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Youths Reject Football Kit From ZANU PF Member, Demand Jobs

Youths Reject Football Kit From ZANU PF Member, Demand Jobs

A ZANU PF member aspiring to contest the Gutu East constituency in the 2023 elections, Benjamin Ganyiwa, has allegedly taken back his donations of football kits and a grinding mill he had donated to youths.

Ganyiwa reportedly made donations to youths in Gutu East Wards 13, 15 and 39 who rejected them demanding jobs instead.

Ganyiwa, however, dismissed the report but claimed that there were some people who were trying to use his gesture to tarnish his image. He said:

The youths did not reject my donation. I made the kind gesture almost six months ago and I was shocked to discover that some of the youth I intended to help are greedy and wanted to keep the donations for themselves.

The Mirror reported sources as saying that the youths walked away after Ganyiwa offloaded the donations from his vehicle.

They allegedly told him that they did not want soccer balls but jobs.

Ganyiwa is said to have been angered by the snub and he then took his donations to the Zinata area in Ward 13 which is his home area.

The youths in the Zinata area also rejected the donation and demanded jobs.

Ganyiwa reportedly lost patience with the youths and he finally took the donations to his home.

More: The Mirror

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© 〽️ 5 months ago

Vanopenga maYuts aya
Pamberi nekubatana
Pamberi neZanu pf

Gg 5 months ago

Sadza mumba here ****

Czac Mataral 5 months ago

Yes these youths were right to reject kits n demand jobs

Vote CCC

ziSuper reBlue 5 months ago

clever youths

Chen 5 months ago

Madyaira kuita vana vevamwe mafuza , kuvatengera maSuper kuti vanoponda vana vevamwe come kumabass moshadza venyu , vekuponds hamuchavaone. Donate to your kids. All your fishing tactics are now known the fish no longer wants the worm. Ndokuti maYouth ane Vision.

Sponono 5 months ago

The fall of Zanu-pf supporters on pindula
*Vybz Kartel is now more of moron-lost impact he had last year
Tkt/Mafyt is now hanging by thread-he was once regarded as e most intelligent of all zanoids on pindula-he has been reduced to a mere cry baby, childish I'd iot..only his relatives take him seriously
*Elyse-she used to behave like Dr Amai-now she is e shadow of herself
*Gaffer his political acumen was very good-he has been reduced to a mere participant,specialising in greetings
*Shadows-not much known about him buh it seems he has realised his comments are not needed-he prefers to b on terraces..

Thank to our Opposition COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE

C 5 months ago

Yellow bridgade

mina 5 months ago

yaa be wise youths do not allow to be cheated by this zanus we want jobs will we survive with ama kits


zimboy 5 months ago

bold and good move by fellow youths... we want real change not vzwbhora..todya bhora?

SANDO HURU 5 months ago

haa shef avo dai vakapa maSchools football kit iyo. kkkk

Bright 5 months ago

Kkkk haa vakamusota uyu umm

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Sponono, Sponono, Sponono, you can destroy the rest but not the legendary @Vybz Kartel. I will rise like a phoenix from ashes. Wait and see, you rascal - Sponono the guly man. You're actual the direct opposite of the name you call yourself, unless the word Sponono is defined differently in your vocabulary.

Sponono 5 months ago

Sponono- a good fighter, fighting for the just.. fighting for Goodwill.. standing up against e evil... you no longer e same Kartel,u used to be dominant,a force to reckon with buh now you are a pale shaddow of yourself... I've taken down every zanu pf character.. am a Hired Assassin..

Incorrect 5 months ago

Thank you vakomana vekumusha Kwangu. Nemadzidzire amakaita moswera kutambiswa bhora. CCC is your answer. Vote Gonese Gutu East.

Tatenda chimbudzi 5 months ago

Ngaapinde hake mukoman

Jinx 5 months ago

Give a man a job and he will buy his own Balls.
Simple and Basic😔

Mephistophles 5 months ago

Simba racho rekutamba bhora reZanu unoriwanepi une nzara? Kana ukatyorwa unoendepi zvipatara zvina maNurse uye zvisina mishonga? Kana maYouth adikitira vachageza nei ivo vasina kana sipo yekugezesa nekuda kwenhamo yamakagadzira. Ambenge aripi maSoccer Kits pese apa, akuuya nekuti kune election? Zvingatova nani kutora mapepa togadzira chikweshe. No sir, keep your uniforms. The youth deserve JOBS JOBS JOBS....

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Kkk haa Zanu yakaora no future

Undertaker 5 months ago

Guys I'm here on a mission,to destroy the Vybz Kartel character.Im capable of doing that 100%.

Vybz Kartel rest in peace

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

you can destroy the rest but not the legendary @Vybz Kartel. I will rise like a phoenix from ashes. Wait and see, you rascal -

Takue 5 months ago

Yes destroy that lunatic

Sponono 5 months ago

Lemme assign you to Tkt / maFyt.. I've assign 2ppl buh a third one ,he is standing on a sinking ground..four ppl are already on Vybz Kartel case,he is being well taken care of

Yvt 5 months ago

Bravo, Gutu Youth ndokugona chaiko uku , why kudavkupa vanhu mabhora, youths need jobs

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Get away ka tsi dzevanhu..kusvera uchituka party yangu...iwe uno penga

Vote Zanu-pf
Don't vote sisisi

banner 5 months ago

football legends were groomed from schools and taken to employment where they were up graded for league soccer

$UB 5 months ago

Pamberi neGutu makanyanya gyz keep it up

Undertaker 5 months ago

@Vybz Kartel your President promised the nation Jobs, jobs and more Jobs,now tell me where are those jobs and did you benefit on those claims beside you being addicted to blow jobs?

Vybz Kartel rest in peace!

Mboko 5 months ago

Vybz Kartel is back, bigger and better

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

@Undertaker, prepare your CV and start your job hunting. Period. You get a job at your own initiative - by sending out Cvs and upon satisfying the selection criteria, you're appointed to the job. However, for you to go through any job selection process, relevant qualifications are an essential ingredient. Given the way you presented your argument here, I have reasons to believe that you're a holder of an "empty briefcase" in relation to academic and professional qualifications, poor @Undertaker. A President is not there to perform job searches for you. People are getting jobs on a daily basis while you're standing in akimbo, waiting for the President to search jobs for you. Ramba wakamira wakadaro. Ko kaChamisa kako kari kudi kukupa basa ?

Moyo 5 months ago


Moyo 5 months ago


eddie 5 months ago


eddie 5 months ago

mahata dzenyu

Tatenda chimbudzi 5 months ago

Urwara iwe haunyari

😂 5 months ago

People are no longer that gullible, people need change, they need new blood we are sick and tired of being oppressed be a an insensitive clueless regime that masquerades as a servant leadership yet it is an economic vampire that torment the innocent citizens day in day out. The days of this monstrous beast are irreversibly being numbered and come 2023 a final nail on its coffin will be hammered in

Gavakava 5 months ago

Havana zviipo zvebhora iwe wakuda kuvapa mabhora vanomaramba zve.

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

I have just landed at Rudhaka stadium in Marondera for the Bush party's (CCC) rally. As expected, only a paltry number (Approximately 50) of party supporters are already seated in the stadium, I doubt if we are going to see a bumper crowd here given that the streets of Marondera are deserted with no signs of people heading to the venue. As previously communicated via this platform, I am a special guest and main speaker at this rally where a slot is reserved for legendary @Vybz Kartel to address the small gathering at 1500hrs. I will be giving you updates as events unfold at the BUSH party's rally here in Marondera.

Undertaker 5 months ago

This Vybz Kartel is an agent of confusion,a mule bent on diverting CCC loyal subjects in abyss (ZANU pf) therefore i have eagle scouting eyes better than what you know. Your mission will be exterminated extremely by the undertaker.
For your own information I'm more steps ahead of what you thought, I am my own boss and o run my own business. No need of CV, son

Your character needs to rest in peace and that will be my honor as--
The undertaker.

HONDE VALLEY 5 months ago

Nhasi Zanu yaswedza youth nenzara paGatsi Secondary kwaHonde. Youth mukai better kuswera uchisakura mabanana

Jenet J 5 months ago

Gone are the days,how much can you pay to eradicate CHANGE?a grinding mill? Or soccer kits kkkkk sesijikile

CCC Councilor

Change is inevitable

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