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ZACC Arrests NSSA Director For US$182 000 Fraud

ZACC Arrests NSSA Director For US$182 000 Fraud

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Friday announced the arrest of David Makwara, Director for Corporate Affairs for the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) for fraud involving over US$182 000. In a statement seen by Pindua News, ZACC said Makwara violated NSSA policies. Reads in part the statement:  


The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested NSSA Director for Corporate Affairs David Makwara for fraud involving more than USD$182 000.

Makwara is set to appear in court today (Friday).

Allegations are that in August 2021, Makwara hatched a plan to defraud NSSA of thousands of United States dollars by misrepresenting to the Authority that Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd intended to carry out renovations works worth USD18 2661.77.

To achieve his plan, it is alleged that Makwara approached one Nigel Mahachi, the project manager at Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd to give him o quotation for the proposed renovations work at House Number 5 Ruwanga Road in Mandara.

Mahachi submitted a bill of quantities (BOO) for the proposed renovations to the accused together with an invoice totalling USD182 661.77. Soon after receiving the invoice, Makwara submitted it to NSSA for payment.

NSSA acting on the submitted invoice, transferred the total amount of USD182 661.77 to Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd’s bank account. It is further alleged that after the money reflected into the Zivo Project Management (Pvt) Ltd account, makwara corruptly directed Mahachi to refund him the money.

This is against the NSSA policy and practice which does not allow a person to be paid money for home improvement directly unless prior approval has been granted.

To get hard cash, it is alleged that Zivo Project Management transferred a total of USD171 600.00 to Moshwede Diesel Services’ bank account and were subsequently given USD$165 000 in cash. It is further alleged that in June 2022, Makwora sent Mahachi instructions to add fifteen items to the initial bill of quantities to cover his crime.

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ZimCitizen 1 week ago

The guy is already out on free bail. The catch & release game continues.

jonso 1 week ago

renovtions worth US$182 661.77 for a Director whilst those paying NSSA contributions cannot even afford a 2 roomed house worth US$7 000.

soo sad indeed

Mdara Odza 1 week ago

ZACC is a crocked net that fishes out kapenta from Lake Kariba, but cannot fish out large breams, bottle fish and tiger fish

true. 1 week ago

Zacc inobata katsi ichisiya shumba. mbavha hombe dzinozivikanwa but hapana zvadzinoitwa

Mut 1 week ago

ZACC chicommit cheZanu pf icho

Tozivepiko 1 week ago

Mupfumira got millions from NSSA and she is free to spend it whilst not locked at Chikurubi Maximum Prison. I wouldn't be surprised if it is latter on revealed that the Supreme Party of Corruption (sorry I meant Zanu-Pf) got it's share of the loot and directed it's compromised judiciary to be lenient on the fraudster.

1 week ago

inini hangu ndakazvimirira ndobhoekana nekuita kweZACC,kunyepera kusungwa vanhu kuda kutibata kumeso.

Jojo 1 week ago

True ZACC seems to be partners of these criminals. Since it's inception all these looters are just enjoying the stolen proceeds but when a hungry, poor man steals food worth less than rtgs $500 the so-called judiciary sends him to Chikurubi Maximum Prison for a length period. (Animal Farm) repeated by these fake freedom fighters.

H Mahla 1 week ago

Ko iyo zaac yavapolice force here maporisa havagoni kusunga munhu apara mhosva hazvinamusoro izvi.


gain 1 week ago

ever since takatanga kunzwa kuti Zacc yasunga munhu hapana kana 1 akaenda kujeri. ma game e zanu ekubata matsaga kumeso. propaganda

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