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'You Will Be Cursed', 74 Year Old Victim Of ZANU PF Assault Tells Violent Youths

'You Will Be Cursed', 74 Year Old Victim Of ZANU PF Assault Tells Violent Youths

An elderly Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member who was among a group of the party’s supporters who were brutally assaulted in Murewa North by suspected ZANU PF activists early this month has warned the youths that beating up innocent people will bring curses on their lives.

Morris Seremani (74), was forced to lie down by his assailants before they took turns assaulting him using sticks.

Seremani, who led a group of elderly CCC supporters at a meeting in rural Ward 19 of Murewa North, suffered fractured limbs and bruises on his head during the assault.

Speaking to Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition’s (CiZC) Zeem TV after a week of treatment, Seremani said:

My advice to the youths is that if you are used by politicians you will have bad luck, you will be haunted as individuals; your country will never develop, and you will also have nothing to show for your efforts.

You passed your Ordinary and Advanced levels, and you have courses but there are no employment opportunities.

You are struggling, you spend the day taking drugs. They are keeping you drunk so they send you out to beat their opponents but you do not get anything from it.

Those who send you to beat us up have money, they have many houses, and they board aeroplanes whenever they want to travel but you have never.

I urge youths to use their brains, I urge them to be woke.

Police said they have arrested three suspects in connection with the violence. The suspects were identified as Never Chimutashu (67), Paul Kachigu (34) and Dignity Nadzo (31).

ZANU PF chairperson for Mashonaland East Daniel Garwe is on record telling supporters to beat up whoever insults President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Speaking at a ZANU PF rally in Murewa, Garwe said:

Whoever insults the President has to be beaten up, do not keep quiet when Zanu PF or the President are being insulted; we are now at a point to defend the party and President with all that we were given by god.

You and I have a job to teach people the good that is being done by Mnangagwa and the good being done by this party.

The assault on Murewa villagers has been condemned by several groups including the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC). |

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Bright 2 weeks ago

Yaa vanhu vakuru avarohwe or kutukwa unoita munyama

2 weeks ago

No politics without violence even if you go to south Africa, America or Britain wherever you go

Abx 2 weeks ago

Nyarara bhangu uk ipi yaunoziva

Doug 2 weeks ago

In addition to the curse, these youth will acquire a criminal record which will make them to be refused entry into jobs, teacher training, nurse training etc.

pk 2 weeks ago

don't worry about our youth. it's better to get nothing than to get a t****ugh beating. as old as you are you still want to be a political thug. Tatokumaka

2 weeks ago

I think @pk's brain is up-side-down He is saying the victims are the perpetrators of violence People should simply ignore his/her contributions I used to get angry with his contributions but I now just laugh them off

individual 5 2 weeks ago

@ pk shud be banned from pindula whoz wth me😂🤣🤣🖐️

Joker🃏 MuShurugwi 2 weeks ago

Im wif u bt ngaasabanwe hiz not even anything haana pfungwa haana kuzvarwa uyo

Joker🃏 MuShurugwi 2 weeks ago

@Pk shame chandinoziva ndechekut u have nothing hauna basa u cant even afford kachasu yacho yapedza madhara u r jx bootlicking thinking enda kutwitter unotaura zvaunotaura pano u dnt stand a chance plus hauna fut kna cent rekujusa fon urimbwasungata ****


Da Truth 2 weeks ago

ok should be taken to Masvingo Ngomahuru chaiko vanogona kumubatsira bcz I have seen pple of his kind getting help ikoko vane nyanzvi kudarikama vanamuzvina fundo varimuma ministry edu e hurunde .Tisinga kanganwi kukorokotedza POLICIA for a job well done zvatakatadza isu Zanupf Republic police well done POLICIA .

**** 2 weeks ago

@Da truth,,,wakaverenga here nyaya yacho iwe, Policia yakatambidzwa Muvhevhi ne POVHO

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Tinofanira kudzosera sometimes panekungoti ndarohwa .

roos_zw 2 weeks ago

...and yet they think all is good whilst at the age of 67,they're still youths,no achievements

2 weeks ago

Vana dho.dho varipano vanofunga kuti kupopota pa pindula Kunochinja hupenyu hwavo popotai stereki tichaona Zvakunakirai ne comment section

@pk 2 weeks ago

you are haunted by evik spirits yo reasoning capacity is off you are cursed babako namai vako vachawana achavarovawo mark my words I curse you and your entire family

Psychotherapist 2 weeks ago

It's unfortunate that most do not realise that the resurgence of political violence in Zimbabwe is but a confirmation of how psychologically impaired our society is .
there are bu three victims in this vicoius cycle of political violence, coercion and intimidation Viz:
a)those assaulted
b) the perpetrators of the violence and
c) society at large .
there are those who feel the pain
those who find it expedient to unleash terror and mayham
those who control and direct the perpetrators and then society at large .
if a solution is to be found , those concerned should craft conflict resolution methods, legal deterrents and psycho-social counseling for those affected.
interesting to note is that not much is being said and done about those who control and direct the violent perps and the society impaired.
I wonder how far they have gone in terms of post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the violence and intimidation ?

change 2 weeks ago

nguva ichasvika zvayo tichavamamisa vapfanha vezanu ava vanofunga kuti ndivo Vega vane maoko here gore RINO tichadzidza zvakawanda

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