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"You Will Die For Nothing", Binga Journalist Threatened For Exposing Chinese Firm

A Binga based journalist, Mujopeni Mudimba, has allegedly been receiving death threats from unknown people after he wrote a story about the displacement of villagers by a Chinese miner in the district.

The Chinese company has been granted authority by the government to mine coal in that area.

Mudimba was reportedly threatened over a story he wrote on the eviction of villagers in Ward 12 by the Chinese company.

The journalist works for the recently licensed local community radio station, Twasumbuka Community Radio.

According to the station manager, Bbaido Ndhlovu, Mudimba was threatened by an unknown person, who called him twice using a private number.

The unknown caller reportedly warned Mudimba that he would rot in jail and also “die for nothing” if he continues writing stories relating to the evictions.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa Zimbabwe) on Tuesday condemned the harassment of the journalist. It said:

Misa Zimbabwe strongly condemns any forms of media violations including threats and harassment of journalists.

Journalists should be allowed to exercise their constitutional right to media freedom without fear

Through its watchdog role, the media is allowed to voice and disseminate information on the concerns of communities in which they operate.

Misa Zimbabwe, therefore, urges any persons aggrieved with a story published by any media institution or media practitioner, to approach the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe or the Zimbabwe Media Commission for adjudication and redress.

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Zodoc Chikaponya 5 months ago

Ndopaunoona rimwe rinozviti Tkt hee Zanu hee ndoida. Unotoshaya kuti tinosvikepi nemadusvuura akadayi. Zanu yaunoda ndoirikukuparadzira destiny future hope yako but hauzvione just because you are ignorant. You turn a blind eye just because of a few bread crumbs whilst Zanu and its Chinese people are stealing your freedom, your life, your right.

Winky akazvireva dzakatanga dzaka kaka nyama but ikozvino dzakakata pfungwa. Zanu zvese nema supporters ayo ese they are the true definition of Evil, Heartless, Cruelty at its best and Wickedness.

I would understand if we were being oppressed by the whites, not by a fellow brother. The Whites were evil but Zanu is the Devil. Being Liberated from the White Oppresser just to be delivered into the hands of Zanu and Chinese Abusers.

Its very Cruel🙌

Daily prophecy 5 months ago

@TKt Kungomupa chingwa chine mayonnaise akutorwaa

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

#Gidza,I think u didn't get not talking abt reporting buh speaking just e Britons taught us their language,the Chinese are bound to do future tenders,employees might b forced to learn Mandarin so that they get instructions EASIER

Gidza 5 months ago

Point taken my brother, thanks.

The Terraces 5 months ago

KuSouth Africa hakuna maChina aya wani.
Kutijairira uku.

Bright 5 months ago

Iwe iwe AHUSI wakunyepa her iwe kwana wanzwa

Nkust 5 months ago

Aiwa zve Mudimba hafiri mahara anofira basa achishandira mhuri yake, but tikasamurudza musoro ma China anotiitisa may be Zimbabweans are too busy that they can not defend their country against any looming danger tozoita politics dzemapato mashure takunda common enemy zvino kana umwe wedu ohwai munyika yake todii manje


S 5 months ago

No taramba. Machinese can't come kuzopa vanhu ma threats munyika medu. Dzokerai kumusha kwenyu. Manyanya kuwandisa mu Africa.

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

It seems Chinese are taking over e country,a bit by bit everyone will b speaking in Mandarin...

Gaffer ✪ω✪ 5 months ago

Because kana wakutoudzwa kuti unofira mahara munyika mako saka ndovatone authority yachoka

Gidza 5 months ago

In fact no one is allowed to speak, in whatever language.

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