of NSSA, but the known perpetrator, Prisca Mupfumira is walking scot free until kingdom come.
The Manases are said to be currently doing damage to the fund with impunity and yet pensioners are suffering due to those thefts being conducted on grand scale.
So far what has been recovered locally to now warrant to shift abroad?
Talk shop.

Observer 2 weeks ago

One would think that property can only be recovered after the accused has been arrested and found guilty in the courts of law.
We have yet to see such evidence.

ZAc 2 weeks ago

Tangai mambo dealer be cabinate first tione kuti hidden iripi. Musada kunyepera kuita integrity apa...endai Ku China neku Russia kune ma hidden hobho ezanu

totito 2 weeks ago

Musainde kure muchisiya vana Juju Pomona dealers

bishu 2 weeks ago

gimmick. election gimmick. rushwaya red handed haina kwayakaenda/kwairikuenda. only if u fall foul of the regime politically are u targeted.

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

I personally don't have confidence with the ZACC recovery business because they do not make public names of people from whom they have recovered locally. In foreign lands it is understandable that they do not make public until time is conducjve to name them. Those amongst us whose I'll gotten property has been repossessed must be named and shamed.




Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Those in the country still have pending cases till when 🤔


Zulu 2 weeks ago

Mugabe's mansions abroad

Swagger 2 weeks ago

ZACC itai serious so far how many gvt officials have been arrested muno makuto mhanya kunze Chombo ,Philip chiyangwa , ED ,Gono the list goes on but not even one is in prison

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

It is clear that this Gvt is fighting corruption by all means at it's disposal. I would not mind to vote for it to give it another 5 year mandate and and I urge all of you to do the same and return all the wealth that was stolen left right and center.


parasite 2 weeks ago

wat really happened my loved country zimbabwe , you used to be the breadbasket of africa. You used to be a country of honey and milk.

bigsam 2 weeks ago

corruption in the society

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Corruption by high ranking zanupf and gvt officials

BOSS VEDAH 2 weeks ago

Zvichiitika kupiko kani these are just mere statements. Lets walk the talk ZACC.

Ill-gotten wealth in Zim yacho they cant even take it. What more in foreign land.

Zano 2 weeks ago

Tauraa Hako yemuno yacho avasati vatanga kui recover it's statement after statement tangai maenda grade one through stages up to form one not kudaa kutanga ne****u

Never 2 weeks ago

Oh Our Lord. Have mercy on us. So that we can all enjoy the
Fruits our our beloved. Zimbabwe.

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