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ZACC Arrests 4 Suspects For Stealing $15m From Pensioners Using Lost ID Cards

ZACC Arrests 4 Suspects For Stealing $15m From Pensioners Using Lost ID Cards

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested four suspects Molyn Mugodi, Kirthmore Magqoka, Joseph Sigauke and John Tevera for fraudulently creating fake national identity cards used to steal ZWL$15 000 000.00 from at least nine pensioners.

In a statement seen by Pindula News, ZACC spokesperson, John Makamure said investigations are still ongoing amid indications that more pensioners could have been scammed by the syndicate.

What transpired:

Allegations are that Magqoka, Sigauke and Tevera would move around town looking for lost plastic national identification cards and once in possession of these, they would erase the details on the documents.

Two other suspects arrested last week, Collin Mangome and Isaac Mafa would then provide information about government pensioners who had received their lump sum payouts.

The information included potential victims’ names, bank account numbers, national identity numbers, dates of birth and their respective banks.

They would also get the same information in relation to account holders whose accounts had substantial amounts of money.

Equipped with this information, Mugodi would get the defaced national identity cards from Magqoka, Sigauke and Tevera and allegedly print fake national identity cards with the details of the targeted pensioners or account holders bearing the facial photos of either David Madzinga or Samson Chome.

The syndicate allegedly targeted pensioners or account holders banking with CBZ to commit the crimes via the bank’s mobile banking facility.

With the fake ID cards, Madzinga, Chome and another suspect Luckmore Matuku would then approach Econet agents mostly in smaller towns across Zimbabwe and do SIM card replacements leading to their victims’ mobile lines losing network connectivity.

It is alleged that once in control of their victim’s ‘new’ Econet line, the accused persons would then use it to log in to CBZ mobile banking platform and make withdrawals or other transactions.

Indications are that the syndicate used the money to buy US Dollars on the streets, bulk groceries and building materials for re-sale and then share the proceeds.

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Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

ZACC is doing the work that ZRP should be doing. We can't continue giving ZACC credit for catching the small fry.

Until and unless ZACC nabs July Pomona Belarus Moyo and those he is fronting, those looting gold resources those benefitting from bent contracts and tenders, I will not clap hands for ZACC.

The really corrupt people are still walking scot free in the streets of Zimbabwe

Tintin 2 weeks ago

@ Machiavelli thank you.zacc is not doing it's work because they are also involved in the rampant corruption bedeviling the nation.zacc has become the new ministry of information.propaganda...propaganda...propaganda.

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

I would like to gift you two gold coins mapangolin🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zimcitizen 2 weeks ago

ZACC is toothless when it comes to big issues. Ndosaka vamwe mai vayitorerwa murume na Susan Mutami.

Cid 2 weeks ago

ZAAC should deal with corruption cases only.This is a CID case.They must stick to their mandate and limits.

i 2 weeks ago

saka kana musiri kuita motorerwaka basa nevanoda kuita ndere maCID saka poregwa kushandwa nekuti basa nderanhingi itai mushe

Chimusoro change 2 weeks ago

Zacc is busy fishing capenta and yet it knows very well that it was designed for Sharks and whales

ZANU-PF OFFICIAL 2 weeks ago

that amount is a drop in ocean.15 billion was disappeared without a many ministers were arrested for corruption, nothing at all.


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